Love who you are.

Hi, I'm Suzanne Heyn.

I'm a spiritual blogger, mentor and The Queen of Authenticity. I sell online courses about meditation, self-love and emotional healing that will change your life.

I write for smart, spiritual people who love to read, do yoga and obsess over their life purpose. We want to enjoy our lives, but also crave realizing our full potential.

I'm here for those who want to find meaning in their pain (and let it go), never stop working to become their best selves and long to live their best life.

Most people online have more answers than questions, and that's why I share my unfiltered, unedited heart each week on my blog. I connect to my heart through writing to help you connect to yours.

Freedom is my highest value. I strive every day to embrace my eccentricities and live in a way that's true to who I am.

I don't have answers, but I can share with you the tools and perspectives that help me shift. That have helped me climb out of the black hole of depression and self-loathing and love who I am. Even when I'm not feeling very loving. (That's when real love begins.)

I'm not always perfect, but I'm always real. Always honest, candid and authentic. If you're on a similar journey, I'd love to welcome you into my community.

Download the free, powerful meditation to connect to your heart below. That's the best way to start!