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How to expand beyond yourself and your limitations

expand beyond yourself

It was a deep sleep.

From Friday through Sunday afternoon, that’s all I did. Sunday night, the exhaustion lingered and I began to worry — am I dying? Images of the grim reaper filled my mind, but in my heart, I knew it was something much different.


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A lot of times when we get sick, or feel tired, it’s simply because our bodies need rest. Other times, it’s an energetic reset, a clearing away of the old and making room for the new. It’s a time to expand beyond yourself.

On a spiritual level, deep rest allows the body to realign itself energetically.


To expand beyond yourself and your current reality requires an energetic shift. It’s often said to change your life you need to change your thoughts, but in my experience, expansion is more about energy.

Healing, as I talk about in my course The Big Shift, is not a fully conscious process. We do the conscious work of developing awareness and sitting with painful emotions, but then the body’s intelligence absorbs and integrates on a deeper level.

As your energy shifts, your life expands.

Rest creates space for this energetic realignment, and the most important thing we can do is create space for the process and trust it. Aka don’t drink coffee and muscle your way through exhaustion! This will stop the process and thwart your efforts to expand beyond yourself.

Rest is a spiritual practice.

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Expand beyond yourself — the most important part

I watched a really interesting video the other day and the person — I forget who it was — talked about how for our lives to change, we have to grow too big for our current reality. The effort to expand beyond yourself begins inside.

This isn’t in an ego sense, but energetically.

So often, we desperately pray for our lives to change, but it’s we who must change first. It’s not that we get some outside thing and the insides shift, but the insides shift and the outside follows. It’s inevitable.

This is because when we shift inside, we see the world differently, making us interact with it differently, which changes our experiences, which changes our lives.

As we change, we cultivate different inner seeds. For example, if you resist some circumstance, you’re cultivating the seed of disgruntlement and blinding yourself to opportunities.

But when you cultivate the seeds of discipline and gratitude, you see opportunities and create necessary boundaries that support growth.

This isn’t changing who you are from the sense that you’re not good enough, but rather dropping deeper into radical, complete acceptance.

Acceptance is the most powerful pathway to healing and evolution. To expand beyond yourself, you must first accept yourself and your life exactly as it is.


When you change, your life changes.

I mention this because it’s uncanny that very soon before we left Arizona, a place where I struggled to accept living for five years, the thought literally crossed my mind: I feel like I’m too big for this place.

It wasn’t an ego thing, like I’m too cool, but I just felt like energetically I’d expanded beyond the container of the lessons in that place. As long as we have resistance, there is more work to be done.

We think we must struggle against our lives to change them, but in truth, we must first come to peace with exactly how they are.

I’ve felt this intuitively countless times along the spiritual path. Each healing is a clearing away of old boundaries. There’s a sense of spaciousness.

You may feel this space even after a good cry or after ending a toxic situation or releasing something heavy.

Then, it feels like entering a spacious new room. Everything feels empty and light. Full of possibility. You’ve expanded beyond yourself.

Over time, this space fills again. It starts to feel heavy and clogged, and then we begin to resist, and this resistance inspires us to go searching, and in that search, we break through into the next level only for the whole cycle to begin again.

The moment we break a barrier, a new one already lurks on the horizon. We just can’t see it yet.


And all along the way of creation, destruction, and everything in between, we must rest.

It’s rest that allows us to integrate. It’s rest that allows our subconscious to process new and old ideas. It’s rest that allows us to energetically shift so we can show up in the world as a fuller, more empowered version of ourselves.

Many times in my deeper courses, students mention that they feel tired, and this is exactly why. The inner work has caused such deep shifts that the body must rest to realign and reintegrate energetically.

I’m working on being more in tune with the seasons, and I think it being winter in the northern hemisphere, a time of solitude, hibernation and longer nights, makes it the perfect time to sleep extra hours so that when spring comes, and the time to plant seeds arrives, you’re ready to blossom big.


The ultimate process of shifting your energy

The Big Shift is the ultimate process of shifting your energy, deleting stagnation and dropping deeper into acceptance. It’s a reset button for life. It helps you expand beyond yourself.

The program is the exact same sequence of activities that changed my life, that helped me accept my current conditions so that I could take advantage of the opportunities in front of me instead of waste away in resistance and misery.

I owe everything that’s good in my life today to answering the call to surrender just a few short years ago.

The Big Shift will begin on the new moon in March, which is around the same time of the first day of spring. Powerful, powerful stuff! So excited!

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