guided by intuition

21 Days of Connecting to

Inner Secrets for Flowing Through Life

in Deep Knowing, Full Trust, and Blissful Harmony.

How would your life transform if every step forward was guided by an unmistakeable, deep inner knowing?

There’s an unshakeable knowing deep inside of you. Its sole — and soul — purpose is helping you become who you want to be. But where is it?

Instead of confident, you feel frozen in doubt, frustrated by fear, and spun in indecision. Asking everyone BUT your own heart for which way to go.

Frustratingly, you’re not living up to your full potential, yet you're not fully clear on what you want or where to shift your efforts. 

Sometimes you dream. Of big things. But then the comfort of what's known lulls you back. Sadly, dreams remain dreams. Nothing seems to change.

But you're not giving up. You refuse. The vision in your heart won't let you go.

If  you don’t find inner clarity or confidence, you’ll never become who you want to be. It's the age-old question:

How do you transform all that you are into all that you want to be?

I've been walking this journey for a long time now. I can show you the way. But first, a story:

My indecision was legendary.

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I once decided where to move by pulling three pieces of paper out of a bag. (The winner was Hawaii.)

In college, I had the amazing opportunity to travel abroad, but missed out all because I couldn’t choose between two — equally fabulous — cities.

As I grew older, this frustrating trend continued. You can imagine the near-nausea bigger decisions like which job to take or car to buy triggered.

Even worse than making the initial decision was the angst that followed.

Because I wasn’t confident in my choices, I lost so many days in regret and sadness, feeling like I was missing out on some amazing parallel life I was certain would have blossomed had I just chosen differently.

This stopped me from fully living in the present moment and enjoying the life I had in front of me because I was constantly second-guessing every choice I made and beating myself up, thinking I chose wrong.

Finally, I got so tired of sabotaging myself. I hit my early 30s, and realized:

If I don't start tuning in and trusting myself, nothing will ever change.

I devoted myself to clearing out all the inner blocks and learning to trust myself, my perceptions, and my ideas.

In the years since, I've followed my intuition to create a thriving, growing business, navigate difficult life choices like moving, and create a life that nurtures me at the deepest soul level. 

I rely on my inner voice to shape every single decision, from what to eat and wear, to what to read next, to what influences no longer serve me.

Intuition isn't just nice to have. It's non-negotiable to create a truly fulfilling life. 

Living guided by intuition is ultimately about connecting to your inner compass so you have an ever-present navigation system guiding you through life.

No more getting lost or running around in circles. It's time to hear your inner voice. 

Imagine living in total self-trust, flow and harmony — guided by intuition.

  • Live in total trust and flow, always tuning within for safe guidance to all decisions and trusting it works out for the highest good.
  • Tune in to discover lessons in life's struggles, so you can move through pain faster and use it for your ultimate gain.
  • When faced with a choice, instead of heading to Google or other people for their opinion, tune into your soul. The result? A life that's more you. No longer feel like you're missing out on something. 

Here are a few things to know about intuition...

spiritual mentoring meditation life coach

1. Every single person has it.

Intuition is a birthright. Just like everyone has a soul with unique lessons to learn and purpose to express, everyone has an intuition to guide them through the obstacle course of life.

Think of your intuition as the blueprint within, that shows you how to overcome challenges and realize your ultimate potential.

2. Even more important than learning how to hear this voice is removing the blocks keeping you from following it.

Can you think of a time when you've heard your inner voice speak, but have felt fear or doubt at what it said?

Maybe you thought its direction was too bold, or you worried if you'd be okay after following the guidance. Possibly, you were addicted to a bad habit and couldn't find the strength to let go.

These are all important pieces to your inner puzzle that you'll learn how to identify and overcome during this course. 

3. Self-worth and intuition are directly related. 

To live guided by intuition, not only do you have to release limiting beliefs that say it's not possible for you, but you also need a healthy sense of self-worth to make the changes you want to make. 

It's critical you explore this link because if you don't, you'll spend the rest of your life controlled by other people's emotions and requirements, all while denying and repressing your own needs. 

4. Intuition is the missing link to helping you become who you want to be. 

Without self-worth or intuition, people send their entire lives feeling like something is off, or not a good fit without knowing how to look within and discover why. 

Listening to your intuition makes it possible to find your life purpose and make the changes you need to so you can life the life you're meant to.

You have access to this deep, inner knowing at any time. Release the blocks holding you back from tapping into your infinite wisdom.


guided by intuition

21 Days of Connecting to Inner Secrets for Flowing Through Life in Deep Knowing, Full Trust and Blissful Harmony.

Daily loving readings and journaling prompts delivered to your inbox.

Powerful intuition-increasing practices.

Supportive (optional) Facebook community.

Live Q&A.

All to help you tap into your inner knowing
so you can become the loving, successful, and soulful person who you want to be.

