8 insanely useful girl boss habits for success (practical and spiritual!) - Suzanne Heyn

8 insanely useful girl boss habits for success (practical and spiritual!)

Are you a girl boss, spiritual entrepreneur, or life coach? Check out these simple girl boss habits for success to build confidence, overcome fear and help you manifest your dreams!

I hope you’re ready because today I have eight of my most successful, most powerful, most reliable girl boss habits for success tips that are going to help you really skyrocket into your next level.

If you’re new here, welcome. And if you’re already here, welcome back. I love you. My name’s Suzanne Heyn and I am a spiritual mentor and guide for driven creatives who want to live their purpose and make a living with their truest gifts.

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These eight tips are a mix of practical and spiritual, just things that I really learned along my journey over the past several years of building my service-based business, my online course business, growing my social media following of tens of thousands of people, my email list and because we’re talking business, my profit right.

And a lot of really successful students and changing lives, too because that’s ultimately what this is about.


Are you a girl boss, spiritual entrepreneur, or life coach? Check out these simple girl boss habits for success to build confidence, overcome fear and help you manifest your dreams!

Girl boss success tip No. 1 — Mindset work

Mindset work is the process of understanding your existing beliefs and reprogramming them so that your beliefs that support you.

A lot of us, especially women, especially spiritual, really emotional women — our emotions are our super power,  but a lot of us struggle with feelings of not being good enough or criticizing ourselves or perfectionism, all of these things.

And the journey of living your purpose and making living with your truest guests is really a process of understanding the beliefs or holding you back, the limiting beliefs, and then reprogramming them into more powerful beliefs or beliefs that support you.

And these are beliefs that help create confidence like, “I am good enough,” and, I’ll include money mindset in the overall mindset framework.

Because money mindset will definitely control how worthy you feel of receiving money for your gifts.

So when I first started, I really thought that everything was about the practical actions that you take, and I didn’t really believe in myself. And that was cool. You know I’m glad that I started.

And you have to start before you believe in yourself and you just figure it out along the way. That’s how this works. If you wait till you’re ready you’ll be living forever.

But you do have to work on the self belief piece and that’s really what mindset work is. And we’re always deepening into this.

I can definitely talk more about this, but it’s essentially the process of, you know, “I’m not good enough,” to “I am good enough,” or “I can’t do this,” to “I can do this,” or “I don’t have time to pursue my dreams to, “I have time for everything that’s important,” and all the little nuances along the way.

Even things like, “I have to charge quote unquote affordable rates,” right? That’s actually a limiting belief because the word affordable doesn’t actually mean anything. It means different things to different people.

And when I first started out, I spent a year or two years really working very hard and making very little money. And it’s because I was launching low-end offers to a relatively small audience and now looking back like Hello Suzanne. No wonder you aren’t making any money.

But I was so obsessed with keeping my rates “affordable” that I burned myself into the ground. So you really have to honor your gifts, honor your time, and create offers accordingly.

And it’s not about slapping a high price tag on a shitty offer.

It is about really valuing your work, valuing the transformation that you provide, and getting comfortable receiving money for that and getting comfortable selling, get comfortable talking about what you have to offer and why you’re really good at what you do.

All things that especially as women we’re sort of trained and indoctrinated not to do. The things that you may think make you a good girl or that you think make you lovable right now, hiding your power, staying small, not saying things that make people mad. These are all things that are going to sabotage you along the path of making money with your truest gifts.

If you don’t go ahead and reprogram your beliefs… so you know I like to read books like Think and Grow Rich or The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Schinn. (Those are affiliate links, and if you buy I receive a commission at no cost to you.)

Really great books that kind of get you started in this whole framework of understanding how your thoughts and beliefs and emotions impact your results, and that this world is so much more than the simple cause and effect that we see because it’s not just the actions that you take. It’s the energy behind those actions.

So those are all more things are we will talk about more on my channel. Let me know if you have any specific questions about that but now, I’d like to move on to girl boss habits for success tips number two.

Girl boss success tip No. 2 — Journaling

Journaling is a practice that can help you do mindset work. I like to just write down all my doubts and fears.

Ask if they’re true and then reprogram them to something more positive and empowering. That’s one really simple awesome practice that I like to do or if I’m manifesting.

I write out what I’m desiring to bring into my life to really get into the intention of that energy. So if I was manifesting… like I have a launch coming up. I’m going to be launching a three month long group coaching course called Live Your Purpose.

So you know I have an idea for how many students I want to enroll, so I could just write about how all the perfect students are so excited to enroll, my program sold out, it was all so quick and easy — things like that.

So you can manifest about that and then you can also do deeper emotional healing work, which is necessary along this road, to really dive deep into the inner work.

