Journey Into The Heart 

With Journaling 

 30 days of inspired prompts for self-discovery 

Finally a place to make sense of the craziness inside your mind.

A journal is your best friend, sounding board, your constant companion.

It's a neutral sounding board, a place to channel divine wisdom, reconnect with yourself, and discover who you are. You can plot world denomination and process your most brutal hurts, pains and burdens.

Your journal won't object when you fill an entire page with curse words. It will gracefully absorb your tears and lovingly hold space to explore your deepest thoughts, feelings, regrets, hopes and dreams.

Through journaling, you will understand yourself, uncover your greatness, slice through the heart of your loneliness and isolation, joyfully report your happiest days and above all, show up for yourself every time you open the page.

As you journal daily, you will create a rhythm of connection. You will hear your own heart beat and begin to peel back the sometimes confusing layers of your true self.

Journaling is the most powerful way to connect with yourself, but not everyone knows where to start.

You have no idea what to write about or where to start. Maybe you don't consider yourself a writer and that scares you off. (It doesn't matter what it sounds like, but only that you show up!)  

And like any new habit, the hardest part is starting. You have to remember to actually do it. You have to overcome that resistance of not knowing what to write about. Otherwise, you'll never receive the benefits.

When you make time to journal, you're going to experience the peace of emptying your thoughts, connecting to your heart and finding out who you are.

A journal is going to be your greatest friend and most trusted companion. By enrolling in this course, you're giving yourself time and space to develop the relationship with yourself that is the foundation of unconditional self-love.

You're invited to Journey Into The Heart with Journaling.

My personal journaling space! Totally optional, but nice to have. 

* Receive daily short, inspirational messages with fresh perspectives to uplift your heart and bring a smile to your face.

* Be guided through a series of soul-stirring journaling prompts for self-discovery and deep heart healing.

* Explore your most delicious desires while identifying areas of life where a few small changes could make a big difference.

* Set aside "me time" and discover the joy that comes from putting yourself first!

* Understand yourself more deeply. Create a sacred space to express yourself without rules, judgment or expectation.

How well do you know yourself?

What are you passionate about? What are your dreams? What are your priorities? What nourishes you?

These are the questions you're going to be exploring in Journey into the Heart with Journaling. Each day will feature a short inspirational reading, and then you'll be guided through a series of questions designed to lovingly help you come home to yourself. 

Carve out just a few minutes a day to truly get to know yourself again. That's the greatest gift in the world, and well worth the $33 cost. 

How much do you value yourself? What price can you put on loving yourself or realizing what areas of your life aren't serving you so you can shift them and feel better?

Priceless, right? $33 is a pittance to pay for the gift of understanding yourself and learning to love who you are. 

Hi, I'm Suzanne.

My life-long love affair with journaling began when I was an early teen after my dad and sister died. My journal was the only place I could explore all my complicated feelings.

I felt really isolated, and my journal was the only place I felt understood. My journal never fails to help me process pain, understand myself, and find relief from overwhelm.

Often the sheer act of writing things down brings healing.

Today, I'm a meditation and spirituality teacher helping people heal their hearts and love who they are. Journaling is an important piece of that, and has a place in most of my courses. It's a potent tool for self-discovery.

If you want to reconnect to your heart and create a journaling practice, Journey Into The Heart is perfect for you. 

Imagine how you'll feel after 30 days of connecting to yourself.

If you're wondering when you'll find the time to journal on top of everything else in your life, I totally get it.

The truth is, taking time to connect to yourself gives you time. Even bigger — it gives you your life back. 

Spending even five minutes each day connecting to yourself will create big shifts. It will help you love yourself, heal past pain and discover your true wants and needs. It's a great adventure. You can start today!

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