Imagine how it would feel to:

  • Have a newfound sense of self-worth, helping you value your own guidance and tap into the confidence you need to follow it. 
  • Feel more free and at peace, having released old wounds that your desires are impractical, wrong, or you're just not good enough to make your dreams come true.
  • Embody the peaceful confidence of one who knows who she is and is unwilling to compromise on what she knows is best for her. 
  • The real result? The unshakeable ability to make your own rules and tap into your soul to live the life you're meant to live. 

guided by intuition is for people who are:

  • Excited to dive deep into their souls to connect with their true selves' wisdom.
  • Prepared to shed doubt, fear and indecision to learn how to trust themselves and hear their soul's guidance.
  • Anticipating diving deep and asking the important questions to create massive shifts.
  • Looking for guidance beyond what's available in books and blogs because they know there's a deeper layer available to them.
  • Devoted students of themselves (or learning to be) who love seeing the results that come from investing time and money in transformation and elevation.

your step-by-step roadmap to living guided by intuition

WEEK 1: Where does intuition come from?

Learn why listening to your heart isn’t always synonymous with intuition, and the specific times your ego works in your benefit.

Discover the three most potent sources of intuition and simple, easy ways to amplify each one.

Identify the biggest block to intuition there is. This epiphany will literally ignite huge shifts FAST because it’s only a powerful shift in perception.

WEEK 2: Removing inner blocks (that you didn't even know you had).

Learn the six most common blocks to intuition and receive deep, powerful guidance to remove them so you can move forward with great momentum and flow.

Elevate your sense of self-worth so you no longer feel unworthy or flaky when following your true desires.

Understand the secret reason you don’t WANT to hear your intuition and so subconscious fears no longer sabotage you from realizing your dreams.

WEEK 3: Master your inner wisdom.

Discover the exact tools I use to get immediate answers from my intuition and learn what to do when a million voices rise up — how do you know which one to listen to?

Experience step-by-step tools to tap into your intuition when you feel stuck, uncertain or scared of what’s next.

Be guided through the simple, powerful ways to ask specific questions so that your intuition guides you the way it's meant to!

BONUS: Day 22!

You'll receive access to a pre-recorded Q&A call where you'll hear answers to commonly asked questions and receive insights from others who are grappling with situations just like yours.

Get ready to dismantle limiting beliefs, tune into the hum of your heart, and experience the power and transformation of a live, channeled guided meditation. 

Your intuition is the voice of your soul.

It's your inner blueprint to become who you want to be.

Why Guided by Intuition is the best place to discover your inner knowing:

You may wonder — why take a course instead of read a book, watch YouTube videos, or just keep plodding along as you have?

Think about reading a book. You lay there, turn pages, and then go on with your day. You don't even remember half of what you read. 

Meanwhile, YouTube videos aren't that thorough. Plus, you have to spend 20 minutes finding one that resonates with you, and by then, not only are you stressed out, but you've wasted a lot of time.

This course is an active experience. It demands that think about the material through powerful journaling prompts.

It's a step-by-step journey designed to help you achieve a specific result. Books often teach you information, but fall short of helping you apply it. Plus, there's a lot of fluff.

Guided by Intuition offers you sequential, powerful and concise content that will get you results.

The beauty of our online work together is that you have complete access to the teacher (me!) to get your questions answered. You don't get that with a book or YouTube video!

You're going dig deep inside of you to release blocks that are stealing your personal power and joy. 

Simply put, if you do the work, it works.

The insane value of everything you’re receiving:

  • 21 days of inner mindset shifts, healing old wounds and elevating your self worth through gorgeous PDFs, delivered by email $249
  • Daily journaling prompts and weekly intuition-activating practices $99
  • Pre-recorded intuition-activating audio that will leave you feeling full of love and intimately connected to your intuition $49

And bonuses!

  • Pre-recorded Q&A call to receive crystal clarity on the issues hanging you up. Suzanne's guidance can help you bust through blocks, fast. $250 value
  • PDF / Audio training How to Use Meditation for Deep Inner Work $49 value
  • Weekly worksheets to solidify your shifts and dig deeper
  • 24/7 (optional) Facebook community for support and breakthroughs $199

Pre-Work: Your Intuition Activation Audio is waiting for you right now in the member center.

This powerful guided meditation / invocation will unlock soul and cellular shifts to activate your inner guidance and open you up energetically for the deep work ahead.

You'll also be guided through the sacred process of writing a beautiful intention that will open you up in new ways.

Here's what's next...

Simply click the "enroll now" button below and complete your registration. In just a few minutes, you'll receive a welcome email with pre-work and access to the exclusive Facebook support group.

This is a self-paced course, and the journey starts as soon as you sign up with a welcome email. Day 1 will arrive tomorrow.

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*21 days of insightful journaling prompts

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I am so beyond certain this course will blow your mind and heart right open, that I’m offering a 5-day, 100% happiness guarantee.

