Using The Chakras for Personal Growth and Healing Series: The Sacral - Suzanne Heyn

Using The Chakras for Personal Growth and Healing Series: The Sacral

sacral chakra for personal devlopment and healing

Pleasure. Guilt. Creativity.

These wild urges are contained energetically by the second chakra, svadhisthana, located at the sacrum, the triangular bone at the lower back.

This is the seat of our emotions, and it’s also connected to the flow of life. (Sacral also means sacred. Isn’t that so beautiful?)

Emotions are energy in motion, and feeling them, riding their awareness, is essential to living a creative life.

If you’re feeling stuck, or out of synch with yourself, chances are you’re resisting some emotion within you or resisting some part of your life.

This is the second part in my new Chakras for Personal Development and Healing Series, so let’s explore how this center helps you release past pain and embrace the life of your dreams.


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The second chakra for healing.

Because this center relates to emotions, this is one of the places where repressed emotion collects.

In yoga, the hips are known as a repository of repressed emotion, which is why many people feel sad after long holds of say, pigeon pose or other deep hip openers.

Accepting our feelings about a situation is the same as accepting a situation, and healing is ultimately a process of acceptance and release.

The second chakra holds not only personal trauma, but that for the collective.

This is an important chakra for women because we’ve been living in a masculine-oriented world of action and strength, which has diminished the importance of feminine virtues like feeling, surrender, openness and vulnerability.

To increase the flow of energy in this center, it can be great to move in circles, which are more feminine. Even in yoga, many moves are linear, so it can feel awesome to drop into goddess pose, for example, lean forward with your hands on your thighs, stick your butt out, and rotate your hips in circles.

It might feel funny, but that’s the point. You’re opening lines of previously repressed energy to resurrect the flow of femininity, emotions, creativity and yes, pleasure.

The pleasure principle is also vital for reclaiming your vibrancy and moving toward an empowered, creative life.

Women often feel guilty for doing things that bring us pleasure, whether that’s taking the time for a luxurious bubble bath or bringing a creative project to life — ESPECIALLY if it makes someone else uncomfortable.

It’s like, we’ll take time for ourselves, but only if we get everyone else’s permission first.

This deeply injures the soul, and reclaiming our innate creative impulse requires us to carve out time for unfettered self-expression.

I work with a lot of people who are deeply interested in discovering their life’s purpose, for example, but purpose is really about authentic soul expression, allowing the divine soul energy to flow through you and expressing it in the way that only you can.


Self-expression leading to life purpose is found through flow — seemingly purposeless flow. 

Surrendering your need to know how it will work out or if it will mean something at the end, but just allowing yourself to drop into the flow of life, supported by the strong foundation of the first chakra, and trusting enough to ride the waves, no matter where they take you.

Creativity is an inherently feminine trait. Women are after all the ones who bear children, and all acts of creation require a trust and surrender that’s difficult to to access when you’re locked in control and outcome-oriented behavior.

For example, when I sat down to write this article, I had an idea of what I wanted to say, but ultimately I set the parameters — write about the second chakra as it relates to healing and personal development — but then I give myself over to the flow, the force that desires to move through me.

And my life purpose, as I see it, is to blog about my spiritual journey, and I monetize my life’s work through channeled course course offerings and occasional 1:1 work, but I found this crazy intersection that I’m still trying to make sense of by following the flow.

By showing up every day and offering my body up like a prayer to the universe, allowing her wisdom to flow through me and getting my Earthly worries, concerns, doubts and fears out of the way as much as possible (which I am far from perfect at), so that I can continue to trust and flow and express my unique existence as my soul has intended.

This process continues to evolve, and every time I cling to some need to have it all figured out, the whole endeavor feels gross and constricting. When this happens, I offer myself up again like a prayer and invite a new, broader vision to come through me.

The more I trust and love who I am, the more I allow myself to surrender, flow and express what comes through me without judgment. Judgment restricts the flow, as does the need to control, or worry about the particulars.


It’s hard to separate healing and personal development for this specific chakra. 

So many people want to create, but cannot handle entering their emotions. But they are the same thing.

At the same time, creating helps you heal. Creating art or writing allows you to channel what would perhaps otherwise be overwhelming, destructive forces within you into something positive.

Depression, anxiety — these things are repressed emotions, but also repressed creative impulse. To find freedom, create. To return to the flow, create. Something. Anything. Whatever your heart calls for. The result doesn’t matter. What matters is the intention to follow the flow.

For years, I wanted to write, but couldn’t for more than maybe 10 minutes. It was so painful and scary to enter the rawness of the universal force within me. I repressed and resisted all emotions within, and this thwarted my creative impulse.

It was only after learning to sit with my emotions in meditation that I was finally able to tune in and transform the raw energy within me into the words of self-expression that became my blog, then courses, and now I’m working to become better on video because I deeply believe my evolution will require me to speak on a stage in front of thousands, but I have never been a good talker.

So if you needed more inspiration to enter your emotions, there it is. Feeling your feelings will tap you into your creativity, help you connect to the ultimate vision for your life, and help you understand your next steps to actualize this vision.

Find time to create. Trust what comes out. And fall in love with the process because that’s all there ever is.


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    • Patty says:

      I love youe observation that we only take time for ourselves once we have everyone else’s permission. I made a huge shift this last year in my healing and finally got that lesson after about 9 months of faithful practice at carving out my me time and learning to say, “no for now” to others when it infringed upon it. Thank you for the reminder to connect to the creative to heal, something else I’ve embraced the last 6 months. Keep shining your light Suzanne, I see you and appreciate you

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