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How to clear the energy body and feel more joy

clear the energy body and feel more joy

How do you feel right now? Happy? Sad? Bored? Often we become weighed down with heavy emotions and need to clear the energy body to reset our system and reclaim our natural state of peace and joy.

We’re emotional creatures and can feel the entire spectrum, from joy to misery, in any given day or even hour.

Everyone likes to feel joy, and as fervently as we chase it, we run from sadness, doing anything to avoid feeling the pain. But pain is not bad — it just exists. We can work through it by accepting its existence and feeling it in awareness.


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During the spiritual journey, we work to identify these feelings so they we’re not slaves to them. We use our inner pain to heal and access a more authentic joy. The kind of joy that’s not conditional, but instead comes from deep inside, from a place of peace.

The modern world often categorizes emotions as weak or crazy, but emotions are messages from our soul. Feeling pain means there’s work to do or something needs to change, in our selves or our lives.

While sadness and emotional pain are a part of life, they’re often not processed correctly. This leaves pain trapped in our energy body, causing suffering long after the triggering thought or event has passed. Thankfully, we can clear the energy body and its emotions, holding them in the light of pure awareness so they evaporate.

In this way clearing the emotional body is like polishing a mirror. It will get dirty again, but for now, it shines, beautiful in its pure reflection.

Getting to this point can take some time. Have patience.


How I started to clear the energy body

When I first started meditating — which I could only do for about three minutes at a time without going crazy — my body would often break out in a sweat.

Inside, the emotions would swell, feeling like a bubble about to burst. The pain of the battle with cancer I had just fought, the pain of suffering from depression for most of my life, the pain of a lifetime of emotions buried so deep I didn’t even know they were there.

The emotions would hit me so hard, I could barely sit in meditation for three minutes before running out of the room. Anywhere but here.

But over time, the pain lifted. The negative mind recordings playing over and over in my mind eventually subsided. Joy began to arise more effortlessly.

I had begun to clear the energy body. The specific meditation I teach is a really powerful way of processing emotions. Download it below.


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What is the energy body?

The energy body surrounds the physical body and runs through it. It contains the energy of all of our thoughts, experiences, emotions and beliefs.

When energy isn’t processed on a conscious level, it becomes stagnant and leads to recurring problems in our lives. That could be recurring negative thoughts, feelings or even situations.

As a result, we may feel lingering sadness, find it difficult to make positive life changes, or have trouble changing our thoughts.

This is why the directive to simply change your thoughts is more complicated than it seems. If we work to change our thoughts without working to clear the energy body, we end up resisting emotions that are crying out for attention. Pasting inspirational quotes over bleeding wounds. Pretending the pain doesn’t exist or worse, thinking there’s something wrong with us for feeling it.

Often, painful emotions have much to teach us.

Treat your whole self with compassion, even those parts causing pain.  


My story, healing a lifetime of sadness

After my father and my sister died while I was an early teen, I suffered from severe depression. Doctors tried to put me on medication, but I mostly refused, except for a very brief time.

In my heart, I always knew it was possible for me to heal on my own. Doctors told me my mind influenced my emotions, and if I could only heal my mind, then my emotions would follow. They believed the chemicals inside my brain, all those neurotransmitters, were solely responsible for my happiness or sadness. But even then, before spirituality, I wondered:

If my mind’s chemistry influences my thoughts, then why can’t my thoughts influence my chemistry?

After college I moved to Hawaii and the island healed me, but in an unconscious way. I felt better, but didn’t dig deep enough into spirituality to understand why. I moved on, became aggressively ambitious and devoted myself to building a career. I was functioning, and not really sad, but not happy either.

Then, when I got cancer about four years later, my world fell apart. I was so wretchedly broken and angry that I had no choice but to dig a little deeper.


Finally learning to heal

After cancer, I was so angry, so full of emotional turmoil that I couldn’t deal. People asked me, “Why are you so angry?” Like ok, treatment’s over, time to party again.

Then, in one of the Kundalini yoga DVDs that I bought, the teachers Ana Brett and Ravi Singh talked about healing your emotions by feeling them. This was a foreign concept to me.

I was raised to believe emotions were dangerous things that indicated whether or not you needed medication, not a normal, healthy sign that healing was needed.

Through Kundalini yoga, I began to believe that healing was possible.

And so I began to meditate. I would sweat and sit with the discomfort as long as possible, and ultimately, I stopped feeling so uncomfortable. I believe the sweat was pain leaving my energetic body.

