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7 recent life lessons (including biz and everything in between)

These surprising recent life lessons were learned while following my heart and building a spiritual business. They relate to manifesting what you want, learning to believe in yourself, and handling guilt!

Life has afforded plenty of growth opportunities lately, and for today’s blog I thought it might be cool to roundup the biggest life lessons, including business and everything in between.

Most are remembrances, some learning more deeply, and others feel like I’m finally embodying things that I’ve understood intellectually for a long time, but didn’t know at the core.

I’ve never done a post like this, so please let me know if you like it!

Or if you’d like me to go deeper into any, let me that, too.



These surprising recent life lessons were learned while following my heart and building a spiritual business. They relate to manifesting what you want, learning to believe in yourself, and handling guilt!


1. Feel the guilt and do it anyway.

While making travel arrangements for my upcoming trip, I couldn’t help but feel so guilty.

I believe in making choices aligned with the person I’m becoming, which I’ll talk about more in Lesson 6.

Related to travel, this means booking the hotels I really want, that I know I’ll feel happy and good in.

I know from experience that when I choose what I think I should book (and what’s that should but an outdated standard reflecting who I was rather than who I want to be?), I hate it.

This has resulted in a trip that’s not the world’s most expensive, but not exactly backpacker-budget either.

But the truth is, even if I booked the cheapest hotel in every town, I’d still feel guilty. Because this isn’t about money, it’s about deservingness.

Guilt is the feeling of having done something wrong.

We’re so used to sacrificing ourselves, accepting less than we want, and making do with what we have rather than allowing ourselves to experience what we truly desire even when it’s perfectly in our means and ability.


It’s not bad to want things, or to get what we want.


To overcome the guilt, I remind myself of what I know to be true about the energy of decisions, and why it’s important to choose the soul-aligned desire.

In terms of the universe, there is no absolute right or wrong. It’s all in our heads.

So — If nobody would be mad at you, what would you do? (Life lessons from a mentor!)

Then, feel the guilt and do it anyway!



2. Give yourself time to think.

I am a Thinker, with a capital T. But sometimes I fill my days with so much activity that I don’t have much space.

Thinking is often demonized, especially in spiritual circles, where we talk about quieting our thoughts.

But giving ourselves time to process things, whether in a journal or on a walk or however else feels good, is really important.

Countless highly successful people have said they schedule entire days of the week, or take an hour each day, to simply think.

It lets you work through things before that energy turns into anxiety or sleepless nights.

It’s not good to obsess over things, or think in circles, which is a whole blog post in itself.

This life lesson is about simply giving yourself space to think creates space for wildly original ideas.



3. Direction is more important than speed.

I’m a really, really hard worker. I LOVE to work. I would do nothing but work if I could. It’s not about being a workaholic, I just love to work.

BUT I’ve learned that seeking to get where you’re going super fast actually slows you down.

This taught me that taking time to think, and slowing down and making decisions from that place of space and soul connection, ensures you’re continuing to move in the right direction and not simply taking action for the sake of it.

This is one of the most important life lessons.


4. There is no secret system for success.

In the online entrepreneur space, there’s incessant talk about the 7 steps to this and the system for that.

This happens in business and in life. We’re all looking for the simple secret to get what we want, and sometimes give our power away to outsiders in the process.

Most people teach tactics, rather than the deeper principles behind why these things work so people can find their own way forward. That’s one of the life lessons I’ve learned over and over.

This is why my courses are so powerful. I don’t teach superficial tactics for emotional healing, releasing old stories that no longer serve you, or finding your life purpose.

My courses are all rooted in journaling prompts and self-coaching questions to help people find their own answers.

I teach people how to follow their souls, which is the truest way to find your unique path through life.

That’s probably why our soul fam is full of rule breakers and renegades!



5. Health is the greatest wealth.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself while you’re chasing your dreams! This is another case of making sure to slow down enough to eat well, exercise, and take breaks.

I could smack myself upside the head for not taking better care of myself sometimes. It’s good to continually remind ourselves of these life lessons. (This list is obviously not in order of importance.)


6. Energy is equally important to action for creating results — if not more than.

Energy is the X factor. Why do some people succeed despite the odds while others languish and fail?

Energy. I was going to write a whole blog post about this, so let me know if you’d like that.

This is the most important life lesson to understand about creating your reality and realizing your wildest dreams.

Because hard work alone doesn’t create results. Energy does.

It’s not just about being “high vibe,” but about connecting to the energy of your desired result and taking the action inspired by that feeling.

Taking action from fear or resistance creates more fear or resistance.

Taking action from confidence and faith creates more confidence and faith.

We all have those times where things don’t work out, but the difference between momentary disappointments and those times when one failure turns into a string of disappointments you can’t shake is energy.

If you process the disappointment and return your mindset to faith, you’ll get right back in the flow.

If you wallow in the pain and fall into stories about how nothing ever works out for you, other people have it easier, blah blah blah — then life will serve experiences creating more of those emotions.

Because life is always and only responding to our beliefs and energy.

If this seems far-fetched, think back to your life experiences and see for yourself! Or you can experiment by playing with the emotions you want to feel, thinking corresponding thoughts, and taking action from that place.

You’ll begin to see little micro shifts almost immediately!

This isn’t about spiritual bypassing obviously. A lot of times people have deeper pains to heal blocking them from believing in themselves.

We’ll go deep into this in my upcoming course / group coaching program on life purpose.

This was one of the harder life lessons to learn!



7. Remind yourself of the things you most need to know.

I remind myself of all the things all the live long day.

I remind myself of my dreams.

I remind myself it’s all going to work out.

When I get frustrated with still living in Arizona, I remind myself that we’ll move eventually.

I remind myself of my action plan to grow my business when I’m tempted to chase some shiny new thing or get lost in social media, which feels important but really actually isn’t at all (for me).

We all want someone to hold us and tell us it’s going to be okay, and it can be really powerful to learn to do this for yourself.

Recognize when your faith is faltering. Give yourself space to write out your doubts and fears. And remind yourself of the truth.

All day. Because we’re human. And we need it.


Thanks so much for reading this post on life lessons!

Now it’s your turn. Comment below and let me know which life lesson resonated the most with you. Or share something you’ve learned lately.

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