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4 uncommon steps to find your life purpose and passion

how to find your life purpose and passion

If you’re an ambitious free spirit looking to find your life purpose and passion, you’re in the right place!

Purpose is something that has, for me, always burned from deep within.

It’s more than a longing to be successful, whatever success means.

More than the quest for location freedom and ability to write and share my heart that drove me to start my blog.

Deeper than any momentary difficulty that tries to convince me to settle for an ordinary life.

Purpose to me means finding a way to express my greatest, truest gifts and give them to the world in a way that makes it a better place.

Purpose means developing my skills, talents and abilities and realizing my fullest potential.

It means giving the world everything I’ve got and experiencing everything I came here to experience rather than dying with a heart full of regret.

To me, there is no greater tragedy than wasted talent, which happens if you don’t find your life purpose and passion.

That’s why I don’t plan on wasting an ounce of mine, and am kinda hardcore when it comes to motivating others to give it all they’ve got.

When it comes to purpose, I am obsessed.


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My ideas of purpose have evolved a lot over the years.

I used to think it was some magical thing you found that would make life complete. Almost like secret instructions written before you were born that you were supposed to find and fulfill, otherwise you’ve failed at life.

Now, I think purpose evolves and changes, and is more about who we are rather than what we do.

I see the point of purpose as something that inspires us to grow into difficulty and become the people we are meant to be, rather than some mysterious elixir that fixes our lives and makes everything perfect.

To find your life purpose and passion is not a one-way ticket to feeling happy or good enough. Nothing is.

Purpose is a natural and inevitable byproduct of living in alignment with your soul.

You don’t even need to make money from your purpose, although I personally don’t see another way. I’m way too much of a free-spirited rebel to survive in an office.

I will say that discovering my life purpose has given me the sense of meaning and fulfillment that I’ve always craved. Or maybe even that is just an outcome from living in alignment with my soul, whereas before I was profoundly disconnected from it, feeling lost, stuck and sad.

It’s beyond gratifying to discover new personal talents, impact people’s lives, and get to know my many amazing clients and students around the world, helping them realize their dreams.

However, learning how to monetize my purpose has been an intense personal development school that’s required me to become stronger, firmer in who I am, thicker skinned and forced me to dig deeper within than I ever could have imagined.

Some people make it sound like it’s easy, or even a no-brainer alternative to a “real” job, but I’ve shown up every day for almost four years — even when I didn’t want to, when it felt like nothing was happening, or when I had just failed miserably and considered giving up all together.

Anyone can do this, but most people won’t. That’s a fact.

But the high moments — welcoming floods of new students into my programs and reading all their introductions, receiving heartfelt messages from people telling me my work has changed their lives, crushing it on launches and earning in one week almost what I used to earn in a year…

Those highlights are the fuel. My dreams burn brightly and will always be bigger than my reality because that’s the point of dreams.

But the point, and my underlying motivation, was always very simple — to be who I really am.

And that’s an ongoing journey, a never-ending path of discovery. The point of life.

All this to say — even though working to find your life purpose and passion isn’t a supernatural solution to all life’s problems, it’s important and transforms your life in meaningful ways.

Because if you’re not living in alignment with your soul or being who you really are, what are you actually doing? Who are you being? You’re living the wrong life. This is the only thing that ultimately matters.

There are a set of very common inner and outer roadblocks that keep people connecting to that sense of purpose.

Ready? Let’s break it down.


Here are four steps to help you find your life purpose and passion.

1. Accept yourself and your life exactly as it is.

I know this seems counter-intuitive (and maybe very difficult!) but truly all change comes from fully accepting exactly where you are.

Otherwise, you’ll create change on a platform of resistance and frustration, which means the changes you make aren’t fully aligned with your soul.

My clients in Unleash Your Magic who have shifted in phenomenal ways this year have navigated this very difficult transition of being okay with not knowing, and releasing the grip on how they thought things should be.

