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Easy ways to make life more magical

Easy ways to make life magical.


Life doesn’t always feel magical, and while I’m definitely not a high vibes all the time kind of girl — you’ve got to feel those feelings! — it’s still important to keep looking for the magic.

Because the magic doesn’t forget us, we forget it.



A spiritual guide for making life more magical. Perfect for people wanting a happier, more peaceful and meaningful life. Click through to read more and download the PDF with 7 more simple tips.



It’s kind of like with synchronicity, the phenomenon of seeming coincidences that are actually signs from the universe that you’re on the right path. Sometimes these signs are everywhere and other times they seem to disappear.

But they’re not actually gone. We may stop looking for them, or more likely, we stop following our heart and life becomes less of an adventure and more drudgery.

It takes extra effort to make life more magical, but this effort is actually an investment with a heart-expanding pay off that makes the experience of being alive much more enjoyable.

I’ve been working to make my life less boringand more magical, and below you’ll find three promises I’m making to myself to achieve that goal. Download the PDF below with more ideas for making life more magical and start living life as an adventure again.


7 More Easy Ways To Make Life Magical

Download this PDF with truly simple things you can do today to feel happier and more hopeful.

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Three ways I pledge to make life more magical


1. Make more green smoothies.

This is because green is the color of life. Literally, plants absorb sunshine while slurping up water and create chlorophyll. So imbibing green smoothies is like drinking life itself.

Food has a major impact on our wellbeing. The stomach has so many neurotransmitters that scientists call it the second brain. Eating whole, fresh foods is a grand act of self-care.

I’ve noticed that taking the time to cook in itself feels magical. There’s something about holding and chopping fresh, raw produce that feels like the plant life energy is seeping into my pores and imbibing me with the magical essence of life itself. Over the top? Maybe, but try it and see.

There’s such a cornucopia of beautiful fruits and vegetables growing on this Earth to sustain us, and when you think about that, it’s pretty magical.


2. Walk my dog at sunset.

Research shows that spending time in the feeling of awe increases happiness. And no wonder because awe connects us to the very magic that IS life.

It’s hard to look up at colors streaking across a darkening sky and not appreciate the mystery that is life on this ball of fiery rock called Earth.

Sunset and the golden hour are my favorite times of day. Everything seems so peaceful and hopeful. The day is winding down, it’s time to be grateful for all that came, or maybe grateful it’s over if you had a rough day.

When everyone turns in for the night, and the energy transitions from active and yang to passive and yin, it’s such a special feeling.

I don’t always make the time to go for walks around sunset, but I’m always glad when I do.

3. Meditate in my meditation room.

My meditation room is super, super peaceful. It’s awesome having a dedicated space — even if it’s just a corner — because the surroundings literally absorb the energy from the practices and eventually exude that peaceful vibe all on their own.

Sometimes I meditate sitting up in bed, which is nice, but there’s something really special about the energy that builds up in a meditation space if you use it regularly. I love walking into the space and feeling the peaceful vibes I’ve worked so hard to cultivate. It’s like an affirmation that I’m on the right path, that spiritual practice is power and that living in peace is the very essence of a more magical life.

If you’d like more inspiration for a few more super-powered magical practices, download the PDF below and dive in!

7 More Easy Ways To Make Life Magical

Download this PDF with truly simple things you can do today to feel happier and more hopeful.

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