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What soul alignment means

what is soul alignment

Nothing matters more than creating a life lived in soul alignment.

Your soul has a purpose, a truth, a vision, an expression, and I believe everything that happens in your life is designed by your soul in an effort to help release that juiciness of truth.

Even the hard things. They send us searching. It all has purpose and meaning.

Lean in and life becomes a gooey ripe strawberry oozing with flavor. The alternative is an unripe life.

Anything out of soul alignment — your schedule, dynamics in a relationship, foods you eat, habits, things you read or watch, and definitely thoughts and beliefs, keep your soul’s expression flavorless and kinda bitter.

Moving into soul alignment, literally tuning in and asking — what is aligned for this or that?, and then taking action — creates the perfect conditions for your inner juiciness to erupt in your mouth. Yum.

This is precisely why I don’t believe in taking just anyone’s “feedback,” or criticism.

The energy behind feedback is, “you’re wrong, and I know better. This is how you should be living, talking, and presenting yourself in order to be correct.” Aka, correct according to my values, (often limiting) beliefs and idea of how the world works.

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(I know this because when you don’t take in people’s feedback, they become very, very angry.)

NO. Nobody knows what is in alignment with your soul more than you. NOTHING matters more than alignment. And as long as you are in soul alignment, whatever you are doing is perfect, no matter who it pisses off.


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The idea is to be so rooted in your values, beliefs, goals, and who you really are that it literally doesn’t matter what other people think.

So often it’s hard enough for US to know what’s best for us or how to proceed. How the hell can someone else know what is in soul alignment for us, or rather, create the conditions for the blossoming of our true selves?

Deeper, what if nobody was wrong or right?

What if what felt good and true for me was good, and what felt good and true for you was also good?

The most powerful way to find soul alignment is to spend time connecting to your soul daily and getting really clear on who you are, what you value and believe, and what you most want to create.

This is the work I guide people through in The Society of Spiritual Starlets. It’s so powerful to have a community of people all rooted in the same values and beliefs. It helps you be more true to yourself, and that’s exactly why I created this community.

It’s been amazing to see people become more them, with the mantra, “I AM A STARLET, AND I CAN DO ANYTHING!”

Yessss. THAT’S who I created this community for. And why I’m being so clear in what I do and don’t stand for. So the energy in there is aligned, and everyone has the same values and beliefs. You can be wholly you and will receive support to give the world more of the real you.


When you live in soul alignment, it turns your entire life into a soulful work of art.

Each day holds joy and meaning, rather than ending up a span of lost hours spent hoping for some far-off future or replaying a long-lost past.

When you live in alignment, you can’t help but realize your soul purpose and destiny, because you are literally living on purpose. From the soul.

Alignment IS your purpose.

Your soul knows when something isn’t good for you, whether a thought, belief, habit, way of speaking.

I believe the only reason to ever change anything about yourself is if it causes you internal pain.

Pain, emotional or physical, is one way of knowing we’re out of alignment.

So when pain comes, it’s helpful to tune in and ask — how can I adjust? What is my soul asking for or trying to tell me?

But if you feel good and happy and someone comes along and tells you that you’re not living your life in the right way, forget them.

If my husband or a close friend shares that something I did or said hurt them or created conditions that weren’t proper for their alignment, I would consider that and find a solution of the highest good.

A lot of people have trouble with family members saying they shouldn’t follow a specific dream or take a risk or have a certain opinion, but if it makes you happy and brings you peace, that means it’s in alignment.

Nothing is more important that being in alignment, and NOBODY outside of you can tell you what’s right or wrong for you.


If it feels good, it is good. End of story. That is soul alignment.

I realize this is a scary proposition for many people.

What if the whole world goes haywire and into some selfish orgy oblivion, you may ask. (Or maybe not. But I’ll ask for us.)

But that’s the fear mind. That’s the fear that the soul doesn’t know what’s best, that we are fundamentally wrong or bad, and that we need to hide who we are or be super uptight and controlled otherwise the whole planet and all of humanity will deconstruct.

There IS a difference between ego and soul, but ego is mostly based on what we think we need to do to be worthy of love. Ego creeps in when we are separate from our souls.

Ego is based on the masks we all wear.

And let me ask you — how is it good and holy and proper to sacrifice your soul to make others happy or receive their false love?

You end up living the wrong live, not giving the world the magic within you, and staying some small meek shell of yourself rather than the fierce goddess (or god) you were born to be.

That’s not soulful.

It’s not right.

It’s not good.


It’s time that we trusted ourselves and stopped falling into the lie that we are wrong or bad at the core and must control all of our impulses otherwise we’ll go crazy and kill the world.

Yeah, you might be a little angry when you first start to let go, but I think that’s natural and proper considering how long you’ve been holding it in.

Be a little angry. So what?

For all of our lives, for centuries, the world has told us that it’s not safe to be who we are.

That it’s not safe to follow our desires, to believe in our dreams and goals, to say what we think and how we feel, even when it’s not pretty and perfectly packaged.

Times are changing.

It’s time to be REALLY authentic.

Living authentically from love doesn’t mean everyone is sitting around in a circle singing kumbaya.

Living authentically and from love means we are giving each other the space to be who we are.

Because we are so enraptured in the process of being who we are that we have no time for anything else.

THAT is soul alignment.


So come on, let’s go —

It’s time to show the world who you really are.

All the love,



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The thing that unites us is who we are at the soul level: creative, big-hearted free spirits who want to love ourselves unconditionally, believe in ourselves and give our gifts to the world unapologetically.

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