Being okay with being however old you are, and not having found the thing.

Being okay with not liking your job and knowing you’re meant for more, but this is where you are right now.

Acceptance works because it creates space. It puts you back in flow with the universe.

Connecting to this flow will help you to find your life purpose and passion.

You can’t hear your inner wisdom, or see the signs being sent to you, if you’re wrapped up in how frustrated you are or wish things were different.

You can’t hear your inner wisdom, or see the signs being sent to you, if you’re wrapped up in how frustrated you are or wish things were different. Click To Tweet

What’s worse, if you do take action from resistance, you take that energy into whatever you’re creating, and it soon becomes exactly like the thing you were running from — the exact opposite of what you want, to find your life purpose and passion.

Our energy creates our lives, so it’s important to create from a space of love and gratitude rather than resistance and frustration.

Acting from resistance usually results in taking any old action rather than a right action that’s fully aligned with your soul.

This means you’re doing things to get away from where you are rather than fully connecting to your soul desires and vision, and taking action from that place.

Once you accept yourself and where you are in life, have faith that you are exactly where you’re meant to be, and trust that you have everything you need to create the next level of you, that’s when the magic happens.


2. Tune in and ask: What is the next right step?

Not the right next step to find your life purpose and passion — what a heavy question! — but simply, what is the next right step?

The truth about purpose is that it’s followed, not found. We’re never given the whole plan, but just one step at a time.

The more you think about it, the more you get into your head, which again separates you from your inner wisdom.

Another way to think about this is following your curiosity, which is an idea I really liked from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic. (That’s an affiliate link and if you purchase I receive a commission at no cost to you!)

The premise of this idea is that looking for THE thing can feel overwhelming. The hugeness of it, or the significance we place upon it, causes stress and a disconnection from our soul’s guidance.

Instead, follow your curiosity. It might lead you to seemingly random places, but part of this journey is opening to your soul, and showing your soul that you’ll listen to it rather than shut it down, like so many of us do.

When I first started following my curiosity, I did random things like take jewelry classes and tennis lessons. Then came yoga teacher training, and finally I started my blog, which was something I’d always wanted to do but never had.

Nothing may have come from the jewelry classes or tennis lessons, but it got me out of my head and into a playful relationship with my self and my life. It put me back in the energy of exploration, which was something I had lost along the way.

Curiosity is playfulness, and playfulness requires trust. Openness.

Sometimes when if you let go of the heaviness around trying to find your life purpose and passion, it’s just what you need to finally receive a hit of inspiration.


3. Get clear on your true gifts and what you most value about yourself.

A lot of times people search for their purpose by asking what they SHOULD be doing, like there’s some secret answer written in the sky.

It can feel light and fun to simply ask — what do you WANT to give to the world?

The thing is, this life isn’t about discovering a system of rules and answers, but tuning into your heart and allowing yourself to do whatever you want to do.

I love that famous quote — Life isn’t about finding yourself, but creating yourself.

We all have certain talents and gifts, and unique ways of seeing the world. We were born with these things. How we express them is up to us. That’s the essence of free will!

Know that this will evolve over time. What’s important is to keep tuning in and always taking the next right step to find your life purpose and passion.

For example, when I started my blog, it was going to be a wellness site with deeply reported journalism on important wellness topics. One of my first posts was about lax regulations in the cosmetics industry, and how even so-called natural beauty products are often laden with toxins.

(Feel free to binge on my old blog posts. There is some really good shit in there.)

I planned for my own thoughts on life to be contained in a weekly column, but this just never happened. Right from the start, my own viewpoint and life lessons and experiences just kind of took over.

It was what I had always wanted, but never gave myself permission to do.

As you keep going, you’ll discover talents you never knew you had, and things will change.

For example, I never would have guessed that I’d be a gifted healer able to connect people to their own truths, or that I’d become an expert in emotional healing, or even that I’d be able to riff and download deep, mystical spiritual truths on video rather than stutter and feel self-conscious.

