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Mantras: Tools To Calm The Mind And Release Anxiety

mantras for anxiety

The other night, gripped by anxiety about the changes (all positive) happening in my life, I impulsively tried a new remedy to relieve the anguish. And it worked.

That powerful remedy was chanting mantras.

Mantras are a word or string of words repeated to calm the mind and create instant peace.

They’re typically Sanskrit, but you can also use English words if you wish. Reciting sacred Sanskrit sounds will have the most beneficial impact, but people new to mantras may find it easy to repeat words like, “I am peace,” or “I am love,” when trying to meditate or find their way out of an unsavory mood shift.


Learn three powerful mantras to release anxiety. Click through to learn how to use this simple tool.

How do mantras work?

We all have thoughts running through our minds and repeating a mantra helps to still the ongoing narrative. While growing accustomed to the mantra, all mental effort goes to remembering the words. After memorizing the mantra so it comes with ease, your mind may wander again.

Working to apply awareness to the mantra helps focus the mind. Either way, once chanting has ended, the mind falls into a beautiful, poignant stillness.


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What are the benefits of mantras?

On an energetic level, the mantras help to raise our vibrations. Some mantras involve invoking Hindu gods or goddesses to bring favor into our lives.

The Ganesh mantra, for example, invokes the power of Ganesh, the elephant-god who is the remover of all obstacles. (Keeping in mind that in yoga, all obstacles are believed to be in the mind. Many times removing obstacles involves shifts in our perspective.)

Other mantras, like the Gayatri mantra, celebrate the Divine and link us to the infinite.

They inspire devotion, help clear energetic imbalances, and bring light into the heart. They encourage unhealthy mental patterns to rise to the surface, where they can be noticed and dissolved.

You have to chant yourself to feel the immense power. I resisted for a long time, but these sacred syllables are now an integral part of my spiritual practice.


How do I incorporate mantras into my life? 

One way is to recite the mantras along with a recording (several are featured below).

Once you have the rhythm and pronunciation down, you may want to transition to a solo practice, guided by mala beads. Malas are necklaces consisting of 108 beads, and like rosary beads, they help you count recitations.

It’s easy to make a simple necklace, although many companies sell more beautiful, ornate versions for a higher cost.

I’ve begun chanting mantras aloud each morning before meditation. It’s best to chant them aloud because singing opens the throat chakra and the vibration of the mantra offers healing energy to the body, mind, and soul.


Three powerful mantras for soul healing and life shifts

1. Gayatri Mantra
Aum Bhur Bhuva Svah

Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat

One translation:
We contemplate the glory of Light illuminating the three worlds: gross, subtle, and causal.
I am that vivifying power, love, radiant illumination, and divine grace of universal intelligence.
We pray for the divine light to illumine our minds.

According to Swami J, “the Gayatri  (GUY-ah-tree) is one of the most known and beneficial of the ancient Sanskrit mantras. Gayatri is a mantra of physical, emotional, and mental healing, purifying the subtle karmas, protection from the onslaught of obstacles, and of spiritual awakening or self-realization.”

Here is a beautiful chant to follow. It’s two hours, but feel free to chant for only as long as your schedule allows.


2. Ganesh Mantra
Om gam ganapataye namaha

This chant invokes the power of Ganesh, remover of obstacles. It’s beneficial to chant during new beginnings or anytime you feel bogged down by life, keeping in mind that mantras are most powerful when undertaken as a daily practice.

3. Maakaral shivaya namaha 

This powerful mantra invokes Shiva, one of the three most powerful Hindu gods who is charged with destruction in preparation for re-creation. This powerful mantra helps to dispel negative karma.



Discover the simple, five-minute nighttime ritual that can calm anxiety and more.

7 Simple Ways Stop Anxiety by Balancing The First Chakra

Download your free booklet and learn how to balance the first chakra, the root of anxiety.

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What is your experience with mantras? Comment below and share your story.


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    • june says:

      No mantra has worked for me so far. I started with om gum ganpataye namaha.125000 rep in 40 days.i fell sick after completion.nothing changed.currently im doing om namah this time no set target.just chanting one round per sitting.i hope this mantra works this time

      • Suzanne Heyn says:

        Hi June,

        It doesn’t work for everyone. If it’s not making you happy, maybe it’s not the right method for you? The technique is irrelevant, they all lead to the same place. The methods are supposed to bring peace, and if they’re making you sick, that is definitely not good! Be kind to yourself! <3

        All the best,

      • Sugar says:

        June!! There are specific mantras according to your sun sign. Basically these emotional turmoil we face in life is due to the negetive impact of diff planets and their “Dasha” plus what worldly situation we have gotten ourselves in.So people consult astrologers to find out exactly what planet is causing us these problems and they provide us mantras with techniques to recite them. For eg. U can be suffering from depression due to ‘bhukti’ caused by transit of Saturn into moon, which is always the prime indication of depression in ones life, thus the astrologer after considering other things provides you to recite matra to specific diety(which can be longer like a poem). Mantras are not limited to only that are mentioned above, there are numerous mantras actually. But also there is a universal solution to all psychological problems which has always helped me, that is reciting the ‘Bhagavad Gita’. Lord Krishna’s guidance might help you too 🙂

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    • Rachel says:

      Thank you for the information, It’s all nicely put together,
      I’m struggling with a heart issue; feeling sad and over thinking.
      I know better but ‘am feeling heavy lately.
      After the kriya set of exercises I am reminded I can keep my heart open and still stay grounded giving unconditional love with out expectation; being one with the divine.
      Doing the physical work is important, the repetition and focus…consistency.
      I teach all this as an instructor myself and appreciate your thoughtful reminders here. Nicely done.:)
      Namaste ~

      • Suzanne Heyn says:

        Hi Rachel,

        So glad you enjoyed the article! Have you tried my guided meditation, the Feeling Awareness meditation? It’s designed specifically to help you enter your heart and transform any sadness into peace with the power of presence and awareness. All of our life struggles carry so much meaning. It’s wonderful to hear you’re on the path of yoga, teaching as well as learning. Grateful to have crossed paths with you!

        All the love,

  • Chanting of Mantra purifies the environment around the chanter and produces positive vibrations.The Ganesh mantra for wealth, and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

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  • Ann says:

    Hi there

    I am a newbie to mantras. How do I select the right one for me?

    Just to give you an idea – my husband and I are very much connected in the spiritual world and we have discovered that he is my protector as where I am helping others but also supporting him. He is an angry person and this stems from childhood and can get very aggressive when provoked. I have learnt to deal with it but I need an outlet and have started with yoga which is absolutely fantastic. I feel that doing meditation and finding a mantra that works for me, I can help him be more at peace and help me to become stronger and able to “heal” when its needed.

    I would really appreciate your help.


    • Suzanne Heyn says:

      Hi Ann — Really the choice is yours, pick a mantra that resonates with you. 🙂 You’re not responsible for your husband’s peace, but only your own.

      Lots of love,

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  • Bhumika Gyanani says:

    I really like to chat mantras, Thanks for sharing mantras to calm mind and release anxiety.

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