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How to earn more money by doing less

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Let’s talk about time. And money. And creating more by doing less.

If you have a great struggle around some or all of these things, there is good news — at the core, they’re all the same. They’re all energy. Everything is.

That means by shifting one thing, you can shift other things.

This year, for me, has been one of deep rest, paradigm shifts, letting go, surrendering, and dropping into deep faith and trust that I am supported by the universe.

Last year, I did really well financially, but knew the way I was operating was not sustainable.

Always creating and launching new programs, and feeling stressed around my sales processes, unsure in my own abilities, which made both creating my programs and selling them exhausting.

So tied to the stories that I am not good enough that I always freaked out over everything I did create, pouring over my content again and again and again, editing.

Still undervaluing my work and giving SO much of me for an unequal exchange. (You know you’re under-receiving or not giving enough to yourself when you feel resentful.)

Feeling like there was never enough time, and working around the clock, losing my healthy habits of exercise and even meditation, which I rely upon to connect with my soul, receive inspired guidance and more recently, as an important part of my special life creation process.


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I knew something had to change.

I didn’t know how, and I didn’t even know what, since I was doing the only things I knew how, and wasn’t sure there was another way.

So this year, I dropped back. Rested. Slept. A LOT. Scaled way back. Worked with my yearlong mastermind private clients (this will have a brand new format in 2019 and I am SUPER excited to reveal what’s coming.), and launched a few things here and there.

This scared me.

I felt like the world was moving on without me while I was standing still.

It brought out old fears of being left behind, and only recently I realized my fatigue was a gift to help me learn how to truly be with myself. Unconditionally.


The only way I knew how to create success was to #werkwerkwerkwerk.

This has helped me excel at everything I’ve ever done, becoming an award-winning journalist whose investigative reports helped to change state law, creating success as a realtor even though it was 2011 and the economy was in shambles, and later building a successful freelance writing career, surpassing my staff reporter income during my first year.

Endless hours are pretty much the default way of doing things, the only way that many people know. And don’t get me wrong — work IS required. Especially at the beginning. You’ve got to werk, bitch!

But there’s another way. A more powerful, more aligned, fun and flowy way that creates even better results.

A way of tuning into the universe’s magic, setting powerful intentions, taking aligned actions, and TRUSTING that you are guided and supported.

This is creating the quantum way, through using energy, the power of your mind, thoughts and beliefs, and literally changing what life gives to you by changing how interact with life.

This is why inner work forms the basis of everything I teach.

It always has from an emotional healing standpoint, but I’ve learned that creating the life you really want — with abundance, a profitable purpose-driven career, fulfilling relationships and even with fitness and health — is 90% mindset and 10% strategy, and the right strategy comes in naturally once you have your mind right.

This is the paradigm we get shift into and play with, and a paradigm I am on the leading edge of, while guiding others to also create wild success while giving their truest gifts to the world.

Over the last year of learning to work smarter, not harder, rethinking the associations between time and money and success and freedom, and looking within to identify the tangled mass of associations in my personal and social history that created these unhelpful ways of thinking and being, I’ve learned a lot.


Here’s what I learned:


1. Money has little correlation to how hard you work.
I know we’re taught this, and many people believe that earning money has to be a struggle, or that you have to work really hard to create it, but the simple truth is that some of the world’s wealthiest people work the least while some of the world’s hardest working people earn the least.

This isn’t a matter of fair or not fair, or even redistributing income, but realizing that money works on a set of laws and principles that go far beyond how much you work.

Most middle class and working people think in terms of hourly wages, but creating wealth and bigger abundance is about thinking in terms of offering your innate value to help others create shifts in their lives, and leveraging what you have to create more.

As we move into an information- and gig-based economy, this could never be truer.

For example, when you work with me, you’re not paying for a unit of my time. You’re investing in the result of having your root causes of pain identified and released, of reprogramming your mind so you can quantum leap into new levels of abundance and freedom, and of shifting into an elevated energetic state.

These are things I’ve spent hundreds of hours, tens of thousands of dollars, and possibly lifetimes to learn. My entire life revolves around expanding, understanding and elevating energy, both mine and others’.

If you’re a healer or a coach or a writer or an artist, people aren’t paying you for the amount of time that you give to them. They’re paying you for the shifts you help them experience in their lives.

So it’s time to get beyond the — “why should anyone pay me $xx per hour?,” or “can I make a living with my passion?”

Think BIGGER. Understand the true value of your unique gifts, learn to how to describe that value, and offer your gifts in a more powerful way for people. Help people create BIGGER shifts and value those shifts accordingly with a number that elevates you and makes you feel supported.