It was just a showing up every day, constantly turning up the dial, and asking myself what I felt like next right step — and then actually doing it.

If you want to find your life purpose and passion, keep in mind it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Part of making this shift is also the mindset behind this, and getting to the subconscious reasons why you might block yourself from following your heart and giving your gifts to the world.

I go way deeper into all of this, and offer the support to guide you through, with The Starlets membership group.


4. Listen to your soul when it speaks. No matter what it says.

A lot of times people feel cut off from their next step or the messages of their soul.

We’ve been programmed to NOT be our true selves, to hide parts of who we are, to listen to experts and authorities and people with letters after their names.

We’ve been trained to believe mistakes are bad, it’s irresponsible to take action without a clear plan, and it’s ridiculous to believe that you can create a life based on your dreams and what feels fun and easy rather than things that feel like a struggle.

It can take a bit of work to truly hear your soul and to find your life purpose and passion.

Maybe you’re disconnected from your feelings, or have been shutting your inner voice down for a long time. It takes effort to reignite that relationship.

Right now, my soul is super loud. I ask questions and get instant answers. I have a deep and constant conversation going with the universe and my higher self.

But it takes practice.

It takes asking and listening. And when you hear that quiet whisper, it’s IMPERATIVE that you follow it.

Every time your soul speaks and you don’t listen, it quiets the connection a little bit more.

You can start the conversation by asking small things, like what should I wear or eat for dinner?

Take action, feel into how the action feels, and then recalibrate. Connecting to and hearing your soul requires spending time in stillness yes, but also simply starting that conversation and actually listening when your soul speaks.

Your soul WANTS to express itself. Your soul’s true expression is the most natural and effortless thing in the world.

It’s actually harder NOT to express your true self, but somehow we get ourselves into situations where we repress and reject our true desires because of so many reasons —

It’s not practical…

What will they think…

I can’t do that…

It’s not logical.


God I hate those words.

We were not born to be practical, logical, rational or normal.

We were born to be ourselves.

We were not born to be practical, logical, rational or normal. We were born to be ourselves. Click To Tweet

Wild, quirky, creative, unconventional and free.

You were born to stand out, to shine your light and give your gifts to the world.

But nobody can do that but you.

Allow yourself to tune in and take the next steps.

Allow yourself to experiment and follow your curiosity.

Allow yourself to live the life you were born for, not the life you think is expected of you.

It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Would you like more support to discover what work you were born for?


Find your life purpose and passion the Starlet way — Join The Society of Spiritual Starlets for September’s training!

The Starlets is the exclusive membership community for ambitious free spirits who want to live out loud as their unapologetic, quirky and creative selves rather than hide the very things that make them special.

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My work is unique because it lives at the intersection of spirituality and ambition, an essential perspective high-achieving creatives and free spirits.

Among the spiritual guides preaching oneness and detachment or manifestation teachers telling you to ignore the present moment and focus only on what you want or business coaches focusing on ambition, I’m sincerely focused and dedicated on the inner and outer work of creating a life in alignment with your soul, which includes finding your life purpose and doing what you love, but also ritual, magic and deep, deep joy.

The Starlets is about finding that beautiful balance in a way that’s right for you, and creating community along the way.

The group will help you remember who you are in times of turmoil and help you feel less alone on your spiritual journey. It will help you embody the things you currently understand intellectually and therefore help you create the things you currently only dream of.

With this support, you’ll go bigger in your life with much more peace, ease and flow. You’ll find your life purpose and passion.

The Starlets in itself is a movement and together we are redefining what it is to a spiritual, sassy, sophisticated and ambitious free spirit.

We are changing the world by being who we really are, by bringing the magic and inspiring others to follow their dreams, too.

Thriving happens in community, over the long term, not in isolation and not in a 6-week course.

This is only the beginning, and I’d love for you to join us if you feel called!

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All the love,



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