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How to listen to your soul in 4 steps

listen to your soul

The other day while listening to my soul I heard the distinct message that part of my purpose, or perhaps the main purpose underlying the other purposes, is to help you listen to your soul.

Because let’s be honest — this is the only real problem in life.

When you listen to your soul, hearing the messages and following through on them, which tends to happen when you’re tapped in, life flows.

You’re tapped into your needs and desires, expressing them clearly, creating a soul aligned life, and enjoying that deeper sense of meaning rather than feeling as if something is missing.

Tapped into your soul, you know you’re worthy without doubt. You allow yourself to enjoy life, savor it even, rather than feeling guilty for wanting what you want or letting other forms of self-doubt interfere with forward momentum.

But let’s be honest — very few people live life from the soul.


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People might live from the mind or ego, analyzing the shit out of everything, getting caught in doubt and fear over what they should do or what the right answer is, or live only from the heart, which like I shared in a recent training with my private client mastermind, tends to be more rash and emotional, based on momentary whims.

Your heart is tapped into your desires yes, but it’s from a place of wanting what you want and wanting it now, while the soul honors the need for growth and understands that everything is happening for the highest good, even when it doesn’t feel that way.

The soul knows that sometimes you eat the salad rather than the brownie, or maybe the brownie and not the salad, depending on what’s aligned.

The soul knows that sometimes you must do what’s scary in the moment for the sake of growth, but it also knows when to abandon those things that don’t feel good because life isn’t about pointless struggle.

The struggle is a choice, and to release the struggle, listen to your soul.

The soul knows the way to your highest potential, your best destiny, the solution to all problems, and contains all the answers you could possibly need.


So how do you listen to your soul and access this inner source of eternal wisdom?


1. Create space

This may seem obvious, but so many people don’t actually create space to sit with their souls. Powerful ways to do this include meditation, journaling with powerful questions, yoga (especially Kundalini), anything that connects you to your energy.

We all have a unique energetic vibration. Have you ever gone for a run or done something that made you breathless and paused after to feel a deeper pulse from within?

It’s that energy, that unique essence of you that IS your soul. It’s formless and wordless. It’s a feeling.

Create space to sit with and connect to this feeling to listen to your soul. Close your eyes, drop in and feel. Sometimes embracing the space feels weird and requires an adjustment period.

One of my favorite practices is lying on the floor in restorative yoga poses with healing music. I love the theta healing or chakra healing playlists on Spotify or YouTube, and often do this after taking a bath when I’m already relaxed.


2. Sit with whatever energy is blocking you from your soul.

Surrounding our souls are layers of energy. In yoga these are known as the koshas, the other bodies, including the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

You may need to develop the patience and sit in meditation for awhile before quieting your mind enough to drop into your energy.

You may tune in and discover resistance, sadness, anger or anxiety you don’t want to feel.

To drop in and listen to your soul, it’s important to feel these feelings, separate from the story around them, and clear the energy from your body through the practice of simply feeling.

Download the meditation I use to feel and release my feelings below.

Download the world’s most powerful meditation for emotional healing.

Most meditation techniques focus on the breath. This brings you into your body

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Some people feel like this is hard and scary, but that’s a story they tell themselves, and that’s a story that will never lead to an empowered, soulful life.

Choose to be strong and to show up for the work that’s required. If you don’t do the work, you’ll spend the rest of your life running in search of a magical pill that doesn’t exist. The only way out is through.

Also keep in mind that sitting with emotions or resistance is not a one-time thing. I often fall into this trap when I’m in a prolonged period of peace.

But the truth is we are human, and part of being alive is experiencing the realm of emotions. I call this living a technicolor life and see it as a good thing.

Osho talks about how sadness is roots and happiness is branches, and I love that. Sadness gives us compassion. When you get too high on life, it’s easy to look down on others and judge them for not being happy too.

It’s best to keep a middle ground, a yin and yang, and open to what is, trusting that everything is ultimately happening for the highest good.

I was about to write that it’s our pain that connects us to each other, but I don’t really like that. I think as a society and generation, we need to shift our thinking away from the idea that life has to be a painful struggle.

