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How to do shadow work to release inner conflicts (my 6-step process)

shadow work to release inner conflict


This article reveals how to do shadow work to release inner conflicts.

Most problems in life are caused by conflicts in the conscious mind, the slice of ourselves we are aware of, and the subconscious mind, which drives 90% of our decisions and thoughts but yet we are unaware of.

If for example, you consciously want to find your passion (which you already know deep down. You haven’t forgotten how to be you!) but subconsciously fear that finding your passion will make you unloveable because of a collection of painful memories from when you were younger, you will block yourself from discovering what you most long to find.

These subconscious fears splinter off and affect all areas of life, often in a seemingly unrelated way.


how to do shadow work to release inner conflict


You may be in a job you hate because you don’t know what you want, but this same pain of feeling unloved for who you are might also cause you to obsess over your appearance or fitness or create perfectionism.

The subconscious is deeply symbolic. I can see these patterns easily, it’s why my clients get such swift and substantial results, but to the conscious mind, it feels confusing and stressful.

The key to move through this is to release these inner conflicts between the conscious and subconscious mind through my powerful 6-step shadow work process.

When both minds are in alignment with your dreams and goals, magic happens! You no longer feel held back by things you can’t explain. You’re able to tap in and use your immense powers to manifest epic things rather than spend all your energy fighting yourself.

For years I’ve worked with my clients, guiding them through this signature shadow work process that uses the link between memory and emotion to find the root of their deepest pains, release that hurt and reprogram their minds so their subconscious thoughts and beliefs align with their deepest desires.


I’ve never released this 6-step shadow-work process publicly until now. Watch below!

My unique process includes a step that most skip, a step that I feel like is the most powerful for creating lasting shifts.

It’ll make a ton of sense when you watch the video. 

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