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It's your time to let it all go.

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What does freedom mean to you? To love yourself truly, madly deeply?

To stop apologizing and unleash your bodacious inner goddess (or god)? To feel it all, the good and the bad and the bliss and the broken, and let this riot of colorful emotion fuel a daring, technicolor life?

This kind of life — it's poetry in motion. It's what happens when you douse yourself in self-love so thick you could roll around in it.  

So many people search their whole lives without finding the missing step that was staring them in the face the entire time.

I'm here to guide you along this path so you can start living the life you're meant for.

Over five amazing days, I'm going to help you remember who you are and throw away everything you're not.

Get ready to live free.

Hi magical one!

I'm Suzanne Heyn, and I'm a spiritual mentor, blogging Queen of Authenticity and free-spirited yogi.

My courses and blog help ambitious free spirits like you love their darkness to live their greatness.

In this course, you won't just receive encouragement to "choose happiness," but be guided step by step through a process of developing the deep, all-encompassing self-love and inner confidence that will transform your life. 

This course is only the beginning, and I can't wait to begin!



"I can't believe it's over! I want to cry...You are really inspiring me and changing the way I think." — Sedatia M.

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