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"It's almost unbelievable that it FINALLY opened my heart to myself! I really can't believe it that something can work so effectively." — Inese Z.

What do you think?


What’s on my heart today is something that I haven’t really written about before.

I feel called to share this part of my process because entrepreneurship is such a passion of mine, along with being on this cutting edge of creating a new generation of abundant writers, artists, healers and creatives.

The world needs our art. It’s what heals. It’s what guides people to connect to something larger than themselves.

When I first started blogging in 2014, I had no idea how I would make money from it. I started posting on Instagram daily as a personal challenge at the same time that I committed to a 40-day yoga practice.

It was one of those crisis moments where you are so tired of things being the way they are that you go all in on changing your life.

It’s kind of where I am now, but in a different way.

Not that I’m in a crisis, but the energetics behind the structure of my business haven’t reflected my true needs or desires. I’m expanding into a more nourishing way of life.

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After posting daily on Instagram for a while, I started my blog, wrote weekly for a few months before losing the habit, and then went all in and committed to weekly posts I think in 2015. I’ve missed maybe one or two weeks in three years.


I was freelance writing at the time and deeply wanted to create a community around my own work and earn a living from it, but had no idea how.

I didn’t want to clog my site with ghastly, ugly ads that destroy the reader experience. I didn’t want to pin my ability to make money to some ad network out of my control. And I didn’t want to need a massive audience before starting to turn a profit, as is the case with most advertisements.

I remember buying this mala-type necklace from an Instagram jewelry maker and one of the intentions from the stones was it helped writers discover how to earn money for their words.

Soon after, without connecting the dots until much later, I developed the idea to turn my 40-day yoga practice into a course. The Big Shift was born in late 2015.

I LOVED The Big Shift.

Seeing people go through the course, hearing their stories of healing their inner child, releasing pains they’d been carrying their entire lives, learning to see things differently and truly drop into their hearts changed me forever.

One woman called the course, “mind-blowing.”

I couldn’t believe I’d created it. I couldn’t believe I was that capable, or blessed enough to have channeled something so full of love.

It was one of those moments that changed my perception of myself, when I realized I actually did have the power to help others heal through my words. (The entire course is PDF, except for the yoga videos.)

While writing The Big Shift, I got the idea for an entire course about emotions, and so Emotionally Empowered, which I’ve never run again, was born.

It was a great course, but I felt called to shift away from focusing on emotions. I wanted to have more fun.


And at this point, I started feeling tired.

Writing pretty much daily PDFs, each in excess of 1,000 words, that are not flowy blogs, but rather tightly written, finely tuned documents with all excess wrung out, designed to expertly and swiftly guide people step-by-step into the deepest recesses of their soul and release whatever is holding them back from living a miraculous life —

This was an insane undertaking.

Plus, I show UP in the Facebook groups for my courses. I answer all questions. I worry about the content, always continuing to edit and shape, sometimes even after the email has gone out for the day.

I went on to create four more full-length courses and a shorter one called Journey Into the Heart with Journaling within the space of two years.

No wonder I ended up burnt out!

By this point, I’d become attached to online courses as the best way to monetize my blog.

My courses are exceptional. They get exceptional results. I had wisdom that could change people’s lives. I felt obligated to get it to them (that whole martyrdom thing).

I stopped being open to other options and went all in on this business model of launching low-priced courses a few times a year.

But soon I felt frustrated. Tired. I hated the energy behind intense launch cycles, and the incredible output it required, leaving me recuperating and unable to continue creating. I longed for something more stable and steady.


From this space late last year, I asked for guidance.

I asked for a better way. Unleash Your Magic, my yearlong mastermind, was born.

When I first conceived of this program, it was WAY out of my comfort zone.

It was the highest-end offer I’d ever sold. It required video, which really freaked me out. And it was about connecting to your life’s dream and learning how to earn money from passion-work. As someone who focused on emotional healing, I’d achieved this goal myself, but had never taught it.

My intention, beyond helping people achieve their goals of course, was to create regular revenue that allowed me to breathe. That would allow me to tune in and see what the next step was, if there was a better way than launching, burning out, recuperating and repeating the same cycle all over again.

Walking my clients through UYM has turned out to be one of the most fun experiences of my life. It’s been such a joy to witness their growth over the past nine months and getting to know these inspiring women on a deeper level.

Personally, I’ve grown tremendously — I’m now more comfortable on video, more confident in my gifts, and although the intention of UYM once seemed out of left field, it’s turned out that helping people do inner work in service of following their dreams and giving their gifts to the world is where my true passion lies.

Our soul always knows.


