Love your crazy.

Live your dreams.

Hi, I'm Suzanne Heyn.

Blogger, mentor, course creator and The Queen of Authenticity.

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I travel the world, do crazy things and write about them.

This has been my life-long dream, only for too many years, I let my dreams slip through my fingers while giving my power away to everything outside of me.

I tried desperately to subdue my quirks, calm my crazy and be normal. I even got a job as a newspaper reporter and won multiple awards. Then, at 27, I got cancer. The last journal entry before the diagnoses was, I have lost my zest for life.

I know I got cancer because I wasn't living a life that was true to me.

It's taken many years, countless hours of deep inner work, and often scary-big investments with mentors who helped me learn how to believe in myself and identify the dream that was always there, that never went away, even when I thought it did.

You see even over these past few years I've blogged about emotional healing and finding peace, but it never felt right. Something was always off.

I didn't know what it was and thought my original dream had long died. I believed I was too old for it now, that it was just a young silly dream and now I had to grow up and find a new dream.

Even after all I'd been through, it still wasn't enough to teach me how to reclaim my power and admit what I really wanted, my true, deepest, lifelong desire: travel the world, do crazy stuff and write about it.

I always came so close, but never let myself have it. No more.

But it's all good. Everything happens right on time because now I know exactly how to build a business around my passion, earning the abundant living I desire while helping other crazy dreamers embrace their quirks and turn their dreams into blazing reality.

Your crazy dreams, the truest ones deep in your heart, may not seem Earth-shattering enough.

You're smart and talented, and you may wonder — shouldn't I do something more serious? 

But let me tell you that following your dreams — whatever they are — is the most important thing in the world.

We live on a planet full of depressed, anxious, lifeless people and when you decide to follow your dreams you are helping to heal the world. You give hope to those who need it. Your passion ignites the world and it may seem whimsical or inconsequential, but that could not be further from the truth.

You will literally die if you don't follow your heart. First comes the stress or sadness, then the anxiety or depression, then the endless searching for why this is happening, then maybe chronic pain and then god knows what.

The body and mind are intimately related and when the soul cries, the body dies. It's just how it is, not dramatic or woo woo at all but an actual fact.

Some people stay in this search for superficial answers, pills, and outside gurus forever. But not you. You are a wild one, a crazy one, one whose heart burns with passion and desire and it will not be sniffed out by self-help or deep breathing. That fire burns for a reason.

It may be scary to follow your dreams. You may have to learn new skills and face failure and disappointment, but this journey is the most important one you will ever take.

It will consume you and test you, make you want to quit and throw your hands up in frustration. But once you begin, there's no turning back.

Once you taste a drop of the truth, you know that giving up would be giving up on yourself. That's no longer an option. A half-lived life is not for you. You would do anything for your dream.

I get you. I'm here for you. I can show you how.

I've been obsessed with life purpose ever since I can remember and while I too succumbed to the need to dress my joy up in a serious suit (emotional healing), today, thanks to my amazing mentors and own hard work, I am proud to embrace my crazy, passionate, fierce, overly sensitive, very blunt, eccentric, woo woo, obsessive and kind of bitchy self and declare that it's my time to live my dreams and inspire all the other crazy dreamers willing to do the work to have it all, you can, too.

Ready to begin? Download the free meditation below. It will connect you deep into your heart so you can begin creating your dreams from within.