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Become mentally strong and achieve any goal

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How well you respond to your low moments defines how high you’ll rise, and that’s why it’s critical that you become mentally strong. 

If you’re experiencing something difficult and you’re not sure how to get to the other side then stay tuned because these five tips that I’m about to reveal to you will help you turn any obstacle into an opportunity. 

I’ve used these tips to overcome extraordinary obstacles, including losing my father and my sister at a very early age — eighth and ninth grade.


how to be mentally tough, mental toughness, mentally strong, how to become mentally strong, stress, anxiety, building mindset, mindset hacks, mental wellness, how to build mental toughness, how to build mental strength, how to become more resilient, become more mentally tough, become more mentally strong, be more mentally tough, be strong, entrepreneur mindset,


And then later on when I was twenty seven and I got breast cancer, and more recently on the journey of building my successful location-free business, I’ve experienced a lot of failure — tremendous failure.

Failures that would have stopped a lot of people and do stop a lot of people every day. 

And that’s why a lot of people don’t realize their dreams because they give up and so the five tips that I’m about to share with you, this process to become mentally strong, is going to help you lean into difficulties and let them make you strong so you can achieve your dreams. 

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Step 1: Embrace difficulty

To become mentally strong, it’s about shifting your whole perspective. It’s human nature to be afraid of things that we can’t control or to crumble in the face of difficulty. It’s the fight or flight response that’s so embedded who we are.

And this causes us to resist difficulties, but we can’t work with things, we can’t find the opportunity, we can’t use things to our advantage if we’re resisting them.

Resistance is the state of wishing something with other than it is.

We resist things for a lot of reasons. Often we’re afraid it says we can’t get what we want or we’re afraid what it says about who we are.

But the thing about our life circumstances is that they’re here for a reason. And when you fully accept the circumstances and accept how things are and trust that everything’s happening for a reason and we’ll go deeper into this during this video…

But as you open up to that and just know that this is happening for a reason, and it is happening for the highest good, then you drop resistance.

This allows you to accept things. Accepting things is just about accepting that it is what it is.

And that’s what you have to deal with right now. It’s not accepting that this is the way it’s always going be.

It’s just accepting that this is what it is right now.

That includes the feeling of resistance and accepting your feelings: the resistance, the sadness, the anxiety, whatever — accept it all.

And in that acceptance you regain your power. Most people spend all of their time and energy wishing things were something other than they are.

And once you’re in that mindset you are giving your power away to a circumstance and the only power that you have is really the power of perception.

And when you shift your perception and just feel like: I can handle this. I can do this. I can turn this around. I can use this to my good — then you gain that ability.

Step 2:  Trust that everything is happening for the highest good.

This is going to help you again, release resistance, but you know there’s so many examples in my life that I can share with you of challenges that were ultimately happening for the highest good.

Even losing my father and my sister when I was younger obviously of course I miss them deeply and wish they were still here.

But it also gave me a reverence for the shortness of life and encouragement to follow my dreams and to find the courage while so many people convince themselves that they have forever or they get lost in fears about what other people will think or they’re just afraid to follow their dreams.

But when you meditate on your mortality every day and you know that you’re going to die then a lot of these fears become less important and they just don’t matter because all that matters is that you’re alive and you’re here and we don’t know what tomorrow brings.

So you have to be here now. You have to follow your heart here and now, knowing that you’re going to die.

I mean what really is there to be afraid of? You know I feel like we take life way too seriously but then also not seriously enough like we don’t have time to waste. But you know so just follow your dreams and go for it.

And that’s something that I learned from having my father and sister die at such a young age or even when I got cancer.

You know maybe I’m a little bit weird but because of the experiences that I had when I was younger, but when I got sick a part of me just clicked in and knew that there was a blessing in the lesson.

So I faced cancer head on and I said, “I’m going to let this be a spiritual experience. I’m going to learn from this. I’m going to develop,” and I did.

I learned endurance and I learned how to sit with things that I used to run from. And I learned how to really — I always used to quit things when they got hard.

And cancer taught me really how to stay. It taught me to become mentally strong.

And I’m grateful for that lesson. You know obviously I wish that I could have learned it in another way.

But we receive the experience that we need to grow. Because life is about growth and it’s about creating our dreams.

And it’s also about becoming the person we’re meant to be. We have to lean into our difficulties and trust that they are happening for the highest good.

Step 3: Reclaim your power.

Our true power is really the way that we respond to situations.

That’s how you become mentally strong.

Most people have sort of the victim mentality — why is this happening to me? And just waiting for life to save you or waiting for some other person to save you.

Mental strength is really about knowing that you’re creating your reality.

We’re creating our reality by our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, our habits. And sure sometimes things happen out of our control.

But again like I said at the start how we respond to our lower moments defines how high we rise.

The way that a mentally strong person responds to difficulty is significantly different from the way that a more victim-mindset person response difficulty.

And so their outcomes are also very different.

