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Erase the fear you're meditating wrong so you can drop the struggle and find inner peace.

You've heard stories about how meditation can fill your heart with peace, joy and blissful self-love. But sitting there with your eyes closed and your mind chattering away stresses you out. What are you doing wrong?

  • ​You hear things like, "watch your thoughts," and wonder what the heck that even means.
  • You'd love to release emotions like sadness, anger and anxiety instead of living with this heavy darkness in your heart. You want to feel light and bright and free!
  • Relentless, critical self-talk never goes away, and you want to end the war within. You want reliable tools and a step-by-step system to create inner stillness and peace.
  • You long to connect with the real you, discover your hopes and dreams and ultimately find your life purpose.
  • You'd love support, structure and daily inspiration to make meditation a non-negotiable part of your day. This is the missing link to feeling more peaceful, confident, clear in your desires, and happy.

I totally understand where you're coming from. 

Meditation was my enemy for four years. A little voice within kept whispering that I should try it, but instead I kept worrying and wishing someone outside of me would save me.

I wanted desperately to escape depression, sadness and the sinking feeling that I wasn't where I was supposed to be in life. 

I thought peace and happiness would come from a terrific career, loving husband, or living in an amazing, vibrant city. But the more the more boxes I checked off, and the less life resembled all my carefully laid plans, the more I realized happiness had to come from someplace else. Someplace deeper.

I wanted life to deliver my desires on a silver platter so I could stop feeling stuck, sad and angry. But one day I got so fed up that I decided to try something new.

Then, I committed to a regular meditation practice. Everything changed.

Meditation helped me leave all the sadness I felt behind and cleared space for peace, joy and happiness. It connected me to a sense of deep peace and joy I never dreamed possible. 

Once I took the time to connect with myself, I finally found my life purpose after decades of fruitless searching. Meditation helped me escape self-criticism and transformed my self-hate into unconditional self-love.

And now it's my mission to teach you exactly how I meditate, connect to my heart and find happiness every day.


The Magic of Meditation is a 30-day online course that will guide you step-by-step as you create the most life-changing habit that exists.

In 30 days, you're going to feel deeply connected to yourself and equipped with simple, reliable tools to create inner peace daily. It's inevitable when you make time to put yourself first!


  • Accepting yourself exactly as you are and letting go of what you think should be.
  • Feeling whole and complete while tapping into your deepest passions. 
  • Knowing deep in your heart exactly who you are. Feel loved and wanted because you love and want yourself.
  • Experience sounder, deeper sleep, leaving you better rested and able to confidently cruise through your day feeling mindful, happy, and at peace.
  • Feeling peaceful, moving through life at an unhurried pace, knowing you're exactly who you're supposed to be, and where you're supposed to be. You're safe and loved and everything is perfect as it is.

I feel so much more connected to my best self. There's a remarkable difference in me now from day one. My dreams are more vivid; my stress levels have significantly dropped; I treat others better; I treat myself better.

This course opened me to my intuition, and now my future is brighter than ever. The best part was connecting with myself. Instead of going through life feeling like I'm watching a movie, I now feel so connected to everything. — Dani M.

"I really felt that I was wound too tight to ever be able to meditate. It felt like it would be something I would fail at, kind of like when you sign up for a new gym membership. BUT, not this time, I did it. I found a way to just listen to myself and find peace with who I am. — Shannon T.


But you need your questions answered because doubt stresses you out.

The Magic of Meditation will give you all the tools you need daily to create the life-changing, heart-healing habit of meditation.  Once you have a daily practice, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Give me 30 days and I'll show you how to develop a foundational habit that will serve you for the rest of your life. 

Invest in the support you need to actually make this habit a reality.

The Magic of Meditation is a smart investment. You will:

  • Save time through step-by-step support. No more reading random one-off blog posts or books that leave you confused, with unanswered questions that stop you from finding peace through meditation.
  • Save money because you'll have found happiness from within. No more buying happiness on sale rack clothes you never wear. Instead, you'll feel a much deeper peace and joy emanating from within your soul.
  • Feel less stressed from trying to figure this out on your own through blog posts or books that use jargon you don't understand.