Because if there’s pain that you feel underneath any of the limiting beliefs —

like “I’m not good enough,” and if you feel a lot of emotional pain underneath of that, it’s really good to go ahead and dig around dig a little deeper and do some emotional healing around that so you can undo the root that’s keeping that messed up limiting belief embedded in your mind and body.

And if you want to learn how to do that, check out this shadow work video that explains to my six step process for doing shadow work.

Another practice you can do is stream of consciousness journaling. Just write down everything that you’re thinking and feeling, just total stream of consciousness.

A lot of people like to do that in the morning which is a practice called morning pages from a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. That’s really cool too.

So it can just be for healing, for manifesting, for stream of consciousness, just getting to know yourself. Getting clear on your values, your dreams, your goals, your desires — all these things.

I have a video about journaling if you want to add that into your girl boss habits for success toolbox.

Girl boss success tip No. 3 — Focused goal setting

When it comes to goal setting, you know a lot of times people feel overwhelmed when they think about breaking down their huge vision and goals into smaller goals.

What I really like to connect to is what is my single biggest overriding goal or intention right now. From a business perspective maybe it’s to grow my email list or maybe it’s to increase my revenue and maybe shift my business model or whatever right.

So you tune into whatever is your biggest goal right now and then you say well what are the smaller steps to help me get there. So for example at the beginning of this year, I really wanted to focus on growing my community, growing my email list specifically not my social media which is another story altogether but really growing my email list.

And then so I tuned in and I asked myself — well what is my next stop and the next right step came up was YouTube. Voila! Here we are.

So then I learned all about YouTube. So do you see what I’m saying that you connect to a bigger overall intention and then you create or connect to ask your soul.

Because I believe that our souls have the blueprint to help us create our dreams one step at a time so you get clear what is the next right step and then from there you can create practical goals.

OK I’m going to do one YouTube video a week OK all by this course to teach me how to write keywords and work the search engine aspect. So the practical for me is sort of the very end.

I like to set goals based on effort rather than outcome because I just trust that if I take the right actions and enough of those actions and to that also of course the energetic and the energy piece soon marrying the practical and energetic I just trust that if I do all of that then the outcome will come. The outcome is inevitable right.

And so it’s mindset, too as you tune into the right mindset and you become the person who you’re meant to be through mindset through goals and actions and habits which we’ll talk about in a second and then the results become inevitable.

So a lot of times people obsess over the results but that can actually backfire because when you’re too obsessed over what’s happening in your immediate world you get thrown off course.

Oh my God is this not working when a lot of times you just need to keep going and have that consistency and just keep showing up.

So if you keep showing up for a long time and you’re not reach your goal things aren’t happening then you can kind of adjust. You need to give it time. A lot of people just try something and then give up way too easily. But the other thing is to how does it feel? If you feel like you want to make a change then make a change.

So I like to set goals and then constantly tune in and check in and see if I’m still on the right path. And then change from there. That’s how to rock these girl boss habits for success.

Girl boss success tip No. 4 — Daily habits

This builds off of the goals conversation. But I like to take everything and just break it down into a daily habit and that way, of course you’ll create your outcome and your desire.

It’s inevitable because you’re just showing up and taking the steps daily. So for me this is a range of self care, business building activities, whatever is really important to you.

Maybe you have kids you want to spend time with your kids but just tune into what are the most important things to you and make it a daily habit. And don’t let yourself skip right. So this is part of the discipline effort of making your dreams come true.

So for me it’s meditation, journaling, I journal pretty much every day. I definitely notice a difference in my results and overall well-being from those times that I am committed to journaling when I slack off of journaling.

So I really try and stick to that mindset practice which is again a daily habit and part of the girl boss habits for success. So meditation, journaling, exercise I like to post on social media every day although that kind of goes in and out of phases.

And I also take up daily powerful action for my business. I actually don’t like to work that much I only like to work about three hours a day. I have lower energy levels and I experienced some burnout earlier.

So I need to be really careful about managing my overall energy levels and I do that through my daily routine and my daily habits which really help ground me because I still am very creative and I get a lot of ideas and I want to do this and this and this one all over the place and so the daily habits and rituals are very grounding because they force me to stay focused.

So breaking down like even YouTube right. I’ve broken it down into on Monday I do this on Tuesday I do this on Wednesday I do this and then so my daily actions build over the week so that by the end of week as long as I do what’s on my calendar for that day then I will have my goal at the end. Right.

And then so I’m uploading every week and yeah of course I’m human. So I obsess over my numbers a little bit which I’m trying not to do as much but it’s like you just show up and you keep going and you keep doing it and then eventually your desired outcome becomes inevitable.

Like I want my channel to grow to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Let’s say two hundred thousand. That’s my goal right now.

And right now I’m at about a thousand which thank you so much for subscribing and following the journey. And of course as I just keep continue to post videos that will grow right.

