30 days of finding peace and deep soul connection so you can live a happy, authentic life.

If you're not meditating, are you even living?

The decision you're about to make to join this course will change your life forever.

Meditation is without a doubt the practice that's single-handedly transformed my life.

Sure yoga heals and helps me feel peaceful, but meditation helps me understand myself.

Going within allows me to identify the false fear voice, the true intuitive voice, and the deeper inner wisdom voice.

Every time I go within, I receive guidance from the universe, release painful emotions, and feel startling clarity. 

Sadly, most people spend their lives running away from themselves and everything they feel and wonder why nothing works out the way they want it to.

Because you're here, I know you're not most people. You're deep and sensitive. You care. A lot.

You know you should go within, but haven't quite found the right rhythm with a practice that fits your life.

Or maybe you've tried to meditate and feel like you were failing the whole time. What are you supposed to do with this endless, relentless mental chatter?

Or perhaps still, you've never tried, intimidated by esoteric advice or people who make things way to complicated. Or way too woo woo. You're spiritual, but also grounded. You need someone who speaks your language.

Don't worry — I got you.

Meditation totally, completely, 100% changed my life. Even showing up imperfect. It can change yours, too.

When I started meditating, I hated my life and felt powerless to change it.

I lived someplace I hated. I blamed myself for not being further along in life. I didn’t know what my purpose was. I worked in a job I hated.

I'd thought about meditating for four years, but finally, my suffering grew too great.

I sat down on the cushion and began to breathe.

At first, it was hell. There were so many emotions to face, things I'd been denying within myself, messed up thinking patterns I didn't know I had.

But I had faith and kept going. Over time, those thinking patterns shifted, my heart healed, and I found peace.

I started tuning into my intuition and asking for the next right steps to create a life I loved.

Step by step, things began to shift and change. I felt a new kind of lightness. A peace I'd never known before. 

Life is never perfect, but the true gift of meditation is awareness.

With awareness comes the power to change. And that is everything.

I"m determined to help more people meditate and connect with their souls.

That's why I created...


30 days of finding peace and deep soul connection so you can live a happy, authentic life.

The Magic of Meditation gives you the daily support and inspiration you need to go within, create stillness, peace and confidence while tapping into the infinite power to love yourself and follow your dreams.

In 30 days after finishing The Magic of Meditation, you will:

  • Know how to create inner peace when you need it. Skillfully transform self-doubt, fear, negative self-talk and anxiety into a deep connection with the universe and your higher self.
  • Have a strong connection to your intuition, helping you confidently make the right decisions in life.
  • Love yourself deeply. Taking time to connect to yourself every day is a powerful way to elevate your self-worth.
  • Lovingly respond to your emotions and have powerful tools to move through them, leaving you centered in life's storms.
  • Enjoy more peace and an infinitely higher quality of life. Step into a new, more peaceful and connected version of you whose mellow, positive attitude attracts infinite possibilities and soul-satisfying relationships.

I feel so much more connected to my best self. There's a remarkable difference in me now from day one. My dreams are more vivid. My stress levels have significantly dropped. I treat others better. I treat myself better.

Instead of going through life feeling like I'm watching a movie, I now feel so connected to everything. — Dani M.

"I really felt that I was wound too tight to ever be able to meditate. It felt like it would be something I would fail at, kind of like when you sign up for a new gym membership.

BUT, not this time, I did it. I found a way to just listen to myself and find peace with who I am. — Shannon T.

Most meditation courses focus on guided meditations, leaving you relaxed, but with no idea how to actually meditate.

Using guided meditations isn’t meditating! It’s relaxation. True transformation lies from going within, alone, without a guide. Scary I know, but that's why it works.

This course equips you with the confidence and tools to create a practice that works for you and help you stick to it — even if you've tried and failed before.

Most courses focus on fundamentals you already know and boring advice that makes no sense. Like how to sit and suggestions to watch your thoughts.

This course gives you that information, but it's included in the bonus materials. We're not going to spend a week on posture, but instead dive straight into how to heal, love yourself, and hear your heart's wisdom.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create your own visualizations.
  • Select a personalized mantra.
  • Choose a different area of focus depending on your desired result (healing, relaxation or soul connection).
  • Use simple, but powerful techniques to release negative emotions and heal your heart. 
  • Ask your intuition questions to hear your heart's wisdom.
  • And so much more.

