Spiritual growth for ambitious free spirits.

Hi, I'm Suzanne Heyn.

Spiritual mentor. Writer. Queen of Authenticity.

spiritual mentor life coach meditation online courses for emotional healing

My work is for the dreamers, the seekers, the free spirits, creatives and the visionaries who want to live authentic, free and purposeful lives.

It's for people committed to realizing their life purpose and spiritual potential.

My work centers on helping you release hidden inner blocks to living your purpose while drawing constant support, inspiration and guidance from the Universe and your higher self.

I offer self-guided online courses with step-by-step guidance for unleashing into new levels of freedom, peace and personal empowerment. 

I also offer 1:1 mentoring for those seeking more rapid shifts and personalized support.

The best way to begin is to download the powerful meditation for emotional healing below. Get ready because your heart is about to crack open!