How healing and manifestation are linked (How life works energetically.) - Suzanne Heyn

How healing and manifestation are linked (How life works energetically.)

healing and manifestation


This post about healing and manifestation contains many secrets to life. I recommend carving time out to read the whole thing.


As someone who has experienced deep, deep suffering and is now creating a life beyond her wildest dreams, and who has a unique ability to tap into the energetic undercurrents of our thoughts, feelings and broader reality, I have recently begun to understand the foundational energetics that underpin our existence, as souls alive here on Earth.

This is probably one of the most important, cornerstone articles I’ve ever written about healing and manifestation, and comes at a time when I am beginning to truly understand how to use my energy to manifest any goal.

Manifesting, at the most basic level, is about receiving the desires and vision of your heart unclouded by the doubts and fears of your mind or past pain, and then working with your emotions, intuition, and the universe itself to create these desires in the material realm.

It’s this profoundly beautiful process of leaning in to which future version of you that you’d like to access and then tapping into the aligned desire for you to manifest.


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You can leap frog to any future version you desire because time is just an illusion. The only thing that matters is that you feel calm certainty in your goal.

This aligned desire is something that should feel joyful, expansive, freeing, a little bit like, “oh my gosh could I really do this?,” and possibly a little bit scary too, because there is often a sense of, “do I really deserve this?” that we all must work through.

As you connect to this goal, you’ll receive inspired guidance to move forward, but a key part of manifesting any vision is to tune into the emotion of it already being real.

I’ve been doing this as I manifest my beautiful new soulmate private clients that I’m so excited to work with. (Three already! Calling in the fourth one now. Is it you?)

I connect to how deeply I want to serve, the beauty and power of the process I’m going to guide them through, and how each of these women is coming to me at such a special time in her life.

A time when she is done with the old, she’s ready to release the smallness of that life.

It doesn’t reflect the joy and the brilliance and prosperity of all that she is here to experience, and this is the moment has become so aware of all that’s inside of her. Maybe she doesn’t fully know what’s inside of her, but this is the moment she’s decided to believe in the beauty of the unknown more than what’s painful in the known.

And she leaps.

She’s ready to soar into a new stratosphere, and I get to intersect with her journey at this poignant, powerful moment in time when she’s decided she’s ready for more.

I get to hold space for that and guide her journey, and watch her grow. It brings me to tears every time I think about it.

And I know because of the level of women I’m calling in, I can feel their energy as they say yes in the material world, but the truth is I felt them coming in before they even emailed me to inquire.


There’s this sense of locking something in, when you get so clear on your desire, not only how it serves you, but how it serves the world, and the real, true, deep reason you long for this desire.

You get so connected to that and work through all the doubts, fears and limitations, and eventually, there aren’t any left.

You release the pain, it’s all gone, and you connect to the vision coming in. You connect to it, and then there’s this beautiful point when it’s done. You can just feel, and I’m getting goosebumps as I’m writing this, that it’s done in the spiritual realm. And it’s only a matter of time until it shows up in the material.

This is a beautiful, beautiful thing, and it’s allowed me to feel so supported. This is true for us all, how we call in our desires, and co-create. We search our hearts and souls for our truest, deepest desires, and then work with the universe by responding to the energy flowing in, and shift in response like you’re surfing.

Lying on my bed Thursday evening, I felt the power of what was coming in and began crying, overwhelmed with the beauty of it all, the healing and manifestation.

It struck me in that moment, a full circle that I’ve had several times, but haven’t quite had the words to explain it until now.

Because this feeling, this deep soul connection to my desires and also the raw unfiltered energy of the universe that allows us to co-create our dreams with it, it’s only possible because of all the deep healing I’ve done.


Here’s how I understand the process of healing and manifestation:

We are born into this world pure, soulful beings. As we grow older, and navigate the relational world of our families, attend school, and interact with other beings, things happen. Painful things.

It could be seemingly insignificant like the other kids laughing at you while you were determined to dig to China, or it could be huge, like abuse or other trauma.

Whatever the case, as we navigate this relational world, we experience pain.