Even if you have a salaried job, I promise once you elevate your internal beliefs about your innate value, you will attract more money, whether in the form of a raise, bonus, or even brand new, better-paying and more aligned job.


At first, I was terrified that by working less this year, my income would plummet.

And actually I think I will net MORE this year because even though I did really well last year, I invested A LOT in mentoring and coaching.

This year I still invested quite a bit because I value surrounding myself in the energy of people further along than me, and if you’re not expanding you’re shrinking, but overall I think this year will actually end up more profitable.

And I worked WAY less.

Instead, I learned how to leverage my time. I learned how to take purposeful, inspired action rather than random action rooted in fear and helplessness. (More on this in a minute.) Also as my skills grow and I witness the insane shifts my clients experience, my rates have naturally gone up.

I value myself more. I now understand that I don’t receive money for my work. I receive money based on my energy. Which brings us to….


2. Money and time are both energy, way beyond things you can measure in units like dollars or minutes.
Let’s get a little woo.

The results we create in our lives result from our energy. Yes, we all have unique vibrations (composed of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions) that create our lives, but it’s also about literally having MORE energy.

Not the bouncing off the walls kind of energy necessarily, but the kind of energy that hums. Vibrates. This kind of energy attracts the right people, experiences and opportunities to you, requiring less work on your part.

It’s essentially having a strong aura that pulls things to you, or that meet you while you’re following the flow.

When you desire to manage time or money, what you’re really seeking to manage is energy.

When you have more energy, and can accomplish things more quickly, you have created more time.

And if you desire an overflow of money, start tuning into how you manage overflows of energy. Do you automatically give it away? Over-scheduling yourself or otherwise ensuring that the moment you feel well rested, something happens to deplete you again?

It’s all related.

The key is to reprogram our beliefs and habits around how we manage our energy to allow ourselves to fully, deeply and completely receive. To enjoy. To ditch struggle and sacrifice and truly thrive.

The trouble is, humans are addicted to making things difficult, we’re taught that life has to be a struggle, and so we look for it. We create it, whether because we’re bored, or we expect it to be there, or we feel guilty for letting it be easy, especially when people around us may be working really hard.

I feel guilty for this all the time. My husband works his ass off and I sleep late, do yoga in the middle of the day, break for green juice, and still make really great money even though I spend a lot of time resting and doing self-care.

Whenever I feel guilty, I remind myself that we all create our own realities, and this is available to him, too, if he chose to apply himself, learn the principles, set positive intentions, and take action accordingly.

On another level, people like us — the creatives, the free spirits, healers, artists, visionaries and free thinkers — we are the muses of the world.

This is the essence behind the Starlets concept, as in The Society of Spiritual Starlets.

Starlets are people who are here to change the world through their energy.

We are not here to DO. We are here to be and raise the vibration of the world.

We may work, create, produce, yes. We have magical gifts to give the world!

But our greatest “work,” is to care for ourselves so we exude that magical life-force energy that elevates others and in turn elevates the globe.

We’re here to lead the way, create our realities from within, and show others what’s possible.

When we hold ourselves to the old paradigm way of thinking — werkwerkwerkwerk — we exhaust ourselves, block ourselves from receiving, and literally push our destiny away because we can’t elevate the world when tired, burned out and resentful from giving too much and living in self-sacrifice.

Our greatest work comes from caring for ourselves deeply and completely, receiving that divinely inspired download that will change people’s lives, and then putting THAT into the world.

It’s not about working MORE. It’s about trusting ourselves, the universe, and the process, and taking powerful aligned actions, infused with your beautiful intentions, energy and self-belief.

When you do this, the actions you do take ripple throughout the infinite source of all that is, and help to accumulate energy until your intended reality manifests before your very eyes.

This is what it is to be a conscious co-creator with the universe. These are the processes I’m diving into and now teaching in The Starlets and guiding my private clients through 1:1.

A lot of programming must unwind for this way of living to become reality.

You must let go of guilt, learn to prioritize and put yourself first. Understand that by indulging in self-care so that you thrive and your energy hums, you are doing the world a great service, because THAT is how you tap into your inner magic and release it to the world.

You can’t do anything for anyone if you are burned out, time-starved mess who doesn’t have the money she wants and is buying into old limiting stories about why this is the case and why what you desire isn’t possible for you.

If this has triggered you, that’s good. It means a part of your soul recognizes this as truth, but these ideas are rubbing up against your old paradigms of what you must do to be worthy of love, success, money, happiness and freedom.

What are your thoughts? Have you experienced this to be true?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


All the love,


PS — Next week I am launching something very special to help you tap into your soul, subconscious and connect deeply to the source of all that is! Keep an eye out on your inbox because it’ll be gone in a flash, and you don’t want to miss this!




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