Guns blazing and soul naked: How to believe in yourself - Suzanne Heyn

Guns blazing and soul naked: How to believe in yourself

Learn how to believe in yourself and gain confidence

Something has shifted deep in my soul. This will resonate with you if you want to learn how to believe in yourself.

An upleveling, many years of grazing the razor-edge of my comfort zone, sometimes getting blood, but always growing, getting tougher and now, emerging into the confident bad ass I was born to be.

Now I feel like I need to apologize for that, talk about how difficult things have been and how I have been so ready for a breakthrough! I believed it would come and it has. Beyond.

Not really in my external life yet, but when the insides shift, the outsides have no choice but to shift. That’s how it is. That’s how you change your life.

Inside out.

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But one, I already wrote the vulnerable post on Facebook, and if you don’t follow me there, you definitely should!

And two, this is so not about apologizing for my epic inner strength that I have worked so hard to achieve.

This is about owning it, guns blazing and soul naked. Shining it out, and doing my part to help all the crazy creatives of the world own the truth of their amazingness.

Because this is about a new paradigm. One where we boldly shine our power unafraid. One where we lift each other up and instead of losing energy in comparison, negativity and doubt, we use that energy to create our wildest dreams.

One where we don’t apologize for being awesome, but instead own it and say, “Look out world, here I am!” And then everyone else applauds and we all dance around, weird and crazy together.

Also — if you’re wondering about the use of the word nekked, I didn’t want to trigger the spam filter.


Now! Onto today’s blog post, which is really about this: How to believe in yourself.

How to release the endless, useless, paralyzing cycle of self-doubt that keeps you trapped in the old way of living and not experiencing the boundless energy, excitement, and ohmygosh zest of life that comes from being you, totally you, guns blazing and owning it. Soul naked.

Loving your crazy and living your life.

How do you learn how to believe in yourself? Here are the two major ways I’ve shifted.


1. Mindset work.

Mindset work is essentially the process of figuring out your current thoughts and beliefs and reprogramming them to the thoughts you would think as the future you, the one you are becoming.​ This powerful work is a foundational piece of my 1:1 mentoring program for creating your dream life that starts in January!

It’s not necessarily positive thinking, which I tend not to like because it doesn’t create space to be real.

This is about shifting your default mode of thinking so that instead of wasting away in doubts or fears about whether something you want to happen will or won’t, you’re utterly sure that you’ll reach your destination, no matter what happens along the way.

It’s training your mind to believe in yourself.

Mindset work is also very much about digging in to understand where the limiting thoughts are coming from, which when combined with the powerful healing work that I do, creates massive, rapid soul and cellular shifts.

Mindset work allows you to become who you want to be, right now.

The reason I like to include healing work with this is because if you have a wound or block keeping you from believing the desired thought, it can be very difficult to shift. It’s important to clear the energetic slate and create a strong foundation for the new, more empowered and hopeful beliefs.

The idea behind this is that we create everything first from within. You become the person first, and then experience the external results. You believe in yourself before seeing actual proof.


A simple example is how you think of yourself.

If you think of yourself as a person who struggles, or always gets it wrong, you will be!

When I first started my blog and hadn’t created any offers yet, I was having a lot of trouble taking the next step.

Then I asked myself who I was career-wise, and the answer that came was, “I’m a blogger building an audience and will eventually sell courses and other offerings.” Well, someone who will eventually creates an offer is not someone who now creates!

I shifted my mindset and self-identity and started thinking of myself as a blogger who sells online courses, and within maybe a month I had created my first course, The Big Shift. Just two years later, I now have 6 courses!

This is important not only for me, but for the people whose lives I am here to impact. The Big Shift is probably the best thing I’ve ever done, and it’s changed a lot of people’s lives. When you get over yourself and realize it’s not just about you, it helps you believe in yourself, transcend your comfort zone and go big.

I was really resistant to focusing on my mind for a long time and underestimated its importance. But since beginning a daily mindset practice, my energy and confidence levels have soared. My income has gone way up and I feel so much more empowered and hopeful about the future.

It works!


2. Failure is a part of the journey

Part of the reason that I feel so empowered and alive right now is not because everything has been easy and life is giving me everything I want. Quite the opposite, in fact.

This has been a tough year of letting go of who I thought I was, doubt, fear, feeling like I had no idea what I was doing, a shifting message that I couldn’t clarify, HUGE investments in myself and the fear that came along with that, facing insane levels of disappointment and even criticism from people who I thought supported me.

What this has done has shown me who I really am, what I stand for, and why it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Trials help you believe in yourself like nothing else.

I’m so done with trying to put on a mask in the hopes that people like me. My crazy is my genius, and it’s time to let it out!

These trials have allowed me to go guns blazing and soul naked.  I’ve stopped censoring myself, stopped trying to figure out how I should be and just allowed myself to be who I am.

When the inevitable failures and disappointments came, I’ve leaned into that disappointment. I’ve fully felt it and let it pass through me instead of reacting to it and getting lost in my mind. I didn’t let the temporary feelings cause thoughts like, “things never work out for me.”

(Okay let’s be real, that did happen sometimes. And when I stayed in those thoughts, everything did suck. But when I stopped giving my power away to things outside of me, worked through the doubts and fears, and changed my beliefs, my external results shifted, too. It’s magic.) ​

How to believe in yourself: Go into the crazy. Figure out where it's coming from. And then tell a new story. Share on X


It’s tempting to shove the feelings down and soldier on, but that repressed energy will eat you alive.

You won’t be able to shift your thoughts in a meaningful way, and stuffed-down emotions will wreak havoc on your life.

Having a rock-solid mindset isn’t about denying how you feel. It’s about feeling it all, but letting it go and staying focused on what you want to create.

In my worst moments this year, I even felt angry at the women who inspire me, feeling like they were lying to me that because they could do it, I could do it, too. But then, I realized that’s ridiculous.

I CAN do this. I CAN achieve my dreams. I CAN travel the world, do crazy things and write about it. I CAN write a New York Times bestselling book. I CAN create the business of my dreams, on my terms, impact a million lives and create an awesome community of crazy dreamers who inspire each other to live their dreams, too.

And every thought that says I can’t, I will systematically hunt down, figure out where it came from, and reprogram that ish so that it doesn’t stop me.

Because to live soul naked, you have to go all in. There is no half-naked. There is no half-lived life. There is no I was sort of, kind of true to myself.

There is only all the way. Guns blazing. Out for all the world to see.

Here I am. And we are only getting started.

And that is how you learn to believe in yourself.


Love your crazy, live your life,



Where are you in your journey of learning to believe in yourself? Post in the comments below, and then share this blog with another crazy dream chaser who would love the inspiration!





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