In that moment of pain, we think hurtful thoughts about ourselves. “I’m too this or that. I shouldn’t ask for things because my needs are too much. My ideas are stupid. I’m not smart / talented / beautiful.”

Because we’re little and have no idea what’s going on, we identify with these thoughts. We think they’re true. They become our identity, our idea of who we are, and control how we move through life.

When people believe or identify with these thoughts, they don’t fully process and release the emotion.

To back up for a second, emotions are energy in motion. They’re designed to flow through you, however when you resist them or attach to them, they get stuck in your energy body.

When a painful experience happens and you identify with the resulting thoughts like, “I’m wrong / too much / not good enough,” this attachment to the experience prevents the emotion from fully moving through.

As a result, these beliefs become literally encoded in our energy bodies, charged with pain.

Over time, the emotional energy accumulates, never releasing, creating depression, anxiety, anger, and possibly physical pain, too.

This is the true cause of depression and mood disorders, not the fake chemical imbalance theory made up by pharmaceutical companies.

(I wrote about this on Instagram and Facebook earlier this week and it caused quite the stir!)

Meanwhile, your entire perception of how life works is colored by painful beliefs about yourself that aren’t true.

But you think they’re true. This programming becomes a filter through which you see reality. It controls your daily thoughts and baseline emotions, and the actions you take or, sometimes more importantly, don’t take.

You end up re-creating the exact same painful situations, feelings and thoughts over and over again, which validates your world view.

You think this is how life is, but it’s just programming.

When you change your beliefs about yourself and how life works, raise your expectations, and believe you deserve all that you desire, everything changes. This is the healing and manifestation work I guide my 1:1 clients through, and also The Starlets in my membership community.

People sometimes say they don’t have time for this healing and manifestation work, but you don’t have time not to, unless you’re content not realizing your full potential or working much harder than you have to for less result.


The fear-based beliefs encoded in your body from unprocessed pain splinter off and cause often seemingly unrelated problems with your health, your love life, your money, career, your willingness to believe in yourself, take risks and follow your dreams.

Without doing the inner healing and manifestation work, these pains and related beliefs continue to control your life, making it difficult to believe positive thoughts about yourself.

Many people end up fighting their thoughts, their emotions, maybe spending time crying or raging, but it’s not from a sense of healing and releasing.

Instead, it’s from a sense of believing the fear-based story based around that emotion, which is linked to the past experience that created it in the first place.

Healing and manifestation is about seeing the truth. The truth is that you are a divine, beautiful soul made up of infinite creative potential who is beyond worthy, beyond lovable, and beyond capable of creating anything her heart desires.

Anything that says otherwise is a lie.

The healing process I guide clients through identifies the exact moment when these painful emotions and fear-based beliefs were created.

It doesn’t matter how seemingly unrelated it is. I’ve developed a very precise, powerful process that allows me to guide people to these very specific memories and release the pain, which allows us to release the associated belief.

Then we create new beliefs. This is the process of healing and manifestation.

This is a very involved, detailed method, and I have an entire training in The Society of Starlets that guides you through, but this is the basic idea.

Can you feel how powerful this is?


You can release all the fear-based, painful programming you were raised with, every inch of it that doesn’t support the person you want to become, and create any belief you want to.

Of course this healing and manifestation work is very confronting that challenges the very core of who you think you are and what you must do to be worthy of love.

Some people can’t handle it. I’ve had private clients back away, and even people in my courses or the Starlets that say they’re simply not ready for it.

But for the person who truly wants to change her life, there is no more powerful technique you can use.

Honestly, I barely recognize myself anymore.

I mean I’m more me than ever before, but for SO LONG my dreams of making a living with my real gifts, having the freedom to travel, sleep late, work on my own schedule, and basically do whatever the fuck I want, when I want, felt so far away.

Even earlier today, my husband and I were talking about how we still have to go Christmas shopping, and I vaguely remembered a few years ago where I for some Godforsaken reason decided I needed to shop for his whole family.

WHY THE FUCK DID I DO THAT? I have no idea! I would NEVER feel that level of responsibility for someone else today. But back then, it was something I felt I had to do, and got super stressed and resentful about doing it! It was never my responsibility in the first place!