Please note, this isn’t if you change your mind, but if you try the journaling prompts and exercise and find this journey isn’t for you.

All you have to do is email your completed homework to show you tried within the first five days, and you'll receive a prompt refund. 

Will this be worth it?

Quick mindset shift... It's not about whether you can afford it or if it's worth it, but what you choose to spend money on and if you're worth it.

How much do you spend each month on things you don't even remember? Random Target buys, impulse shirts on sale you never wear, Starbucks, drinks out as you try to numb the fact that you're truly not happy...

Life coaching can cost multiple thousands of dollars. Courses of this caliber can cost $500 or more. I've taken many of them. And they were good, but Guided by Intuition is at the same level.

When pricing my courses, I try to strike a balance between making them accessible while also recognizing that you stepping up and investing time and money in yourself is part of the process.

That's right. Your journey begins when you enroll. Will you listen to your inner guidance and say yes to embarking on a journey that will change your life?

Watch how your life transforms when you tune in and let your soul speak.

Hi! I’m Suzanne Heyn!

A blogger, online course creator, Queen of Authenticity and lover of carbs, coffee and yoga.

In my teens and early 20s, I always followed my heart, but somewhere along the line, I began fighting an inner war.

Life happened, I felt stuck, like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I had no idea how or what to change.

After a few important life changes, I began to hear my intuition, and despite some doubt, fear and resistance, took the steps it guided me to take. Since then, I have discovered my life purpose, connected to a deeper sense of power within, and feel a comforting sense that I’m never alone.

My intuition is always by my side.

No matter how difficult things feel emotionally — because I’m human and always learning lessons! — my intuition provides constant safe guidance. 

What a difference this has made in my life: I used to have vague dreams, but no idea how to actualize them.

Indecision ruled the day, and I could never sustain the shifts I wanted to make because I was never sure if I was headed in the right direction.

I’d get stuck in emotional down times because, without connection to my inner guidance and stuck in low self-worth, I’d assume life was punishing me.

The truth is, that life will always be up and down. This isn’t a panacea for a perfect life.

What this is, is developing the ability to connect to your inner guidance so you can go higher, further and faster, with more ease and joy.  This is about developing the ability to connect to your soul so you can life the life you’re meant to, and become who you want to be.

Guided by Intuition is the help you've been searching for to reconnect to your true desires and needs — all the wisdom that's locked inside of you.

Don't wait until tomorrow or next week or when you find the time or money (because let's be honest — that day never comes)!

Take action now. Take action based on the person you want to become. 

Prepare for tears of release, eyeball-popping epiphanies and a brand new, empowered feeling of connection with your soul.

Here’s how it works:

This course is on demand, which means it starts when you sign up!

It includes 21 days of readings delivered via email, and access to a pre-recorded Q&A call on Day 22. 

As soon as you join, check your email for access to the private (optional) Facebook group and exclusive Guided by Intuition member center, where your powerful audio, Intuition Invocation is waiting for you!

You have lifetime access to all content, and can repeat the course live any time it runs.

Here’s WHY it works:

When you're changing habits/ways of being, it's critical to have DAILY support. 

Learning best happens in small chunks, and that’s what this course gives you —
bite-sized pieces for big transformation. 

You will leave this course feeing deeply connected to your true self, energized, and confident in your ability to rely on your soul to steer your way through life.

Your Investment Options

All-Access Membership


*21 days of powerful readings

*21 days of insightful journaling prompts

*All bonuses including group Q&A call and transformative intuition-activation audio

$895 Only $222

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Will it work for you?

So here's a tip you'll learn more about during the course, but there's a simple way to tell the difference between fear and intuition. 

It's this: do you feel desire underneath the fear? 

If you do, it's a powerful sign that this is the next right step, that the fear is something that wants to keep you safe, but is actually stopping you from transforming in the way that you deeply want to. 

It's your job to feel the fear and take action anyway, to follow your desires and act based on who you want to be, not who you've been. I know it can be scary to do something you've never done. I feel this way all the time! But I've found that acting in the face of fear is the fastest way to shift your life. 

I want you to know, hand over heart, that your experience is everything to me. I won't let you down. And anyway, you have a money-back guarantee, so there's nothing to lose!

I'm so excited to witness your transformation. The time is now. Simply complete the enrollment below, and then head to the member center and begin your pre-work. It's beyond powerful! I know you'll love it. 

All the love,


Your Investment Options

All-Access Membership


*21 days of powerful readings

*21 days of insightful journaling prompts

*All bonuses including group Q&A call and transformative intuition-activation audio

$895 Only $222

Click here for payment plan!

VIP Package


*Everything in All-Access Membership

*60-minute private mentoring call with follow up personalized journaling prompts (client favorite!)

*Exclusive private client email access for 21 days


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