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How to ask for help from the universe

how to ask for help from the universe

I’ve been living dangerously.

Yesterday, the day I normally spend writing my blog, I got a massage. Not just any massage. A 90-minute one. (I’m trying this new thing where I trust that my work is good enough and release the need to obsess over it. Obsession takes a lot of time!)

After coming home, I passed out, so tired, maybe a mix of not sleeping well the night before and straight up energetic processing. It is an epic full moon lunar eclipse, after all.

And during the massage, which was one of the most epically relaxing ones I’ve ever had, I noticed an energetic constriction arise, and I thought, “God, please help me let go of whatever I need to let go of. I’m ready to be free.”

In that moment, I realized the pretty good blog post I’d dashed off before my massage wasn’t the right one for this week.

This one with tips to ask for help from the universe needed to be written instead. The muse is a demanding force and I’ve learned to always listen to her. (But it doesn’t have to take a lot of time!)

Here we go! Four ways to ask for help from the universe:


Click through to discover simple ways to ask for help from the universe. Spiritual self-love meditation healing yoga meditation yoga happiness inspiration mindfulness

Tip No. 1 — The universe is always speaking. You have to pay attention.

The universe is always sending you signs. You just have to look for them — and listen!

For example, I see angel numbers — 111, 444, 33 — all the time. Angel numbers typically show up as repetitions of single numbers, but they can also be like 1212, things like that.

They all have different meanings, but are generally signs you’re on the right path. (Here is a good resource to look up any recurring numbers you see.)

Other times an injury or illness carries a message for you. A little while ago, I injured my wrist and discovered the wrists relate to feeling unsupported.

And then when I started waking up with an intermittently sore throat, I dug into this and heeded the call that I wasn’t showing up fully in the world as my true self.

Maybe for you, it’s less dramatic. Perhaps three different people recommend a book to you. That’s a clear sign to read it!

 Learn more about how to follow signs from the universe here.


Tip No. 2 — Ask for help from the universe with seeing things differently, breaking a habit, making the right decision, etc.

It’s easy to forget we have cosmic forces right along side of us, always ready to help. Because we have free will, we must ask for help before the universe gives it to us.

It’s helpful to be in a conversation with the universe all day long, saying things like, “thank you,” “please help me,” “give me a sign.”

One of my bad habits is that I can be critical and judgmental. Whenever I notice myself being that way, I ask for help from the universe to see things differently.

I’ll just say something like, “Please Universe, I want to be a better person. Please help me see this with love.”

It never fails! A new perspective always quickly arrives.

This can be really helpful if you’re mad at a loved one or experiencing a stressful time. Often, peace is just as shift in perception away. All we have to do is ask.


Tip No. 3 — Ask for support during life transitions or guidance on next steps along the path.

I’m in a big period of transition right now. That’s what the first blog post was all about actually.

My message and work is shifting, I feel called to embody different attributes than before, to live more joyfully and soulfully. My personal life is about to shift in the next few months, in some ways backwards and in other ways forwards. I’ll tell you more soon.

Anyway, I’m releasing a lot of heaviness. These shifts have been coming on slowly for several months. At first, it felt like a constriction, then an invitation to explore, and then a letting go.

Now, I’ve let go, but whatever it is I’m embracing is not yet clear.

I feel it’s important not to force this. My entire future, the next chapter of my life is forming. I’m opening up to guidance in full relaxation, knowing that this isn’t coming from me, but beyond me.

I’m trying to feel this transition through instead of think too much.

Journaling has been an important part of this process.

I deeply want this next life chapter to feel expansive, soulful, joyful, magical and happy. Full of trust. Embodying something both grounded and elevated.

I’m ready to trust. To let go. To expand into a life chapter of abundance and adventure.

Things will change. That’s okay. There’s nothing to fear. It’s way better to relax into a little confusion and let things clarify on their own time rather than rush.

Living a soulful life is about trusting the flow of life and your heart’s guidance to lead you through it. Ask for help from the universe when you need it.

Right now, my heart says, slooooow down. I’m about to take time off, really off, and fully let go to come back bursting with the energy of me 2.0.

If you’re feeling this way, too, definitely read this full moon eclipse report from Mystic Mamma. It was right on for me, and maybe you, too.

When shedding or shifting into new life orientations, there’s of course an underlying energetic shift that happens.

Painful emotions, or even just a sense of tightness or constriction or just grossness will arise, and it’s important to hold space for it to exist while allowing it to release so it doesn’t stay within you.

And you can ask for help from the universe with this, like I did during my massage. “God/angels/universe, please help me navigate this transition with ease and grace.”

Other options: “God/angels/universe, please help me have faith. Please show me the way.”


Tip No. 4 — Work with oracle cards

I love Oracle cards! Right now I have two decks, Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from the Angels, and the Sacred Rebels Oracle from Alana Fairchild. (Those are affiliate links and if you purchase using them, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!)

Oracle cards are like tarot cards for people who are too lazy to learn how to read tarot. (Hi!, that’s me!) But they carry really beautiful messages that are always eerily accurate.

There are many ways to use oracle cards. You can shuffle the cards, fan them out and pick just one. You can pick three, which ends up being a past, present and future, or possibly just a more in-depth reading for a specific circumstance.


Here is how I use oracle cards: 

I pick them up, hold them at my heart, and say, “God/angels/universe, what is it that I need to know today?” Or, if I want guidance in a specific area, I’ll ask a more specific question.

Then, I shuffle the cards three times and take the card right from the top. Sometimes a card will literally fling itself at me, and that’s a huge sign that card has a message for you!

Each deck comes with a book with detailed messages for each card. The Sacred Rebels deck has particularly lengthy readings and each card has a suggested healing practice. So beautiful!


More tips:

Sometimes I like to start my mornings by intuitively being guided to a specific deck — each has a different type of message, so depending on how you’re feeling, you may desire a specific type of guidance.

Other than that, I pull a card whenever I feel like guidance from the universe would be helpful. Sundays are a nice day to pull a few cards and journal about their messages. Sometimes I begin client calls with pulling a card from the deck, too. It’s a nice way to tune in and see what hidden messages the universe is ready to reveal.

I hope that resonated with you!


What is your favorite way to ask for help from the universe? Share in the comments below!

All the love,


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  • Thanks for this. I’m nearly 70, although I certainly don’t feel it. Within the last 2 years I’ve moved 21 times and am about to move again (still don’t have a real home). I’m divorced after 31 years. My beautiful home, cats and mate are in a different country. I do work that is similar to yours, but to hear from someone else suggestions that can help me move forward was comforting. I’ve had a rough day and I’m a very resilient woman with a lot of faith in Spirit/guides, but I wanted to thank you for posting this. I’m trained in TM, but will do your meditation tomorrow morning as opposed to my usual mantra. Thanks. This eased my loneliness some and sparked the hope that never quite flickers out, no matter what.

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