People tend to bond over their pain and insecurities. It’s time to bond over our strengths and dreams, too.

If you want to learn how to sit with your emotions, you’d love The Magic of Meditation, which is a 30-day course that teaches you my unique style of meditation, which is very heart centered and in the body as opposed to the breath.

There’s a whole week on emotions and how to use meditation to do deeper emotional work, including shadow work, which clears space to listen to your soul.


3. Shift your self-talk.

I can’t tell you how many times a day I see people in my broader community — not so much The Starlets or my private clients because they evolve past this very quickly! — saying destructive things like, “I don’t know.”

Sentences like “I don’t know,” are mantras that become your reality. Strong and successful people don’t say things like, “I don’t know,” or “I can’t.”

To listen to your soul, shift to asking for the answers within, like, “What is the answer to this question?” or “How can I?” The answers will come, but you have to first ask the right questions. Otherwise you don’t even create space for the answers to rise up, instead blocking yourself from forward movement through limiting beliefs.

Shifting your self-talk to notice those times when you give your power away is a really important step to open the door to soul communication.

The answer might not rise up right away, but if you keep creating the space, the answer will come.


4. Drop in and listen to your soul.

Simply connect to the energy within and see what comes up! You can do this with all types of energy, from your soul itself to the emotions or resistance surrounding it.

Ask empowering and curious questions rather than getting swept away in thoughts that are dismissing or judgmental.

For example, you might ask, “Why am I feeling this way?” rather than, “omg I can’t believe I still feel this way?! When will this feeling go away?”

Other good questions include:

What is going on beneath the surface?

What do I need to know about xx?

What do I need to know to move through this?

Wanting emotions to go away is really wanting parts of ourselves to go away.

Every single emotion has an important message to share, and is a message straight from your soul.

The more you open up to listen to your soul, feel and process any pain, using it to understand yourself, your needs and desires, the more space you clear to hear the deeper soul messages and get to the fun stuff like living your purpose, creating abundance, enjoying fulfilling relationships, and giving your gifts to the world in the massive way you’re meant to.

EVERYTHING comes from starting to listen to your soul.

Your soul is the source of true power, and the more connected you are to an internal sense of power, the less you’ll need validation from others. The less you’ll fall into stories about what others expect of you. The more connected you are to yourself, the more you can’t help but follow your inner guidance.

It’s simply a choice, followed with daily practice, and of course working with a mentor like me to identify your limiting beliefs and outdated stories sure helps!

If you want to let out your inner quirks and live the soulful, purposeful life you dream of, this is the work you get to do. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to shift and create an abundant, empowered life.

Do the work. Show up to listen to your soul. Clear the space. Follow the inner guidance.

Listen to your soul as a top priority in life because when you do that, everything else just flows.

Did this resonate?

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Starlet Spotlight!

Meet Tess, a nurse with a passion for music.

My new membership program The Society of Spiritual Starlets has attracted the most amazing group of creatives, artists and free spirits! Part of my intention was to create a space where members could own their gifts and step into their power.

Today meet Tess, who is an amazing singer and guitar player. In the Starlets, we did a 30-day challenge and Tess dedicated herself to learning a new song and posting a video of her playing each day! She rocked it!


Here’s Tess’s story:

For most of my earlier life I have been a performer: dancer and singer.

These were the days I felt SO ALIVE. Performing was my passion and it was all I really knew until it was my senior year in high school, and I thought I had to “grow up and get serious about a “real career.”

Fast forward to age 32, a full time pediatric nurse, I am wanting to re-live the days when my passions were so clear and I could sing and dance all day every day and love every second of it.

Being a part of The Spiritual Starlets has been a space that has challenged my ways of thinking and being in order to tap back into the spirit of “the performer” in me.

I used the 30-day challenge as a catalyst to jump start that spirit and get it revving again. I dubbed my challenge #30songsin30days which is something I didn’t think I could do, because “how could I possibly have the time to do that?!”

Though I haven’t done a song exactly every single day, the take away from this experience is that I feel CONNECTED to my inner artist.

I thank Suzanne for bringing this fabulous group of Starlets together to shake things up and get clear on what we want out of this life.

Listen to Tess rock it out and sing here!




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