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4 simple rituals to connect with your soul and the universe (plus a list of 25 more!)

list of simple rituals

If you’re looking for simple rituals to harmonize with the universe and live your dreams, you’re in the right place!   Earlier this year while in Bali, the thing that most affected me was how much spirit interweaves with daily life. Each morning, people fill little cups made from palm fronds with flowers and small […]

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Faux naturale: The dangerous truth behind natural beauty products

natural beauty products

In the loosely regulated world of cosmetics, labels like paraben-free and all-natural don’t guarantee natural beauty products are free of harmful chemicals, according to the Center for Environmental Health. The center investigated and found more than 100 major brands  — including some supposedly natural ones — used a carcinogenic foaming agent called cocamide DEA without a warning label. […]

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