The (best part of the course was the) day that I realized that I had sat through the meditation without any thoughts in my head - just breathing and feeling at peace.

I feel more aware of myself. I am able to step away from stressful situations and breath. I stand taller with my shoulders back. I am more aware of my body especially when I work out. I feel a sense of inner peace.

At first I doubted I would stay with the program. But once I started, I loved the time I gave to myself every morning to do this, and overcame my doubt that I would stay committed." — Kelly C.

"You have led me to much deeper quiet and now it's quite easy to sit in silence and begin a session.

I already miss your daily emails so I have been rereading the course material. My access to meditation has eased a lot, I'm much more aware and conscious of the state of Meditation focus.

I have read quite a lot on this subject and you seem to piece it all together in a very human way. Guess that's all the love you send out!" — Ian M.

The Magic of Meditation is for people who:

  • Want to start or deepen a meditation practice.
  • Would love to infuse their lives with more joy, peace and happiness through meditation.
  • Long to release emotional baggage and find the courage to follow your dreams.
  • Desire a deep connection to your heart and intuition. 
  • Are ready to invest a little time and money into permanently shifting your reality.


Week 1: Self-love and compassion

The essence of true life is true love. Self-love is the foundation for creating any new, life-affirming habit.

This week, you'll set a strong foundation for your brand new meditation habit while learning basic techniques. You'll learn an essential tip to help if you can't sit still and discover why the term "mindfulness," is actually a misnomer.


Week 2: Focus and relaxation

This week, you'll learn my no-fail technique for reigning in an unruly mind. You'll learn options for placing your focus, truly setting the foundation for you to customize your practice in a way that works for you.

You'll finish this week feeling empowered and confident, no longer worried you're missing some important step.


Week 3: Heart and soul

Healing, intuition and connection come from the body, not the mind. This week, you'll learn how to tap into your intuition, ask questions from your higher self and transform emotional wounds into wisdom.

You'll also explore how your body and emotions affect your life off the meditation cushion and discover how the practice of meditation ushers in peaceful balance.


Week 4: Presence and infinity

This week will set you up for forever success. You'll learn the essential steps to making this practice your own, instead of feeling stuck with habits that don't serve you. (Nothing kills a sparkly new habit more than not enjoying it.)

You'll learn critical mindset shifts, tips for re-igniting any stalled momentum, and ways of transforming every moment into an opportunity for connection.


Are you ready to remember who you are, reduce stress and connect to your soul so you can live a happy, authentic life?

Good! Because this course is mind-glowingly beautiful. It's not just about learning to meditate, but about learning to nurture and connect to yourself at the deepest level.

My approach is totally different. You're going to explore your feelings, heighten your intuition, heal childhood wounds and so much more.

It's about finally learning to put yourself first, to take the time to go within, figure out who you are, what you want, what you need to heal, and what your intuition is asking of you so you can be happy.

Meditation is the foundational practice to a fulfilling, peaceful, happy, loving life. You're going to use the things you learn in this course for the rest of your life.

The insane value of everything you're going to receive:

  • Daily inspiration, techniques and tools via email for 30 days. $149 value
  • Four guided meditations for instant self-love, serenity, radiance and emotional healing. $22 value
  • Access to an exclusive member center.
  • Inspiring videos to light your way — including a how-to and the uncensored version of how I began meditating. $22 value
  • Facebook group for support so the habit sticks! (I'm super active here.) $49 value

And valuable bonuses!

  • 19-page Beginner's Guide To Meditation with all the basic tips you need to start your practice off right $11 value
  • 30-day practice tracker worksheet to keep you motivated. (Satisfyingly checking off each day is a great way to stay on course.)
  • Worksheets to help you design a practice that fits your life instead of feels like just another thing you don't have time for. 
  • Lifetime access to all materials. PLUS retake the course whenever it runs live. $300 value
  • Peace of mind and the deep knowing of how to connect with your soul. Priceless

That's a $553 value!

