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What the f*ck are you waiting for?

what the fuck are you waiting for

The truth is that most people will never ever do anything they say they want to with their lives.

The truth is that most people are so spun out on their own lies and bullshit, believing every lying ounce of it, because it keeps them safe.

The truth is that if you actually wanted any of the things you said you wanted, you would do them.

Right. Fucking. Now.

But what most people want more is to feel safe. And they’re not fully aware of it because of unconscious fears that yes, keep you safe. But also? Very, very boring.

Endless planning, strategizing, wondering if you’re making the right move? “Getting there”? Fear. Bullshit.

Of course the inner work is important. I am not ever one to dismiss inner work. To the contrary, inner work is what gets you the results.

However —

Do not let inner work become yet another distraction from which you allow yourself to dawdle endlessly looking for answers that do not exist anywhere except for the pure truth of your decision.


The entire point of inner work is this:

To shift into the person who inevitably has the outcome you desire.

To tap into your inner states of self-belief, wealth and abundance.

To tap into the one who already is, and therefore knows exactly the right action to take.

Summoning your future states, your inner self, your truth, the part of you that always was whatever it is you are becoming (if you do the work) is the point of inner work.

Now, this journey is not always easy or effortless. Nor is it perfect.

And why should it be?

The entire point of the journey is to become who you truly are — a strong, powerful, capable, passionate, driven, exceptional, committed, accomplished person.

This type of existence is available to anyone, yet so few find within themselves the necessary commitment and tenacity to realize their greatest dreams.

I believe I know why.

The thing is — we ALL have dreams, goals and desires. Even if you’re not sure what yours are, I know for sure you have a passion, a destiny and a purpose.

Yet as we’ve already discussed, and as I’m sure you already know, so few actually take action toward making them real.

The probability of a person REALIZING their dreams — not just starting since starting is nice but the majority of those who start will go on to give up — is directly proportionate to the degree in which a person is able to choose the thoughts in their head, and decide which ones to believe.

When this matters most is not in the highlight moments, but in the low. It’s how we respond to the low moments that define how high we rise.

Highlights are the cherry on top. If you’re eating the sundae for the cherry, you’ll always be disappointed.


We ALL have fear-based thoughts and doubts at all stages of the journey.

We ALL have momentary failures where things just didn’t work out.

Each of the glowing testimonials and love notes I receive represent only a small fraction of the number of disappointments, times I’ve been ignored or actively hated, or felt like nothing was happening and wanted to give up.

And each day is a new journey to decide who I am, who I am becoming, and program my mind accordingly.

If you rely solely on the thoughts in your mind to guide your way to success, you will be sorely misguided, and probably never do anything with your life. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s just statistics.

You’ve got to connect to something deeper. To your heart, to your soul, to why this matters. To why you want it.

Most people wait their entire lives, waiting for life to save them, waiting for some crystal clear siren call from the sky that never ever ever comes.

Just last night before bed I had a meltdown moment because some (amazing) much-younger girl with a similar message has been featured and worked with all the places and people I admire — The New York Times, Tim Ferriss and Time, and travels around giving workshops.

This is an old story of mine — it’s easier for other people. They get what they want. Some people are just destined for glory. I am destined to struggle. If it was going to happen; It would have happened already. I’m going to die mediocre and half-expressed.

The sob story that goes along with all of this — I’m so fucking talented. Why don’t people see it? When will the world know my name?

This happened even back in my journalism days when I was slaving away at small-town newspapers. The year I underwent cancer treatment, I won three first-place prizes at the Arizona Newspapers Association, including for a 6-part investigative series detailing a funding disparity at our local community college that helped to change state law.

I am a mother fucking bad ass. Yet before cancer, I lost a great job at an online outlet in San Diego to some Ivy League reporter. That still stings.

And that old mantra — why don’t they see it? When will the world know my name?

Now I know better. Now I know the answer.

When I decide.

When I myself see it. When I stop allowing self-doubt and fear to control my actions and instead run headlong into creating the vision I dream of.

Nothing else matters. Truly.


Maybe some people in this world do have it “easier” or snag big breaks, but the truth is that we all have available to us access to the same source, the same ideas, the same infinity of abundance and opportunities and ideas within.

We ALL have that ability.

And each day, we wake up with a choice —

Will you continue to wonder why nothing is ever working out for you, or moving in your favor?

Or will you mother fucking decide —

This is who I am. This is what I want. And I’m gonna go out and get it.

I hope you get it. I hope you do.

Maybe this generation will be the one where most people chase their dreams and give their gifts to the world. But I fear the opposite is becoming true.

Social media has created even more spectators, more information consumers and fewer creators although creating has never been easier.

Jus know — it’s not easy for anyone. Everyone works hard for what they create.

Don’t believe the lies or stories in your head. You choose what you believe.

You choose what you do.

Don’t spin out in doubt or fear.

Choose faith.

Get committed.

Take action. Right now.

Know that you can create anything you desire.

As long as you decide. And keep deciding.

Until one day, you look up, and it’s done.

Did this resonate with you?

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So come on, let’s go —

It’s time to show the world who you really are.



PS —

Isn’t it time you got over your own bullshit and started shining more brightly in the world?

When will you let your house be messy and put yourself, your dreams, your purpose, your dreams and desires first?

It’s only your life after all! Staying stuck and uncertain is a choice.

It’s time to shake things up!

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What are you waiting for?!

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