We have to take charge of our lives, charge of our perception. Let ourselves feel that every feelings that we’re feeling, but then also not wallow in them and realize that wallowing isn’t going to solve any problems.

Feeling sorry for ourselves isn’t going to solve any problems.

We really have to lean in and find the opportunity.

A couple of years ago I was living someplace that I didn’t like and I felt very resistant about it. And there weren’t any jobs in my field that I could find and that really I really wanted to work.

That led me to starting my blog which led to me starting my business.

So if I hadn’t lived somewhere that I didn’t like and if I had kept resisting it, thinking that it wasn’t there to help me then I would never would have been here right now.

But when you reclaim your power of perception, then you stop resisting and start looking for the opening or the opportunity.

And we trust that everything’s happening for the highest good. You stop asking, “why me,” and you start asking, “what is a solution of the highest good? Please show me the way.”

I always believe that our higher selves and whatever you believe in is bigger than you, are here are showing us the way to find a doorway and to trust that the things that we’re experiencing are here to help us grow into the person that we’re meant to be.

Because that’s what creates confidence and what creates inner power. That’s how you become mentally strong.

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And a lot of times people who have it really easy don’t have that mental strength to realize their dreams.

These things are forging you. So really embracing the opportunity to become a strong person, embracing that process and letting it teach you how to become a remarkable person.

Remarkable people create remarkable things.

It’s not like the things that we want are just magically constructed. It’s through an outcropping of who we’ve become in the process.

So when we become the type of person that’s unstoppable then you create your dreams.

Thomas Edison created the light bulb but he tried a thousand different times with a thousand different experiments before he was successful.

So many things in history, so many things that we take for granted today, were created by people who just refused to stop and who learned to become mentally strong.

People who allowed themselves to become stronger than any obstacle that they were facing and who used it all for good.

When we stop resisting, we regain our power.

When we ask our higher selves, please show me the way, then we are able to receive that and connect to solutions or to just keep going.

Keep going and trust that you will find your way.

Step 4: Look for opportunities

Once you again release resistance, then you’re able to find that hidden opportunity.

A lot of times when we experience failure, part of the reason that we react so harshly is because we believe that because we’re failing right now our success isn’t possible.

And so what that really is, is predicting the future outcomes based on what’s happening right now. But it’s also said that necessity is the mother of invention.

When you really lean in to failure, when you lean into things not going well, then you look for opportunities to shift.

So for example my Instagram engagement has been really low for a long time and this really frustrates me a lot because I’ve always been a writer and I used to have a really engaged community.

It was really upsetting to me because I’m a creator and I want people to engage with the things that I create obviously but leaning into that, I asked my higher self for guidance.

That’s when I got the intuitive hit to start YouTube, and I also realized that I wanted to create things. I felt creatively stuck.

And so I decided to create a new business — Soul Scroll Journals, which are a series of guided journals.

All of these innovations happened as soon as I acknowledged that things weren’t working the way that I wanted, and it was OK because it was guiding me into a new opportunity.

So a lot of times we can throw ourselves at problems and try to shift the problem.

Sometimes that’s the way right. Sometimes things aren’t working and we need to apply our resources to figuring out —  how can I make this work — instead of just doing the same thing over and over and over and over and hoping for a different outcome, which is what Albert Einstein said is the definition of insanity.

It’s about evolving.

How can you show up to this problem differently? How can you innovate yourself to get a different result?

Which might mean taking different resources or approaching a problem from a different perspective, but it might also mean evolving.

It may mean trying new avenues for your business or your personal life or it might mean trying something new just or starting a new project, going in a different direction.

And that’s how inside of our obstacles are always a doorway and you have to keep moving forward and that is really what it means to look for the opportunity.

Step 5: Find the blessing in the lesson.

This is about creating a positive reinforcement to become mentally strong.

We have plenty of negative reinforcement loops, but this is about finding something positive. So the next time you’re experiencing failure or you’re experiencing difficulty you can remind yourself —

This is happening for the highest good. The last time something like this happened, this is what ended up happening instead, and how it ended up being a good thing.

And so really affirming to yourself: These were the lessons that I learned from my past difficulties, and if it weren’t for that difficulty I never would have gotten here.

I never would have experienced this amazing thing.

We’re always learning, so by really celebrating the lessons that we’re learning from our difficulties we’re embedding this mindset of becoming mentally strong and then it becomes easier because we can trust the journey more.

So the next time something happens, then you’re not worried that it’s stopping you from achieving the goal or becoming who you want to be.

You know that it’s actually helping you.

It’s getting you to where you want to be.

The obstacle is the way and actually the inspiration for this was a really great book called The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday.

That book will be so helpful for you. It’s about learning to become mentally strong, which is obviously important to realizing your dreams.

Comment below which step really resonated with you the most.

And if you’d like support for releasing emotional resistance and tuning into your heart to receive guidance, download this meditation.

Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you soon. Bye.




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