Learn the powerful meditation for deep emotional healing

"It's almost unbelievable that it FINALLY opened my heart to myself! I really can't believe it that something can work so effectively." — Inese Z.

You will:
*Learn how to love yourself.
*Hear your intuition.
*Feel more peaceful and happy.

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Did you make the wrong decision?

Nothing stings like the panic of thinking you made the wrong decision. I’m sure you’ve been there. Sleepless nights. A vise gripping the top of your head as panic-fueled thought after panic-fueled thought circles like a hawk: What have I done? If only I’d chosen the other way. Nothing will ever be right again.     […]

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How choosing happiness sabotages soul growth

In a world where we’re inundated with messages like “happiness is a choice,” not many people speak up for the importance of feeling all emotions. In my life, I’ve found that fully accepting and honoring all the ways I feel has opened the door to more happiness, not less, because how well we show up […]

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A permission slip to feel your feelings

All my life, I’d been given one diagnosis after another. Depression. Bi-polar. Dysthymia (persistently low mood). Therapist after therapist offering me a prescription pad, telling me my biology was bad, never asking me — do you want to learn how to love yourself? You’ve had some serious losses — have you grieved them? Are you eating […]

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An uplifting way to find more time

Have you ever heard that quote, “You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyonce?” Whenever I hear that, it makes me think of Queen Bey, looking fine as her glowy skinned self….WITH A TEAM OF ASSISTANTS AND HOUSEKEEPERS AND HELPERS supporting her every move. So yes, while we all have the […]

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My magical morning ritual

The morning and I never bonded until recently. I mean, I love coffee and the soft early glow of the sun as much as the next person, but some people are just not meant to rise before 8 a.m. (or 9. ahem.) However, I recently realized that it wasn’t so much the morning I disliked, it […]

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What to do when your heart hurts

In a world obsessed with finding happiness, it’s easy to feel like a failure when your heart hurts. We own it, say things like “my sadness.” We judge ourselves, compare ourselves against others who seem to have it all together, who seem to have it all figured out. <pin it!> We embark on spiritual journeys, […]

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Self-love is not something to achieve

I’ll never forget the day self-love took over. I had been doing a lot of inner work, meditating, sitting with my emotions, cultivating an inner voice of kindness and compassion instead of criticism and comparison. And then one day while lying around in my yoga room, I felt this sudden urge to look myself in the […]

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