Inspiring guidance is yours for life when you join today!

Your tools for connecting to yourself and finding inner peace:

  • ​Daily inspiration and tips via email that makes this whole meditation thing super simple.
  • Guided audio meditations for instant self-love, serenity, radiance and emotional healing.
  • Inspiring videos to light your way — including a how-to and the uncensored version of how I began meditating.
  • A 19-page eGuide revealing all my secret solutions to the questions that stop you from practicing and finding inner peace. Questions like "How do I stop my thoughts from their endless chatter?" and "How do I know if it's working?"
  • Facebook group for community, support, motivation and answers to all your questions and concerns about meditating. (I'm super active here!)


  • 30-day practice tracker to keep you on track. (Feel the satisfaction of penciling in that check mark on another of meditation accomplished!)
  • "Create a practice that works for you" guide helping you identify your ideal practice and create a plan for overcoming the inevitable obstacles that arise. It's time to make real progress toward your goals.
  • Lifetime access! Retake this course live with the community whenever it runs — usually once a year.

I meditated everyday for 30 days, did not miss a day. I looked forward to it every morning and have found myself to be more peaceful and calm. Towards the end of the 30 days my blood pressures readings had lowered and stabilized. — Kelly C.

I have unfortunately dealt with getting flustered/frustrated easily for many years. There's been situations recently where I would've reacted negatively but thanks to this course I have managed to stay calm and more at peace which really excites me! — Tiffini H.

Money was a huge issue when I first considered taking this course. Then in an email Suzanne sent before I began, she mentioned that investing in your self is one of the best investments a person can make. I've taken that to heart and invested more time in myself.

I've also financially invested in my future after being guided by intuition to pursue my passion. — Dani M.


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It's so much more than meditation!

This course is about much more than meditation! It's about learning how to truly love yourself. You're going to learn reliable tools for erasing sadness and anxiety. You're going to discover the exact steps I take to connect to my intuition and follow my life's purpose.

Of course you're going to learn all kinds of fun techniques like visualizations and mantras too, but the true gift of this course is the peace, love and inner happiness you're going to connect with.

The truth is, you can't create a strong meditation practice from a bunch of YouTube videos and one-off blog posts. If that was true, you wouldn't be reading this right now, looking for more answers. It's time you invested in yourself to learn a habit that will absolutely transform your life!

When you join the Magic of Meditation today, you're also going to learn my signature emotional healing techniques for releasing sadness, anxiety, anger and frustration. You're going to heal, love yourself and connect to yourself in an entirely new, much deeper way than you ever have before.

Week 4 is a critical integration week to ensure you maintain this habit even after the course ends. Because while 30 days of meditation is awesome, you're investing in the support to establish a life-long habit.

The time is now! Sign up today.


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I know you will love this course! That's why I'm offering you a full refund within the first seven days. All you have to do is submit your completed practice tracker to show you tried, and I'll happily refund your money.


And today it's as easy as brushing my teeth. 

Hi, my name is Suzanne Heyn, and I'm a spirituality, meditation and yoga teacher here to teach you how to love who you are.

I spent a lot of my life feeling depressed and wishing I was someplace else, doing something else — only I didn't know what!

I knew I was meant for so much more. I wanted to LIVE, but didn't know how. Finally I started to meditate, and my life has slowly transformed! Dedicating myself to the practice was the best decision I've ever made. 

Why I created this course...

Meditation is so simple, but you'd never know it with everyone telling you to "watch your thoughts." What does that even mean?

I'm here to demystify the practice for you and make it really, really easy so you can create the habit and experience the peace, self-love and unconditional acceptance that you desire. 

When you join the course, you become part of my beautiful online soul family, and I'm so excited to welcome you in. 




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Week 1: Self-love and compassion

The essence of true life is true love. Self-love is the foundation for creating any new, life-affirming habit.

This week, you'll set a strong foundation for your brand new meditation habit while learning basic techniques. You'll learn an essential tip to help if you can't sit still and discover why the term "mindfulness," is actually a misnomer. 


