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How to heal your heart.

One of the most important steps on the way to loving who you are is to honor how you feel. Yet, this is the biggest area of struggle for most people. 

Many people try to achieve happiness by resisting sadness, but this only creates misery. The secret to loving and trusting yourself is to learn how to understand your emotions, to treat them as the powerful intuitive messages they are.

I totally understand why it's scary to feel your feelings. You feel like they'll never go away, or worse, consume you if you allow them space to exist.

Have you ever heard the adage, "What we resist, persists?"

What this means for emotions is that resisting, repressing, or rejecting them actually keeps the pain around for longer, or worse, sends it deep into the muscles and fascia where it could cause pain or eventually disease, according to many ancient systems of healing including yoga.

The good news is that by learning how to feel emotions with the intention of healing them, you not only clear your inner energy field and allow your natural radiance to shine through, but you also absorb the life wisdom these feelings contain. 

When you feel it, you heal it.

As you absorb the wisdom from transmuting emotional pain, which is a subconscious process of healing, you clear the blocks that have been ruining your life and create space for a new vision to emerge.

When you no longer waste all your energy repressing the landfill of emotions lying in your heart, you'll unleash a vast store of energy to spend more wisely on more fun activities — things like following your dreams, exploring new hobbies and just enjoying the magic of being alive. 

After I began meditating, everything changed.

Hi, I'm Suzanne Heyn.

A few years ago, I hated everything about myself and my life. I feared I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time and that my decisions had ruined my life.

Despite all my efforts to correct course through resisting everything around me, life annoyingly wouldn't budge. Then, one day, I decided to change, not by changing my life, but by changing myself. By shifting things internally and finally opening up to see the blessings covered in dust right before me. 

I started to meditate, practice yoga and explore spirituality. Along the way, I abandoned every single idea of who I thought I was and embraced the hidden potential that would transform my life.

All my life, I numbed and ran from my emotions. Finally, I stopped to feel. And that was all my heart wanted. Everything changed.

The meditation available for download below is the exact same technique that the universe gave me to transform pain into peace.

Once you learn the technique, you'll be able to tune into your heart whenever you want, wherever you are. You won't be scared of your emotions any more, you'll find more balance and ease, confidence and inner strength. You'll feel love for yourself and create the stillness in which your heart speaks.

Sound too good to be true? Why don't you try and see for yourself?

Healing isn't about changing who you are. It's about changing your relationship to who you are.

Feeling your feelings changes your life. 

Think about it: Your emotions are always telling you which situations and people are good for you and bad for you. If you spend your entire life repressing and rejecting this critical compass for life, you eventually lose the ability to use this essential information to calibrate your life decisions.

What results is a lost connection to your true self and a loss in confidence because you no longer know who you are. With no connection to yourself, you look to others for answers and approval, but this searching outside only leaves you feeling lost, lonely and uncertain.

The answer is to go within. To meditate, enter the stillness and reconnect with your emotions, and in doing so, reconnect to your true self. 

The meditation technique available to you today changed my life, and it's now my mission to teach anyone who wants to learn. 

Click "download" below and instantly access a guided meditation that will show you how to honor your emotions and learn to love yourself. 

Dedicated to helping you heal your heart and love who you are.