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The No. 1 Thing Blocking Your Happiness

blocking happiness

Once upon a time, there was a girl who searched for happiness, but her insides felt sharp like barbed wire. The discomfort was so great she couldn’t sit still for even a few moments without the pain bubbling up. But she was so numb she thought it was impatience.

She’d squirm, as if the pain inside was a parasite with a life of its own and she was merely the unlucky host.

In motion, she felt at peace, although still without happiness. She’d take road trips, watch the country roll by outside the glare of the car window. Drive around town, the hum of the car’s engine giving her momentary glimpses of satisfaction. She’d dream of the trips she would take and the good times that awaited her. Tomorrow. Some day. Maybe. Hopefully.


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And in truth although she felt at peace while in motion, this sense of quiet was false. Because as soon as stillness came, as soon as there was no place to go, the grossness inside would roar again and she’d search for something to dull the pain. Television. Alcohol. Even dreaming became an escape for a life she didn’t want to live.

It was almost indefinable, this pain. It was there, but not there. Painful and numb all at once. Maybe tomorrow it would go away? Maybe once she found a great place, people who made her feel at home?

But this pain — it made her feel so flawed. Impossibly. Desperately. Was the world punishing her while slipping everyone else an invitation to a secret party? Their smiles were so taunting. Their laughter. Their ease. “I know something you don’t know,” they seemed to tease.


If you haven’t guessed by now…


She was me and I was her. This brings me tears to write about. So many decades on the outside looking in. Feeling flawed. Unloveable. Incapable of living a life I loved.

This girl who I was, she thought her biggest problem was that she was flawed. But it wasn’t that at all.

Her biggest obstacle to happiness was resistance.

She was so busy fighting life that it blinded her to all that was possible, and most of all, to her own brilliance.

But back then I didn’t know about resistance and I thought this internal pain was impatience as I eagerly awaited life to sweep me off my feet and deliver the dazzling fate I dreamed of.

My heart harbored hopes of becoming a writer like Jack Kerouac, traveling the world, doing interesting things and writing about them, but every time I sat down to write the resistance would grow claws, and I’d search for distraction. Was I lazy? Procrastinating? Untalented?

I was none of these things. The problem was the very thing I thought would save me: my internal battle. Resistance.

Why do we fight when we know it never brings peace?


You know that saying, “fighting for peace is like F-ing for virginity?” Yeah. Resistance is like that.


Peace doesn’t come from war, either among nations or in our own hearts. And still we fight because we don’t know a better way. Because we’re scared of what will happen if we stop.

And we resist our lives thinking that changing them will create happiness. In the meantime, our own resistance makes us miserable.

I’m not sure why the world’s nations can’t get along, but I do know that on an internal level, the answer to this fighting is very simple. It’s to drop the resistance. To surrender. To stop wishing for a different present moment and accept what is.

You may be thinking: I want this pain and everything that’s causing my pain to go away. But that’s resistance. That’s the problem.


If I surrender, how will anything ever change?

The answer involves basic science. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When you’re stuck in resistance internally, life resists back. So if nothing in your outside life will give, then something inside you has to give. And that something is often surrendering, allowing. And once your insides shift, your outsides change.

Maybe that feels like removing your bullet proof vest in front of a firing squad, opening yourself up for attack, and that’s a completely valid concern. You’ll learn more about that next week.

The thing is, every iota of trapped-ness we feel in our external lives results from trapped-ness internally. We only identify with things in our outside world if we carry those things in our heart.

As we continue to resist internally, we harden to life and ourselves. We think we’re doing a noble thing by fighting, but fighting is the very thing that keeps us trapped.

The crazy thing is that a lot of times we think we’re changing and making a noble effort, but the energy behind this effort is still one of resistance. And intention is everything.

How do you surrender and embrace happiness? This was working out to be a long blog post, so it’s going to be in a few parts. Next week you’ll discover two simple ways to surrender immediately.

Sometimes to loosen the grip, you’ve got to fully realize the insanity of the present moment. Now you know. Click here to read the next article in the series.


In the meantime, what is your relationship with resistance? Share your story in the comments below. 




Suzanne Heyn is a spiritual blogger and online course creator here to help soulful creatives live from the heart. If you're ready to discover your purpose, live in abundance and experience the freedom your heart longs for, you're in the right place. All the wisdom you need is right inside your soul, and I’m here to help you find it.

  • laura says:

    Woah.. this post hit home. Also fully resonated with wanting to be like Kerouac and travel the World. I definitely use too much energy resisting / fighting and just letting go to what is. Thank you <3

  • Jan Groh says:

    This is my EXACT struggle – I’m so blocked from being in the present moment and being happy with “what is” when I have absolutely everything I need and want. You used words that rang true to me – I completely relate. I know I need to surrender, I KNOW I am resisting and holding myself back – but not sure how to let go???!!?? Thank you for the wake-up call – I’m anxious to continue the story….

    • Suzanne Heyn says:

      Hi Jan,

      For sure, next week will help you. Did The Big Shift help at all with this? Did you do the 40 days? If not, there’s another session starting in April and I’m happy to put you on the list. Several others are repeating and we’d love to have you!

  • Katura says:

    This made me smile. I am part of the Freedom Found Challenge. After seeing amazing changes and progress in the first few days, my inner over-achiever grabbed on and caused me to start furiously resisting any negative emotions that came my way. I finally realized what was going on and was able to let go of my expectations for myself. Isn’t it funny that resistance can be so tricky that we can create it by trying NOT to resist our circumstances? Uggh. Difficult to walk that line.

    • Suzanne Heyn says:

      Hi Katura,

      That is so awesome! What wonderful self-awareness! Thank you for sharing! I’m so happy you experienced shifts during the course. :) There’s actually a free, three-part training series coming up after Freedom Found, and this is the first installment, so you got a sneak peak :) But hopefully you will get value from the second two parts! I’m so grateful to have connected with you.

      Have a great weekend!

      • Katura says:

        Hi Suzanne!

        That’s awesome that there’s more to the series! I’ll be sure to sign up for the rest! And thanks, I was born an Empath so it’s pretty easy for me to access my own emotions but I sometimes have problems with overload from others. Meditation has been really helping me a lot though! :-)

        I have to say I’m really really so glad that you are here teaching about self-love and healing. The world can be so toxic and there are so many broken people walking around; the most difficult thing for me emotionally is to see them and know exactly how they are injured, to feel what they feel, and not to be able to do that much at all to help beyond the basic courtesy and kindness afforded by our social structure. Emotional awareness and healing is so rare and so much needed in our culture.

        A wonderful weekend to you also!


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