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How I manifested abundant energy after a year of burnout


If you’d like to learn how to heal burnout naturally, this is for you!


Lately I’ve been learning more about the subconscious mind. The infinite power within us that’s part of the infinite power beyond us, shaped by the conscious words, images and thoughts we insert into this power like seeds into soil.

At the start of this year, I felt very tired with horrific burnout. I could blame overwork, but the truth is, it was fear. Fear I wouldn’t be successful. Fear I didn’t know what I was doing. Fear that I lacked some essential component to get from where I was to where I wanted to be.

This fear acted like resistance, and even though I’ve always taken massive action, the resistance pulling me backwards, making it difficult to turn off my mind, resulted in deep exhaustion.

And so this year, I slept. And slept. And slept some more.


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After about six months, I started to feel renewed, but would then experience small bursts of energy, which I would use up and burnout again.

It was a time of learning great lessons: how to manage my energy, how to care for myself, how to value my health and well-being and energetic essence over any external result. I knew these things mattered intellectually but as always the journey is to embody the truths we know, to embed them into our being as part of our identity. Who we are.

This season of learning went on for another few months, and then I began to grow very frustrated that I seemingly always ended up in the same place, tired and resting from burnout. At one point, resting greatly served me. It’s what I wanted, what my soul wanted, and I appreciated the time out.

But then I felt like it was time to move on.


After a fuck this shit moment, I decided to manifest more energy and ditch burnout. Here’s what I did:

1. I changed my language.

Even though I felt in the moment tired with burnout, I began to say things like, “I have amazing energy. My energy is restoring and it feels so good.”


2. I tuned into the version of me with amazing energy and asked what habits she would have.

She drank green juice every day and did dance cardio.


3. I took action.

This is kind of embarrassing, but I had the intuitive hit to buy a juicer for a really long time before I actually did. I kept telling myself it wouldn’t make a big difference, but actually it made all the difference to heal from burnout.

Lesson learned – ALWAYS take the next right step when given, as soon as possible.

******The soul doesn’t live in the realm of time and space. It will wait as long as needed until we take that next step and give ourselves what we know we need. The longer we delay taking the next step, the longer we delay the result we desire.***** >> fucking important and a whole post in itself.

So I bought a juicer and also a membership to BeachBody on demand (no shakeology – just the workouts!) which has the BEST dance workout by Shaun T who I am obsessed with. There’s this one routine dancing to Britney singing circus and it gives me life.

That’s really it!


The funny thing is I still go to bed kinda late, around 1 am.

Some nights it’s earlier, but while my conscious mind said going to bed earlier was THE thing I needed to get my energy back and heal from burnout, my soul really wanted to drink green juice and dance.

Another realization helped, too. At the Hay House event last weekend while doing inner work around why TF I was so triggered, I realized I felt very unsafe in the world.

It had to do with half of my family dying, which to my inner child felt like abandonment even though it had nothing to do with me. My mom sunk into depression, so she felt absent too. I felt very alone, and the therapists who I poured my heart out to diagnosed me and told me I was mentally ill.

This made me really tough, but that toughness covered up a profound feeling that I am not safe.

I spent a couple days listening to tons of root chakra healing meditations, which is a great practice I plan to repeat, and this created a HUGE shift in my energy.

Grounding down is so important to manage our energy and avoid burnout. When you think about how electricity needs to be grounded, it makes sense that we need to be grounded, too.

This helps us maintain a flowing circuit within rather than receiving energy and having it flow through and out of us, leaving us tired, drained, and making it difficult to manifest because we don’t have a container to hold all the goodness we want to call into our lives.

I’ve created a great business over the past few years, and it was all with ungrounded, crazy energy. I’m so excited to see how things shift now that I feel calm, more secure in my skin, and connected to a feeling of safety from within.

Of course it’s important to maintain these practices, but I feel like my being has changed on a cellular level while healing deeply from burnout.

Drinking juice, grounding myself and dancing to Shaun T – these things are now part of who I am, just like resting when I’m tired and trusting life to support me without grinding myself into the ground.

It’s been a beautiful journey and I wouldn’t change any of it, but also grateful to be on the other side of burnout!

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