As my energy returned, the idea for The Society of Spiritual Starlets emerged.

This was intended to help people not so much monetize their passions (right now I don’t intend to talk about business building in the group, although that could change), but to heal, remove inner roadblocks to success, deepen into their passions, and follow their dreams, and at a much lower cost because there’s no 1:1 mentoring.

I wanted to build real community, a place where people who resonate with my work (because we are soul connected) could gather, create connections and support each other to live soulful, magical, purposeful lives, all while I drop in and offer monthly trainings and ongoing group support.

Because I want to connect with people who want to be around for awhile rather than a wham, bam, thank-you ma’am six-week course (although not saying I’ll never launch another group offer!).

I’m obsessed with The Starlets. I’m so excited to grow it. I love the energy. It really is electric.


And now I feel called to create more, but in a different way.

I feel called to grow my audience. I feel called to experiment with different types of content. And I don’t want to launch anymore.

I could. I have ideas. Too many ideas. But the thought of launching makes me want to puke.

It’s just not aligned anymore.

So, like I teach my clients, I re-connected to my big vision.

What is it that I want for my life?

I want space, lots of space. Space to read, write and create.

I want to work closely with people and build community, getting to know them and feeling the fulfillment that comes from witnessing another’s growth.

I want to travel. I want to study with amazing teachers and mentors in spirituality and business.

I want steady income, rather than fluctuations that come with launching. I could earn a lot more launching, but I don’t want the stress.

I want space to write books, to create the podcast I’ve been dreaming of. To drop into my soul and connect to wisdom that I love to share with you, with the world.

So I’m playing with different ways of building community and delivering content.


Here are some of my ideas. I’d also like to hear from YOU.

How can I serve you? In what ways would you like to learn from me? How can I deliver content in a way that helps you and that fits into your life?

Here are my ideas:


1. I’m sitting with — after the 30 days of daily emails (which was a personal challenge to myself) ends, continuing to offer M-F blogs, but on a subscription basis. Weekly blogs would continue to be free.

I’ve gotten really great feedback from the emails, and would love to continue. I’m sitting with offering a daily blog subscription (like you would pay for a newspaper or other content) for a very low fee, say $5 per month or $50 per year (two months free).

The thing is, I don’t write to market like most people.

I write to share my soul, and go deeper in my free content than most people do in their paid. (My paid stuff goes even deeper, and is much more step-by-step, helping you apply things to your life.)

I can restrict access to content on my website, so VIP readers would would not only receive the emails, but be able to go on my website and have unlimited access to all the content.

This feels scary for me to put out there, but the idea has come up several times, so I wanted to ask what you thought.


2. Continue to grow The Society of Spiritual Starlets.

Have I mentioned that I’m obsessed with this group? Starlets would receive a complementary subscription to my daily blog.

In the community, you get a badass monthly video training and workbook full of journaling prompts.

We also have a monthly live Q&A, and then of course you have the Facebook group to connect with others and share your journey. All for $33 each month.

We’ll do bonus courses or challenges sometimes, but the meat is one monthly training + workbook, and an additional Q&A later in the month. This is where the community comes alive and you get to connect with others on the same path.


3. Mentor a very select number of VIP clients who desire support to realize their fullest potential and life purpose.

I’m not 100% certain what will happen with UYM next year. I love working with people all year, but I also want to create more space for other things.

I might take on three VIP clients at a time, which includes 2 monthly phone calls, plus email or text support and access to all other things, in 3, 6 or 12-month packages.

I’m also playing with creating a Starlets’ Inner Circle that’s kinda the same premise, but with group and 1:1 mentoring.

I LOVE working with people 1:1, and my clients get great results.

It’s not so much that I’m an exceptional mentor, although I am, but that’s truly just what happens when you have someone guiding you swiftly through those places where you would otherwise get stuck repeating the same old patterns.

Working with me privately is currently a $1,000/month investment. ($11k for 12 months.) And worth every penny and then some I may add.

This will go up over time, but that number feels good right now, considering all I pour into my clients.

I also want to attract people committed to creating change, and who are excited for the process, going all in emotionally, energetically, financially and beyond.

Mentoring with me isn’t for people who dip a toe in and run away screaming, or who say they want change, but don’t actually.

It’s for driven dreamers committed to change and know that having the right support is indispensable for helping them go bigger, re-structure their lives and transcend existing limits.


4. Podcast!

I deeply desire to start a podcast called On The Road, featuring stories from people who have risen from the ashes of life’s biggest tragedies and gone on to create amazing things.

