Learn the powerful meditation for deep emotional healing

"It's almost unbelievable that it FINALLY opened my heart to myself! I really can't believe it that something can work so effectively." — Inese Z.

You will:
*Learn how to love yourself.
*Hear your intuition.
*Feel more peaceful and happy.

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What to do when it’s never enough

​As much as I like to think of myself as a renegade go-getter, fear rules me — a fear that I’m always falling behind. This realization emerged while unpacking and settling into my new house. I’d planned to slow down and embrace the pace of nature, but found myself pushing through. Just one more box. […]

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The biggest myth about emotional healing

There’s this phrase that gives people comfort during trying times, but it actually sets you up for failure.It’s this: Time heals all.It’s not exactly true. The passage of time does not guarantee that all wounds heal. Physical ones, sure, but emotional ones are a little trickier.Healing is an active endeavor. We must participate in our […]

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How to activate your destiny

​Over the last year, I worked too much and lost all sense of balance.I lost my yoga practice after a nagging wrist injury made me lazy.I struggled to eat healthy without a regular schedule that included time for self-care.I ended up tired and scary burned out after too many nights burning the midnight oil.The root […]

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How are the chakras and emotions related? Part I

Have you ever wondered how chakras and emotions are interconnected?Today, you’ll learn how to identify which chakras are out of balance and a framework for working with your emotions on the physical level.For those who don’t know, the chakras are wheels of subtle energy located along the spine. Different systems differ in just how many chakras […]

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Can you create a positive life if you feel negative emotions?

Have you ever worried that any negative emotions you feel are attracting negative situations? Or worse, that maybe feeling sadness or anger some other so-called negative emotion is blocking your destiny, preventing you from discovering your life purpose?This is a common concern, and a fear that people must overcome to allow themselves to feel. Today, […]

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Step into your power (the magical way)

This year, my intention was to step into my power. By reading this article, you’ll learn from my journey and learn how to step into your power. For the first part of the year, this effort resembled my previously one-sided view of power: pushing through fear, getting it done, massively up-leveling.     And I […]

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