Week 2: Focus and relaxation

This week, you'll learn my no-fail technique for reigning in an unruly mind. You'll learn options for placing your focus, truly setting the foundation for you to customize your practice in a way that works for you. This week will empower you to cultivate freedom during practice instead of feeling restricted, like you're missing some important step.

You'll also be guided to explore ways of applying the idea of focus off the meditation cushion so you can apply the peace of the practice to the rest of your life. 


Week 3: Heart and soul

Healing, intuition and connection come from the body, not the mind. This week, you'll learn how to tap into your intuition, ask questions from your higher self and transform emotional wounds into wisdom. 

You'll also explore how your body and emotions affect your life off the meditation cushion and discover how the practice of meditation ushers in peaceful balance.


Week 4: Presence and infinity

Sometimes when courses end, it's sad to feel the support to go away. To smooth your transition, this week, you'll explore obstacles you encounter, both coming to practice and during practice. You'll learn the essential steps to making this practice your own, instead of feeling stuck with habits that don't serve you. (Nothing kills a sparkly new habit more than not enjoying it.)

While still wrapped in the cocoon of safety and support, you'll identify ways to solidify this habit into a life-long love affair. You'll learn critical mindset shifts, tips for re-igniting any stalled momentum, and ways of transforming every moment into an opportunity for connection.



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I wanted to find internal peace and to let my head rest from the chaos of all the thoughts. And in finding silence, I hoped being able to connect to my inner self again. Listen to and connect with the real me.

(After the course), I feel like I breathe easier, like I'm taking more space in the world, claiming my space and my right to be here. And my body is no longer my limit. Under my meditations I feel like I'm one with the universe, like I'm expanding. I also speak more freely again. — Elisabeth N.

The (best part of the course was the) day that I realized that I had sat through the meditation without any thoughts in my head - just breathing and feeling at peace.

I feel more aware of myself. I am able to step away from stressful situations and breath. I stand taller with my shoulders back. I am more aware of my body especially when I work out. I feel a sense of inner peace

At first I doubted I would stay with the program. But once I started, I loved the time I gave to myself every morning to do this, and overcame my doubt that I would stay committed." — Kelly C.


As soon as you enroll, a welcome email will magically appear in your inbox with tips for the exciting journey ahead. You're also going to receive immediate access to the exclusive member center, which houses all your guided meditations and videos.

Then, starting tomorrow, you're going to receive each day's lesson early in the morning (U.S. time). Read it and practice meditation at your leisure. That's it! At the end of 30 days, you're going to have a strong foundation in meditation that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Check your inbox when you join!

  • Access to the secret, member-only Facebook group. Start connecting with others immediately.
  • Tips for setting an intention for the course and creating conditions ripe for transformation. 
  • The Magic of Meditation official eGuide with answers to your most pressing questions like "What do I do if my thoughts won't stop?" and "What do I focus on?"
  • Access to the private, member-only webpage with two inspirational videos: How To Meditate and From Darkness To Light: The Story of How Meditation Changed My Life. (Sharing my story is an important part of helping you feel less alone.)
  • Specially created worksheets to supercharge your experience. 

"You have led me to much deeper quiet and now it's quite easy to sit in silence and begin a session."

I already miss your daily email so I have been rereading the course material. My access to meditation has eased a lot, I'm much more aware and conscious of the state of Meditation focus. 

I have read quite a lot on this subject and you seem to piece it all together in a very human way, guess that's all the love you send out! — Ian M.

I know you're nervous to take the plunge. It's perfectly natural to worry if it will be a waste or won't work.

But if you're still here reading this, it means you're beyond ready to receive this support, go within and find more happiness and peace.

It truly isn't about whether it will work, but if you're ready to do the work.

Investing in your own potential is the best investment you can make. It always pays off ten-fold.

I know you're going to love this course — that's why I offer a 7-day money-back guarantee! It's your time to feel happy and to release all the heavy baggage weighing you down. 

Click the "join now" button below and start your journey to finding peace, love, joy and happiness through meditation today. 


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I know you will love this course! That's why I'm offering you a full refund within the first seven days. All you have to do is submit your completed practice tracker to show you tried, and I'll happily refund your money.