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How to transmute sadness + anger into passion

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Pop spirituality is often helpful, but also often toxic.

It makes you doubt your sacred, radical right to feel with all this talk of happy is high vibe and anything else is low vibe. You’re told to choose happiness like you might pick out an outfit for the day. Easy, right?

You don’t want to be low vibe because let’s face it, you’re sometimes afraid you already are.

So you go to war with yourself, fighting your feelings, maybe saying affirmations, willing yourself to be happy, trying all methods of yoga and essential oils and chakra balancing and walks in nature to rid yourself of this feeling.


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And finally you find some semblance of feeling good, but it’s not deep, and you have this ongoing sense of unease that it could disappear at any moment, engulfed by an even bigger wave of sadness — those same waves you just wish would go away.

You want true happiness. Peace. Where can you find it?


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You know part of the story if you’ve been in this community for any length of time — feel your feelings. All of them. Allow them. Don’t judge them.

But there’s a second part of this puzzle — and that’s to create from them. Tap into your heart and transform that energy into something real.

One reason for depression that I recently heard that blew my mind was actually from motivational speaker Grant Cardone. He says that depression comes when you know you are not living up to your true potential.


That blew my mind. 

Thinking back to when I was super depressed, I was also a super slacker. I kept all my creative potential locked inside of me, unable to get any forward motion.

I feared all the pain inside of me and this fear was like a dam trapping the energy, resulting in what felt like a frozen pond within. A cold and numb surface with icy cold waters plunging to unfathomable depths beneath.

You see feelings are raw universal energy. Power. And when we repress or resist our emotions, we are also repressing our raw life force energy. It leaves you feeling tired and depressed and detached from yourself.

Feeling is not just healing or connecting to your truth. It’s also about transmuting that energy into passion.

Releasing the need to be happy or even peaceful all the time opens the door for you to tap into that raw, roaring ocean of energy inside of you and create from that place.

It’s about feeling alive!


As you connect to what’s within and create from that place your life will flow. 

THAT’s how you find and follow your life purpose. It’s not something you discover from your head, but something you feel from your heart.

The trap of pop spirituality is that it has us all prematurely seeking peace. Peace is a natural state that happens from pure acceptance — including accepting your wild passion and intense emotions!

Personally, I’m no longer committed to living a peaceful life. It’s not my highest priority.

I’m not always peaceful and happy. I feel. A lot. Everything. And the more I feel, the more I feel. I feel pleasure so ecstatic it runs through my veins like champagne.

And I feel pain so all consuming that it’s all I can do to remind myself that it will pass, that a rainbow will soon come.

And as I connect to the entire spectrum of human emotions, as I connect to my raw heart and create from that place instead of requiring my creations to come from peace, the more passion I feel. The more alive.

When I’m writing it feels like I’m surfing a wave of energy and it’s the thing that makes me feel most truly alive. Loved and connected.

My peace comes from that but it’s not my goal – only an outcome from allowing myself to truly feel with no judgment. No fear.


When you value peace over your sacred, radical right to feel, you move through emotions too quickly.

It has a quality of feeling forced, and you end up not honoring yourself or your experience. You don’t receive the full wisdom the emotions contain. You may feel better after they pass, but the sense of peace feels fragile and that’s because you know deep down that you’re controlling your experience instead of trusting.

It’s important to value the power and life force energy that emotions contain. Doing that opens the door to a new, deeper level of creativity.

What can you create? Anything you desire! Before you say you’re not creative, I would remind you that your existence on Earth is the most awesome act of creation, and regardless of whether you’re a male or female you have the ability to create life. If that’s not creative, I don’t know what is.

To create, you could make something in the traditional art sense — draw or write or paint or take pictures. But you could create other things, too. You could cook or spend time doing your makeup in a fun way. You could create fun outfits.

Go bigger! Create a social movement, volunteer for an organization, start a garden, create a new type of fitness.

Just create!


If you don’t express what’s inside of you, it will literally eat you alive.

I fully believe that’s one reason I got cancer.​ My heart and my passion was closed off because I didn’t see that the world had room for it. I shoved it down and all that energy had nowhere to go.

So forget peace and happiness. No more of this planet’s most beautiful, sensitive souls hiding themselves for fear they won’t be accepted. We have to accept ourselves. Commit to that. And then the world will have no choice but to respond in kind.

Love who you are. Every single broken piece and the whole ones too. It’s all worthy. It’s all beautiful. It’s all perfect. It all has meaning. Because it’s you. And you are the universe. You are alive.

I hope this served you! If it resonated with you, please comment or share!

All the best,



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  • Marie says:

    This is beautiful, Suzanne 🙂 So hopeful, and brave and contagious! Thank you.

  • Amahzing247 says:

    Yesterday was a very emotionally sad one for me . And I woke up this morning and went for a run. And in that time I realized my reality is somewhat painful but I also decided to stop trying to run from the pain but to own it and grow through it . Thank you once again for always guiding me right . I really pray I win one of the free spots on your new course . I need this . And even if I don’t win the spot I am positive that the universe will sort me out somehow .

    • Suzanne says:

      Sending you so much love! I’m sorry you had a sad day, but know you will find much meaning and beauty along your journey. <3

  • Rayven says:

    It’s so eerie… it feels like you are describing me exactly! I am right where it sounds like you were… trying to feel through things and let it guide me to myself. My story is too long to share, and I won’t try… but thank you for this. It helps me sense of a few things.

    • Suzanne says:

      Hi Rayven,

      Love hearing the blog helped put words to your experience. Thank you so much for commenting!

      All the love,

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