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How to overcome fear and follow your heart anyway

overcome fear and follow your heart anyway

I know a think or two about how to overcome fear because I was stuck in it for 30 years before following my dreams!

Unless you’ve been in my world a couple of years you wouldn’t know this, but when I first started sharing my heart online, I wrote anonymously using the moniker Modern Yogi. (Are you still here from Modern Yogi days? I’d love to know!)

I was terrified of what people would think, and worse, hated everything I wrote.

Sharing at all was progress because I’d been paralyzed by fear and indecision for decades! Always starting blogs and abandoning them after just a few posts. Forever living inside my head.

I always hoped life would give me a breakthrough or that I’d be discovered (lol).

Eventually I realized my life would never change unless I took things into my own hands. Thank God I found the courage to overcome fear!

You have to unless you want to spend the rest of your life waiting for things to change.


Nobody is coming to save you, but really — you don’t need anyone to save you because you are already beyond powerful.


How to overcome your fear and follow your heart anyway. spiritual love manifest abundance healing


I’ll share with you a few pivotal mindset shifts that helped me overcome fear to give the world my true gifts and build a freedom-based business while breaking all the rules and following my heart  — not to mention creating this tight-knit community of spiritual starlets here to elevate the world through being our true selves!


Back then (it was about three years ago), my captions were just a few sentences and barely said anything at all, but each one left me feeling exposed and terrified.

It became a spiritual practice: Write things that scared me, things I feared made me less lovable. Release them into the world. Love myself anyway.

The cool thing was that so many people ended up commenting things like, “I’ve always felt that way!” Or, “me too.”

Those words became the most healing ones in the world.

It sounds corny, but it changed my life. It wasn’t just confessing things to strangers on the Internet, but realizing I wasn’t the only person who felt this way.

Eventually I grew bolder and attached my name to Modern Yogi before shedding the yogi part (it felt too limiting) and emerging into the world as me, with nothing to hide. (Here’s the blog post where I came out of hiding!)


So how can you overcome fear and shift into faith?

Here’s a video!


1. Get clear on what your fear is costing you.

We often think about the potential cost of change, but what about the cost of staying the same?

How much are you hurting your soul by keeping your gifts to yourself, allowing yourself to stay stuck in fear or in a situation that no longer serves you?

How much life are you wasting by not leaning into the fear?

When you allow yourself to be stuck in fear, you’re literally denying your soul the thrill of realizing your full potential. To me, that is the truly scary thing!


2. Make a commitment to take a small step forward.

There are two ways to do this.

First, you can tune in and ask, “what is my next step?” Sometimes your mind will say, “I don’t know,” but push yourself further, and ask, “If I did know, what would it be?” Trust that you know! You always do.

Another version of this is to connect this to your larger vision, if you know it, and ask yourself what’s one small step you feel good about that you can take daily to create this vision.

It might seem so small that you have no idea how it will all add up, but trust that it will!

My entire blog that’s quickly becoming one of the most popular spiritual and personal development blogs on the Internet began by committing to post on Instagram every day.

And commitment meant that even when I didn’t feel like it or know what to write, I still showed up and posted something as best I could.

Not everyday’s post was awesome, but consistency is a necessary ingredient to create success.

The important thing is that you COMMIT to something, commit being the key word.

This isn’t just trying something to see how it goes because chances are you won’t be successful right away.

Decide to do something consistently long enough to gain traction and prove to yourself that you can!

It doesn’t matter how the outside world responds. Results are created from within. <<< This is super important.


3. Connect to your vision and want it so badly that it pulls you through the fear.

Your vision will change, that’s okay. It’s supposed to! What matters is tuning in daily and asking your soul what it sees and desires.

When I work with people privately, they often come to me thinking they want one thing and eventually shift to an entirely different thing once they fully open up to their soul.

The important thing was, they knew they wanted more, tuned into the next step, and took action.

By virtue of taking action, even if it’s hiring support, you find your way to the next step. As long as you keep moving forward, your will find your way.

If you’re not sure of your vision, connect to how it will feel to be known and respected for your gifts. Have an image in your mind of how that will look and feel.

Once the desire for your vision becomes greater than the fear holding you back, the fear won’t matter any more.

This is the most powerful way to overcome fear.


4. Use the fear as fuel. 

Get mad! You don’t have to, of course. Sometimes it’s not necessary. But personally, I have a tendency to play very small that I’m working to overcome.

The best way to force myself to get over my own bullshit is to get mad at how my smaller self is keeping my higher self trapped in a cage! It’s actually infuriating when you think about it.

When fear wins, it just means you don’t want your vision bad enough.

Do you really, really want it? Then go for it!

Reconnect to faith.

Fear says you’re not good enough.

Faith says let’s take this next step and see where it goes.

Fear says you need to have all the answers right now.

Faith says the answers will come once you take the next step.

Fear says everything you do sucks.

Faith says it’s good enough, and you’ll get better as you put yourself out there and grow.

It’s all part of the journey of learning how to overcome fear. All part of the process.

What are your thoughts?

I’d love to hear. <3


And by the way…

I’m not sure if I told you!

Something very exciting is coming soon!

It’s called The Society of Spiritual Starlets!

This will be a monthly membership community with trainings and support for connecting with your true self and creating a life based on that soul connection.

I’m so beyond excited to create a virtual hub that will feel like home, connect you with other ambitious free spirits, creatives, visionaries, entrepreneurs and other soulful people, and of course give you the support you need to release all inner blocks to loving yourself and living your greatness.

This community will be next level with so many nuggets sure to spark transformational shifts at a super affordable price point. I cannot wait to begin!

More details coming soon! Hopefully next week.

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