What happens after you’ve been at healing and manifestation awhile is that you clear all the past pain.

All of it.

It doesn’t matter how much past pain you have, if you keep going with this work earnestly, with faith and conviction, then you will release past pain.

Because it’s not who you are.

As you do this, you become more present. Inner conflicts are resolved. No part of you is still playing out past events, which is what happens when your inner child is still hurting from unresolved pain.

You understand your fears, and the needs of your hurting inner child, so they no longer hold you back.

And you become fucking powerful at healing and manifestation.

Your energy is now clear.

Of course you have to continue to keep it clear. Healing and manifestation an ongoing process because life still happens, and there is always deeper to go, but honestly?

A lot of the things you feel upset about TODAY aren’t really about what’s happening today. A lot of times these feelings of sadness or anger or whatever actually reflect deeper past pains from childhood that were never healed.

Often, it’s not the present-day you that’s reacting, but a deeply pained younger you still reeling from emotions that were never fully honored, and an identity trapped in fear and not-enoughness.

If you didn’t have these past pains, you wouldn’t identify with the situation. It would just roll through you. Whenever you attach or react to a situation, it’s always a sign of something deeper.

There are of course exceptions, like new trauma, but most of life is not crazy and serious.

Most of life is pretty mundane; it’s just that humans are forever projecting their own shit onto otherwise meaningless things, giving them a ton of meaning and taking offense that has nothing to do with the situation, and everything to do with what they think the situation says about who they are, based on past pains and fear-based beliefs.


Here’s where healing and manifestation gets really cool.

We are energetic beings. Emotions are energy. When past pain no longer consumes your energy, when you no longer continue to recreate past painful experiences based on fear-based beliefs that were never true, this frees your immense energy for magical creation.

You can now apply all of your energy toward feeling into the reality you want to create.

There’s nothing blocking you from the core of your soul and the unlimited creative potential of infinite source energy.

Your energy is no longer wasted in pain and conflict, but available for pleasure and power. (Getting your mind to believe that you deserve this, and that it’s safe to receive is an incredible journey!)

Because you’ve healed past conflicts, you’re no longer held back by unconscious fears making it feel like you can’t make progress no matter what you do.

Outer reality is just a projection of our inner world. Once you’ve stopped unknowingly manifesting what you don’t want, you have now freed yourself to intentionally manifest any kind of life you want.

I know that sounds crazy if you haven’t experienced it, but take a moment to consider — Isn’t everything you have now a reflection of what you believe is possible? A reflection of the most you’ve allowed yourself to ask for, or how you believe life works?

If you’ve been giving your power away, that may feel confronting, but think about it. You’ll find it’s true.

We always and only get what we believe we deserve.

You are not a victim of circumstance, but a powerful co-creator with the ability to manifest anything you want, as long as you do the inner work.

I hope I’m explaining healing and manifestation well, and that you can understand how powerful this is.


This entire world is a daydream and we create our realities based on our prevailing feelings and beliefs.

This is the truth about healing and manifestation. People who don’t believe this simply haven’t experienced it.

Life doesn’t punish us for our pain. It simply responds to us.

It may not be fair, but it’s just how it works. When you know how to play the game, you can emerge victorious.

It’s taken me a long time to understand this about healing and manifestation.

Intellectually I can understand that when you’re no longer healing, you can use that force for creation, but to feeeeeeeellllllll the power of this, the power of having all your energy no longer trapped by past pain, and the profound beauty of feeling into the lava-like energy of present moment and receiving guidance from the infinite source, impressing your desires upon the formless substance of all that is, and then feeling it lock in, knowing it’s a matter of time.

The reason I can get so close to my soul, and harness my emotional energy in such an undiluted way for creation is because of all the profound healing work I’ve done.

This is everything.

And it’s not even about getting what you want. It’s about becoming the powerful person you’ve always known you could be.

This healing and manifestation work what I guide my clients through, and at a lower level of support, members in The Society of Spiritual Starlets.

I hope you enjoyed this. These are big ideas and I’m sure I’ll be writing more, especially as I understand healing and manifestation on deeper levels!

All the love,







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