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Using The Chakras for Personal Growth and Healing Series: The Sacral

sacral chakra for personal devlopment and healing

Pleasure. Guilt. Creativity. These wild urges are contained energetically by the second chakra, svadhisthana, located at the sacrum, the triangular bone at the lower back. This is the seat of our emotions, and it’s also connected to the flow of life. (Sacral also means sacred. Isn’t that so beautiful?) Emotions are energy in motion, and […]

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Yoga for the third chakra: Ignite personal power

yoga for the third chakra

The third chakra, located at the belly or solar plexus, relates to our sense of personal power and will. It’s the center where we literally digest food and figuratively digest life experiences. Yoga for the third chakra typically involves firing up the core and strengthening the abdominal muscles. Boosting your sense of personal will diminish problems like people […]

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