Connecting to heaven on earth: chakras and emotions Part II - Suzanne Heyn

Connecting to heaven on earth: chakras and emotions Part II

How the chakras and emotions are related part 2

Last week, you learned which emotions relate to the bottom four chakras and this week we'll look at the last three, as well as talk about the system as a whole. Don't worry if you missed last week's post. Further down this page, you'll find a complete PDF guide that's free to download.

Before we explore the details, let's take a moment to look at the energy centers from a holistic perspective.

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How the chakras help you connect with heaven while on Earth

The first and second chakras, which relate to your material needs/fitting in and your self-expression/standing out, correspond to Earth.

The third chakra, at the belly, relates to willpower, but it's also the sun that powers all other chakras. When you build naval power, it increases your overall strength, both physically and spiritually.

Also, the third chakra is a sort of transitional energy center. It's the midpoint between the lower, earth-based centers and the higher, more heaven-bound centers.

A lot of times, people without much spiritual inclination will look to material items to feel secure, whereas people who are more spiritually inclined tend to seek security in connection to the universe.

Neither is good or bad, just different ways of experiencing the world. And both can veer to excess, with possession sometimes turning into hoarding or maybe some super "spiritual" people will ignore the lower centers and escape earthly pain by living only in the higher centers.

The purpose of life isn't to transcend the body, but to be in the body. So a balance between the higher and lower centers helps us live in the body gracefully. When the centers are balanced, we have our feet on the earth and our head full of heavenly love and inspiration!

Throat chakra

This chakra is located — surprise! — at the throat. It relates to speaking our truth and speaking up for what we believe in. However, it also relates to comparison.

When we compare ourselves to others, it literally closes down this chakra, reducing our capacity to create our own lives. This makes sense when you think about how focusing your energy on another person naturally reduces the energy available to focus on your own life.

Where attention goes, energy flows. So keeping your attention firmly on your own life and your own possibilities will help you break free from karmic cycles of action and reaction and instead actualize your soul's highest purpose.

Here too, it's important to remember the energy of love from the fourth chakra when speaking your truth. Speaking too bluntly or harshly and without kindness is as much a symptom of imbalance as not speaking your truth at all.

To balance your throat chakra you can:

  • Sing! In the car, in the shower — wherever. Have fun and let it loose.
  • Chant mantras. Mantras are great ways to calm the mind and release anxiety. It can be wonderful to prepare the mind for meditation by chanting. (We cover this more in The Magic of Meditation.
  • Yoga poses for the throat chakra include camel pose, matsyasana (fish pose), child's pose and standing forward fold (uttanasana). You can also simply do gentle neck rolls.

The third eye

This center, located between the eyes, is the center of spiritual wisdom. It's a sense of knowing beyond words, or seeing what's left unsaid. This is the chakra of intuition and the sixth sense.

While blocks in the lower centers tend to be the most stubborn because they come from family or society or other deep blocks, we tend to be our own worst enemies when it comes to these higher chakras.

If you always ask everyone else's advice, trusting outside wisdom over your own inner voice, it ultimately intensifies the doubt you feel.

To enhance your intuition, take small steps. Ask yourself what you'd like to eat for a meal or wear for the day and stay present to what comes up. Does a picture emerge in your mind? A taste? An idea?

To balance this chakra:

  • Meditate! Download a free meditation here. 
  • Practice balancing postures like dancer's pose or half moon (ardha chandrasana). These poses require you to go within and sense the vacillations of your inner world.
  • Clear time away from electronics and television. Spend time alone, harnessing your inner vision. Seek the company of nature, plants and animals to feed your spirit and expand your connection.

The crown chakra

This chakra is about knowing that we are all one. This means that we are all energy, and all created from the same energy. It's also about knowing that although Earth appears very solid, it is in fact, mostly space and water.

The crown chakra is where spiritual energy enters our bodies. We all have cords — kind of like umbilical cords — that rise from the crowns of our heads up into the heavens.

The more you meditate, practice yoga and overall strengthen your spiritual energy, the thicker your cord becomes. As more spiritual energy flows through your body, you radiate. You can't help but attract your destiny to you because you are the embodiment of a spiritual being having a human experience.

To balance this chakra:

  • Meditate. Meditation is seriously the most important thing you can do to connect to yourself. Practicing yoga is important to be in the body, release stored emotions and build strength and flexibility, but the physical practice is ultimately to prepare the body for meditation.

This can be taken more figuratively. You may have a way of meditating that's not traditional, but works for you. Maybe you enjoy art or dancing or walking in the woods.

Any activity that helps you commune with your higher self (which is energy), that allows your brain to quiet and helps you experience a sense of peace and connection to all that is — that's meditation.

What part of this chakra series resonated with you the most? What other mind/body topics would you like to know more about? Comment here so you can get your questions answered in an upcoming post!


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