This isn’t a podcast about people having all the answers, but those moments when you realize you know nothing, and how inspiring, influential people have rebounded from those moments to create extraordinary things.

One of my main beliefs is, “You can heal any wound, transcend any circumstance and create any kind of life you want to.” This podcast will explore exactly how people we all look up to have done exactly that.

Of course I’ll need to grow my platform a bit before I can attract the high-profile guests I dream of, but you’ve got to start to grow, and so this will start sooner rather than later.

The podcast will be monetized with ads from aligned companies.


5. On the horizon: Books, partnering with others on retreats, live workshops around the world.

I definitely desire to create space for bigger, deeper projects, to travel WHILE working and to collaborate with others to create transformative experiences.

I would LOVE to do retreats, but am way too much of an introvert to host my own, so would love to partner with others and do maybe drop-in workshops.


This feels like a lot, but I love how varied it all is. I have no idea how it will all come together, but trust that it will — one step at a time.

It’s time to let go of existing frameworks and tune in to create my own.

It seems insane to walk away from everything I poured myself into creating, that I once thought would be my foundation. But you learn by doing, I guess. (I will still likely offer The Big Shift live every year. Everything else will remain as on-demand, self-study. Probably. Never say never. 🙂 )

I love everything I’ve created so much that for a long time, I couldn’t think about walking away.

But what’s more insane is to stick to a way of life that feels energetically draining.

I want consistency, depth and community. For my readers, for you, and for me.

So I opened up, connected to how I wanted my life to feel and what I want it to look like, and asked for guidance.

I’m opening to new ideas, even though the ones coming look nothing like how I thought they would, or even how I wanted them to look.

They required me to accept who I am (a slow, deep, low-energy person who needs A LOT of rest), rather than who I wish I was (a fast-moving energetic extrovert).

Because it’s only by accepting ourselves, truly honoring our desires and trusting that we can have everything we desire that we can create the lives we dream of.


These are all just ideas for now. I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Can you envision participating in the community through any of these options, if you’re not already? How do you desire to be supported through my work?

Are you interested in 1:1 mentoring? (Let me know if you are, because soon I will likely open spaces to start in January.)

I wanted to share my behind the scenes because this truly is a COMMUNITY. My work is nothing without you, my readers.

I also want to inspire you to find your own way, connect to aligned goals and intentions, and trust your soul to guide you in a way that makes sense for you, regardless of what others are doing.

I hope you felt inspired.

And I truly am interested in hearing your thoughts.

Please feel free to email me or comment on the blog.

But please, if your first thought is — can’t you do all this for free? — you just don’t get it (and probably don’t value your own gifts or energy), and I’m not interested in hearing from you. 🙂


So come on, let’s go —

It’s time to show the world who you really are.

All the love,



PS — While most of these things are just ideas, The Society is a real, live, actual, good-vibe-infused community that you can join right now, and access the trainings and inspiration waiting for you to say yes. (If you haven’t joined yet, why the hell not?!)

Currently in the private Member Center:

  • The official Starlet invocation (filmed during the century’s most powerful full moon lunar eclipse)
  • How to do shadow work for unconditional self-love and accelerated personal growth
  • How to find your life purpose and passion The Starlet way

Each is approx. 60 min and comes with a detailed workbook with journaling prompts.

Come join us!






Suzanne Heyn is a spiritual advisor and blogger guiding ambitious free spirits to heal their hearts and realize their full potential. She offers transformational online courses and spiritual mentorship to help high achievers create happiness, meaning and fulfillment on all levels.

  • Avatar Tanya says:

    Thank you for your soul-baring and sharing of dreams Suzanne! This is what you’re teaching us and guiding us to do in the starlets and I love it! Beautiful!

    The paragraph: “They required me to accept who I am (a slow, deep, low-energy person who needs A LOT of rest), rather than who I wish I was (a fast-moving energetic extrovert).” totally describes me me, too!

    I am grateful to know you – and so get to know myself even better. I spent years wanting to be (or trying to be because others needed or wanted me to) the grand large business owner who hired and employed and contracted out services, but am so much more fulfilled now with a small business that serves clients directly, connects deeply with each m, and inspires my creativity while still having the time to sleep lots, read, walk, meditate, do yoga, spend time with family, allowing me space to live slowly, intentionally and dreamily!! I love it! And now I have time to belong to your beautiful community. So awesome.

    Keep growing and following your dreams! I

    • Avatar Suzanne says:

      Love it Tanya! It’s awesome to hear how you created your business and life to fulfill you deeply at the soul level, with so much space to relax and connect. Thanks so much for sharing! And thank you also for being a Starlet! <3

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