Join The Magic of Meditation today and discover how to connect with the power within.

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Money was a huge issue when I first considered taking this course. Then in an email Suzanne sent before I began, she mentioned that investing in your self is one of the best investments a person can make. I've taken that to heart and invested more time in myself.

I've also financially invested in my future after being guided by intuition to pursue my passion. — Dani M.

(After the course), I feel like I breathe easier, like I'm taking more space in the world, claiming my space and my right to be here. And my body is no longer my limit. Under my meditations I feel like I'm one with the universe, like I'm expanding. I also speak more freely again. — Elisabeth N.

I have unfortunately dealt with getting flustered/frustrated easily for many years. There's been situations recently where I would've reacted negatively but thanks to this course I have managed to stay calm and more at peace which really excites me! — Tiffini H.

This course has genuinely shown me how to transfer my mentality in meditation to my daily life. — Lydia B.

I resisted meditation for four years.

And today it's as easy as brushing my teeth.

spiritual mentoring meditation life coach

Hi, my name is Suzanne Heyn, and I'm a spiritual blogger and teacher.

I've lived through heavy trauma and have spent the past few years healing and undoing these limiting patterns. 

Meditation and spirituality have given me the tools to find within what life never gave me.

All the pain I felt was just a call for love from my soul. When I finally answered the call, everything changed.

Meditation helped me heal a lifetime of sadness, childhood wounds and long-repressed emotions. It connected me to my soul. I found the peace I had been looking for everywhere outside of me.

Because of this healing, I've found the confidence to share my story and follow my dreams of being a writer and traveling while teaching others the same tools that healed me.

Life will never be perfect, but meditation is the most powerful way I know to stay connected to the ever-changing tides of life, to find peace, stability and yes, happiness, no matter what.

Meditation will help you become who you're meant to be. But first, you must overcome your doubt, fear and resistance to say yes. Will you? I'd be so honored to be your guide.

Why this course is different:

It focuses a lot on emotional healing. The way I teach meditation is very heart-centered.

You'll learn how to do inner child work, release emotions like sadness, anxiety and anger, and use them to connect with yourself even deeper.

You can't fail as long as you show up.

When you join the course, you become part of my beautiful online soul family, and I'm so excited to welcome you in.



How it works — this is self-paced course!

You'll receive a welcome email right away, and Day 1 tomorrow!

As soon as you enroll, you'll receive a special member welcome with inspiring tips for the exciting journey ahead. You'll also receive immediate access to the exclusive member center and private Facebook community.

Then, starting tomorrow, you'll receive each day's lesson early in the morning (U.S. time). Read it and practice meditation at your leisure. That's it! At the end of 30 days, you'll have a strong foundation in meditation that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Check your inbox after joining! You'll receive:

  • Access to the private, member-only Facebook group. Start connecting with others immediately.
  • Tips for setting a beautiful intention for the course so your time here truly helps you blossom.
  • The Magic of Meditation official how-to guide with answers to all the commonly asked questions.
  • Access to the private, member-only webpage with two inspirational videos.

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Two payments of only $79

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Hey magical you...

spiritual mentoring meditation life coach

I know you’re scared. I know you’re worried it won’t work or nervous you won’t finish, but let me just say that for your life to change, you have to make a change.

Listen to your heart. Is this the next right step for you?

Have you been asking for guidance? Praying for help? This is the course that will show you how to love yourself, connect to yourself, and remember who you are.

I'm so deeply passionate about helping you achieve your goals. I pour everything into these courses, into making you feel loved, supported and cared for.

To live your best life it’s important to invest in yourself. To believe in yourself. To make decisions based on who you want to be and how you want to feel, not what the limiting stories in your mind are telling you is or isn’t possible.

So what do you choose? Do you choose to believe in the same old BS stories? Or do you dare to believe in you, your freedom, your destiny, your worthiness to create the life you dream of.

The time is now. No more waiting. If you’ve read this far, I can say without a doubt this is your next step.

Click the “join now” button below and I’ll see you on the other side.

Join The Magic of Meditation today and discover how to connect with the power within.

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Two payments of only $79

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