Learn the powerful meditation for deep emotional healing

"It's almost unbelievable that it FINALLY opened my heart to myself! I really can't believe it that something can work so effectively." — Inese Z.

You will:
*Learn how to love yourself.
*Hear your intuition.
*Feel more peaceful and happy.

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How to overcome guilt and people pleasing

As a recovering people pleasing perfectionist who is well-acquainted with the self-lacerations of guilt, I know well its sting and how it can leave us second guessing ourselves for hours or maybe even days. Why is it that we so often feel guilty when standing up for ourselves?   What is guilt? Guilt is the feeling that we’ve […]

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The Special Ingredient That Changed My Life

Gratitude changed my life. Seriously. Last spring, my life was, on the outside, pretty similar to now, only I was really unhappy.  I was living in the Phoenix area, building a business, doing yoga, taking little beach trips here and there. A variety of issues was upsetting me, causing me to resist life, and ultimately, I realized one […]

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How to rebound after an emotional breakdown

Some heavy energy has been circulating throughout the universe, and perhaps you, like many others, have experienced an emotional breakdown. This may have inspired you to question your path and life purpose or encounter trouble seeing a clear way forward. The universe is literally a sea of energy, and that energy ebbs and flows in waves on which we collectively ride. […]

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How to find your life purpose

The question of finding your life purpose is a that torments and fills with hope all at once. What is mine? How can I find it? The questions — and their inference that we should be somewhere else, doing something different — may run wild through our minds night and day, and inevitably while at work while engaged in […]

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How To Heal

The often-repeated saying is that time heals all. This simply isn’t true. Time alone does not heal. If you want to know how to heal, you must open yourself up to feeling it all. Healing requires feeling — a willingness to sit and go deep into the pain, and sit with it until it dissipates. […]

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These Inspiring Late Bloomers Changed The World

The persistence of late bloomers is seldom celebrated, and these fine folks are often overshadowed by more precocious contemporaries. Some people mistakenly believe that if they haven’t found their gift by 25 or 35, then perhaps they’re doomed to a life of mediocrity. But a casual glance through history shows us otherwise. Late bloomers achieve great things […]

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How To Meditate, Find Inner Peace And Purpose

“The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” Steven Pressfield, The War Of Art   Meditation often elicits strong resistance. It can be boring and make us face things we’d rather ignore. But it’s the single most important practice we can undertake […]

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How To Rest

Have you been feeling lethargic, uninspired, or unable to get out of bed in the morning? You probably need to rest. Resting isn’t something we discuss often in our hyper competitive society, but it’s an essential practice for optimal health and wellbeing. Think of your energy levels like a cup. All the things we do throughout […]

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