By feeling our emotions, we heal them. This practice works to clear the energy body. A clear energy body contributes to a clear heart and mind. From this place of clarity, joy effortlessly shines.

It’s always an effort to keep the energy body clear and maintain healthy thoughts. Because just like energy creates thoughts, thoughts create energy. Thoughts are energy.

When we get into complaining mode, or comparison mode, these unhealthy thoughts sometimes develop into negative emotions that get trapped in the energy body. That’s why these practices aren’t one-time solutions. This is a life-long practice. But over time, we generate less pain and require less effort to heal.


Practices to clear the energy body

  1. Meditate

This is the most powerful way of becoming aware of your energetic state. The key is to feel, without attaching thought or judgment. Allow yourself to feel sadness. We all feel sad sometimes, and feeling painful emotions contributes to joy in the long run.

If we ignore or resist emotions, we can’t clear the energy body. Stagnant energy leads to problems down the road. The key is to feel it while knowing it won’t last forever.

Lear the meditation technique that changed by life by downloading the sample below.

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  1. Mindfulness

Even if you’re not seated on the meditation cushion, you can begin to develop awareness of your internal, emotional state.

During times when negative thoughts or emotions keep popping up and you’re not sure why, it’s very likely the energetic body needs to be cleared. To clear it, feel it.

Try to avoid reacting from this place of emotional pain. If you find yourself reacting, take a deep breathe and remove yourself from the situation, if possible. Give yourself room to feel. Noticing your internal energetic state and maintaining your awareness as you move through everyday activities — this is mindfulness and the essential technique to clear the energy body.


  1. Practice yoga

Kundalini yoga is an especially powerful way of moving stagnant energy through the body. However, any form of movement or yoga will help. Keep the intention of lovingly investigating the energy that arises.

Here is a collection of yoga poses to release emotions like anger and sadness.

It can be very frustrating to feel this pain and sadness, but know that you’re not alone in this. Cultivating compassion and patience as you move through these feelings is essential to have the energy to commit to this practice in the long-term.


What to do when you feel emotions

Hold them in your awareness. You may inquire, what is that? Why do I feel that? But try to keep some measure of detachment. Avoid fully identifying with the emotion — that is, avoid believing the pain is you or that it will never go away.

It will pass. It may take some time, but it will pass. I also encourage you to let go of the idea that all emotions have a direct cause or are definable. Not everything can be labeled as happy or sad or angry. It’s okay to feel it without understanding.

Maybe the feeling has a name or cause and maybe it doesn’t, but we don’t always need to know the answer.

This is pure energy that we’re working with, and our conscious mind may not always understand what these messages are trying to say.

It’s ok. The body’s intelligence will heal what needs to be healed and shift what needs to be shifted. We just need to trust the process and keep breathing to clear the energy body.

Go wherever the journey takes you. It’s ok. You know what to do.


Have patience

For those of us with emotions buried very deeply in our energetic bodies, it takes a long, long time to clear them. We may enjoy periods of respite before feeling more. But the feeling of freedom, lightness and joy that comes after sitting with these feelings makes it all worth it.

And you may feel pain again after enjoying a long period of joy. That’s okay too, and doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. This is just the healing process and how it goes. Keep faith and keep connecting with you heart.


What are you experiences with working to clear the energy body? Share your story in the comments below.

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Suzanne Heyn is a spiritual blogger and online course creator here to help soulful creatives live from the heart. If you're ready to discover your purpose, live in abundance and experience the freedom your heart longs for, you're in the right place. All the wisdom you need is right inside your soul, and I’m here to help you find it.

  • Nicole says:

    Just read this today, and it is exactly what I needed to hear this morning! I have been made fun of and belittled for being emotional, for having feelings. I was always so ashamed of feeling a certain way about a situation. It wasn’t until recently that I have given myself the freedom to be emotional to feel and told myself that it is ok, that it is good! I lived on a little island in the Caribbean and grew leaps and bounds but still have a long ways to go. I realize it is a continual process to clear these emotions buried deep inside of me and it is happening. Thank you for your light and love!

    • Modern Yogi says:

      Hi Nicole,

      That is so wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing your story. Yes, the world has demonized feeling emotions, but they’re messages from the soul and so important! To be in touch with our emotions is to be in touch with our selves, and I’m so happy to hear you’re traveling down the wonderful road of connecting with them.

      Sending love,

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  • Just read this today, and it is exactly what I needed to hear this morning! I have been made fun of and belittled for being emotional, for having feelings. I was always so ashamed of feeling a certain way about a situation. It wasn’t until recently that I have given myself.

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