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The most important ingredient for releasing resistance

releasing resistance

Are you ready to learn the secret ingredient for releasing resistance and finally traveling the gap between resistance and surrender?


Last week, you learned an essential question — “Ok, so now what? This question immediately flips the script on resistance and forces you to search for solutions instead of list all the things you wish were different.

However for that question to truly work, there’s a critical missing ingredient.

As you know, resistance is a big beast. It interweaves through our belief systems and habits. It sinks its teeth into every part of our being over the course of many years. It snowballs, and because how we do one thing is how we do everything, resistance in one area of life results in resisting all areas of life. Until you are just one big ball of resistance.

The good news is that releasing resistance follows this same rule. Once you begin releasing resistance in one area of your life, this release will overflow into other areas.

It’s like trying to undo a knot. If you tug at the strings, the knot tightens. But if you examine the knot from overhead and identify a thread that may be looser than the others, you can eventually unravel the tangle.


The way we interact with the world begins with how we interact with ourselves.

Everything begins inside. When you shift your inner world, your outer world changes. You may want to change your outer life, but when you shift your inner life, things outside change.

If, on the other hand, you make changes inspired by resistance, the changes will receive this quality of resistance and not yield the results you desire. To produce desirable results, you must always move toward instead of away from.

The process of releasing resistance to life begins with releasing resistance to yourself.

Ask yourself: 
** In what ways do you resist yourself? Do you resist your feelings? Your thoughts? Your desires? Your deepest, most heartfelt dreams?

** Have you sacrificed your wishes to live the life others told you was acceptable?

** Have you compromised so deeply you don’t know who you are anymore and now you feel pain and you resist that pain because you don’t know what else to do?


The answer is very, very simple.

The answer is to feel your emotions. Not the thoughts, not the story, but the actual, physical sensations in your body. This is often the loosest thread, the activity that will bring you closer to yourself.

As you work on releasing resistance around your emotions, as you dissolve all the repressed pent up fear and sadness and anger, you will heal. You will create a blank slate on which you can begin again and ask that most magical question – so now what?

Because in truth, our insides are energy. Right now, your insides may contain a backlog of repressed emotions that haven’t disappeared, but are only waiting for your attention.

It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to change your thoughts until you have cleared your internal energy of repressed emotions.


It’s like clearing a jammed inbox.

The email doesn’t just go away, no matter how hard you wish. You must physically go through and give each message your attention to delete it.

The same is true with emotions. As soon as you sit with them and give them your attention without the story, just feeling what it feels like to feel, the emotions dissolve.

Sitting with your emotions simultaneously heals and changes your relationship to them from one of resistance to once of acceptance. As you practice accepting your emotions, you will release the grip around other things in your life, too.

Even better, reprogramming the mind becomes much easier once you clear your internal energy. Clearing your insides creates a blank slate to write whatever types of thoughts you desire.

Our minds are completely, 100% programmable, but you need internal space and emotional freedom to do this.



This life and all its abundant possibility are yours to embrace, but you must have internal freedom to reclaim that power.

So sit, ask yourself, how do you feel?

Is there a haunting ache around your heart? A knot of nerves in your belly? Anger running through your veins?

There is no secret, no magic pill, that will save you from you from greeting yourself without resistance. Even if you pull another loose thread first, your emotions will be waiting for you.

A good relationship with your emotions is without a doubt the single most important ingredient to an authentic, happy and peaceful life.

This is a lifelong practice that grows much, much easier over time.

After you’ve cleared the backlog of emotional energy, your life is yours again.

My course The Big Shift is the best way to work through resistance and return to yourself again.

But you can start your journey today by downloading the free meditation below.

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