Learn the powerful meditation for deep emotional healing

"It's almost unbelievable that it FINALLY opened my heart to myself! I really can't believe it that something can work so effectively." — Inese Z.

You will:
*Learn how to love yourself.
*Hear your intuition.
*Feel more peaceful and happy.

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How to transform pain into power

The inside of my car has seen it all. Laughing, high on life. Crying, freaking out, wondering when my turn would finally come. Angry, screaming, the top of my lungs, a safe place where nobody would judge me. And even if they were, I didn’t care because I’d never see them again. And integration. Deep […]

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How to transmute sadness + anger into passion

  Pop spirituality is often helpful, but also often toxic. It makes you doubt your sacred, radical right to feel with all this talk of happy is high vibe and anything else is low vibe. You’re told to choose happiness like you might pick out an outfit for the day. Easy, right? You don’t want […]

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Getting back to your old self

I have a confession: I’ve been unhappy. I tried to hide it from myself for so long. The roots of this were planted long ago. It’s a cautionary tale, and one I’ve learned a lot from. Hopefully you can, too. Maybe I should start at the beginning.     A couple years ago, as you […]

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Why fixing your flaws destroys your greatness

I am a pocket-sized b-word, according to this online quiz I took once. I always worry if I’m a b-word. In truth, at various times in my life I’ve alternated between being a doormat and flaunting my Jersey-girl roots. (Jersey girls, if you don’t know, have a reputation for being a little, ahem, crazy.) Some […]

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How to do a 40-day yoga practice

​What if there was one simple, but profound process to completely uplift your energy, heal past pains, dissolve self-sabotaging thought patterns, find peace and support you with a strong routine for a nurturing spiritual practice? Basically, a reset button for life. Good news. There is. It’s a 40-day yoga practice. This is not a quick […]

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When spiritual growth changes relationships

Today is Valentine’s Day and maybe everyone wants a fairytale love story, but I think it’s more fun to go against the grain. Let’s talk about when spiritual growth changes relationships. It’s a really important topic. Personal growth leads to massive internal changes and it’s only natural that this spiritual growth changes relationships, too.     […]

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