But it’s something that you have to show up and do every day every week. And that’s why it’s really helpful to have it just make a habit so you don’t even have to think about it.

Implementing girl boss habits for success is about becoming the person for whom the results are inevitable.

Then emotion isn’t getting in the way. I don’t feel like it. Oh my God. Someone asked you to do something. I’m sorry. I’m working I have this thing that I have to do and you just break it down into small little pieces. So it all becomes very doable.

Girl boss success tip No. 5 — Self-care

This is not in the order of importance, but number five is self care. So what does that mean to you? For me I like to meditate. I like to do yoga. I like to eat healthy, eating healthy regular meals is really important.

So a lot of times because there’s so much to do when you’re building a business there it’s really tempting for entrepreneurs to put the hamster wheel of work above their self care and to let that go. And that’s of course how people end up getting burnt out.

A lot of times it can feel like you don’t have the time. Even during a launch or whatever. But I mean trust me when I say that your business is only as good as your energy. And from an energetic perspective your energy is your business right. The energy that you’re putting into your e-mails and your blogs and your social media posts is the energy that results in you receiving money which is also energy, currency right.

So if you’re not like energetically with it then your business is going to be flowing either. So it’s really important to take care of yourself and to nourish yourself and to hopefully you don’t learn through the hard way right.

This is one of the most important girl boss habits for success.

Hopefully you just take care of yourself and never get to that place where you’re super burnt out but it’s just really important.

Even before doing this video, I laid on the floor and did a guided meditation here on YouTube and went until like a yoga Nidra state for about 15 minutes and woke up just feeling refreshed and ready to go you know.

And that’s why the little daily habits are really important too because know what you have to do every day. And you know that as long as you do that you just show up to work and then you let go. Right. And that’s all that you can do.

A lot of times we get into fear and try and control the outcome and all of that. But if you just take your action steps for the day, let it go and then go take care of yourself and enjoy your life.

Things will flow a lot better because you know when we’re having fun and enjoying ourselves that’s when things flow better anyway. So self care is everything.

Girl boss success tip No. 6 — Invest in yourself

A lot of people are really afraid to invest in themselves. And I totally understand. When I first started my blog, even the 30 dollars for the domain name felt crazy.

And it wasn’t about the money because you know I had 30 dollars. It was about the commitment right. That I was showing myself. Oh my God am I really going to do it. And that 30 dollars was putting that on the line and then it was this other shopping cart. That was one hundred dollars a month. That was a lot for me at the time because my business wasn’t really making that much money.

And then later it was a two thousand dollar course and then later it was an eight thousand dollar mentoring program. And each time every single time I invest in myself I expand around it.

And a lot of times we look at investments in terms of the cost. What is it costing. You know realizing that when you invest in yourself you are putting energy and money towards your goals and that is something that helps you make more money.

The first year in business I worked super hard made fourteen thousand dollars all year. The next year I invested tens of thousands of dollars in myself with the various programs and I ended up five x-ing my income and making close to seventy thousand dollars that year.

So you know I know this is one of the scarier girl boss habits for success, but it’s really really really important to invest in yourself with the right person, with the person who you really feel called to mentor with.


Girl boss success tip No. 7 — Keep the blinders on

This is something that I did really well at the beginning of my journey and it’s something that I did less well as time went on. But you know I just put — race horses have blinders so they can’t see. They’re just running their own race and it’s really easy now with social media being so crowded to look around at what other people are doing.

People who seem like they have it all together, seem like they’re super successful and or even if they are really successful what are they doing how are they talking to their audience. What products are they pitching you know what are they doing or signing up for every freaking webinar on the planet and all this does is really confuse you and distract you, disconnect from your own voice.

You never know what’s happening behind the scenes. You never know what’s working or what’s not working. Their audience might not be your target audience. Their vibe might not be your vibe. We all have to find our unique ways.

Especially for me like I consider myself a messenger an artist or creative. I’m not here to be in a box right. And to say things in a formula or fill in the blank script for whatever. Two things can work for some people but when I do that I feel my soul shriveling up and dying and the people that I work with they are also spiritual and creative and artists and messengers and have a mission even if they’re not writing or in this space maybe they’re doing something else but they also want to find their own way right.

And so it’s just really tempting to look around because it’s human nature to compare ourselves but it’s one of the most toxic things we can do honestly. So you know there’s something to be said of course for collaborating with other people but this is really important to put your blinders on and focus.

Stay in your lane and you can ask your soul to answer any question. Tune into your higher self or the vision of you. The woman that you’re becoming. How would she handle this herself. What advice help me. What can I do. Right.

You’re never going to get to a place – even working with a mentor can help you and it can fast forward and can speed you up but you’re never going to avoid… Business is business.

You’re never going to avoid ups and downs and failures and disappointments and setbacks. And I think we feel like at some level we just find the secret or follow what she did right. That will avoid those things. But you’re not.

And actually when you focus too much outside of you you end up prolonging this pain and suffering because the whole point is just to have fun being your lane and take action and just enjoy it and know that everything’s happening as you’re just in that flow and having fun and taking action.

It’s like we can learn to be really fun and easy and that can be the hardest thing right. Because we like to give that goal and we’re so used to suffering and so one of the most important things that we can do is just lighten up on ourselves and stop comparing ourselves and allow ourselves to be creative and realize that there’s more than one way to achieve goals.

And everyone who’s successful did it in their own way. So while it’s great to learn from people and I highly recommend it. We’ve got to balance that right. You’ve got to balance it with following your own path your own soul and trying to turn things being willing to try things and fail and then you do that and knowing that it’s not because you aren’t good enough it’s not because you’re not good enough.

It’s just because not everything works and you just have to keep following your way. Where you know life might be sending you in another path.

You know my Instagram engagement has really sucked for a long time and I freaked out about it for a long time but ultimately it’s helped me toward YouTube so it’s forcing me to grow you know.

So everything’s happening for the highest good. And just keep tuning into your intuition. Keep asking what’s your next step.

Girl boss success tip No. 8 — Let yourself evolve

This is super important because a lot of times we get ideas at the beginning and we’re passionate and we build things around it.

And then you know there might be feeling like oh I keep doing this because it’s what I always did, right. So you know in the beginning when you first start it can be a little bit easier to let yourself evolve because you don’t really know what you’re doing.

And then eventually you kind of find and get into a groove right. And so you know this might be advice for the future you or maybe it’s where you are right now. But you know it’s just inevitable that we get to places where we’re feeling a little stuck and then we wonder about you know I started out just sharing my journey I was in a place of emotional healing and learning to love myself and honoring my emotions while that kind of good stuff.

So that’s what I wrote about and created some beautiful programs around that. And it’s what made me happy for a while and then I became an expert on emotional healing.

You know I developed the shadow work process and there were some things that I deeply understood about the energetics of emotions and healing and trauma and pain and suffering. And.

I wrote about that for a while about how you know I believe that depression and anxiety are just you know trapped emotions are trapped creative genius and creatives are crazy and that’s because we’re all shoving our craziness down that everyone’s going actually crazy and you know all of that which I could go on for forever but then it stopped making me happy. Right.

I didn’t want to write about emotional healing anymore. I wanted to talk about your purpose and making a living with your truest gifts. And I didn’t want to be a business coach and I didn’t really see how to do that right.

And I felt guilty I felt guilty for I felt like oh I have this knowledge I need to share it I need to help people but you know this journey is about being true to ourselves and if we’re doing something out of responsibility and it’s not out of joy and passion then we’re really not helping other people because it comes from a martyrdom energy.

And when we do things from martyrdom energy and not from joy and passion then they don’t work. So we can feel guilty about that but we just have to trust ourselves and trust our desires and let ourselves evolve.

And so now you know I do I. Ask every time I am in a random conversation with someone I always end up finding out about their dreams and passions and want to help them figure out how to make money from it. That’s what I’ve been really interested in.

Obviously I’m deeply spiritual. I love learning about manifesting and you know sort of the quantum side and still very much on my own spiritual journey but I love business and I love the idea of helping other people really connect to what they’re really good at.

And there’s a lot of creatives who need help to make money and to believe in themselves and charge what they’re worth and do believe that we have to be able to make a living with our truest gifts because as we do and show up in the world in that way then we’re just helping the world make a better place.

You know there’s that Ram Das quote about how we’re all just walking each other home and that’s what we’re doing right.

Like I’m here to help you with these girl boss habits for success.

So then we can go and help other people whether you’re a coach or you’re doing something in the business world or whatever you’re doing. I believe  in a world where we’re all living being our true selves and following our true passions rather than wearing a mask at the office and feeling disconnected from our true selves because we have to be normal right. No wonder everyone’s so depressed.

So this is the world that I believe in and this is the world that I would help create and I had to let go of that previous part of me.

You know she’s still there still in my work I can still help people heal is not just what I’m focused on and I’ll evolve again.

So we have to let ourselves evolve as part of the journey and take that to heart because if you feel like you have to get it all figured out before you begin just know that you’re not going to have it all figured out.

Like we’re always works in progress we’re always moving and growing and if you’re not that’s when you end up feeling stuck. So if you are feeling stuck just lean in and say like, “How do I want to evolve. And in what way am I not allowing myself to.”

So get out your journal — one of the girl boss habits for success tips — and write about that and see what happens.



So let me know in the comments below. What is your girl boss habits for success tip?

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