On parallel realities and why all things are possible at all times - Suzanne Heyn

On parallel realities and why all things are possible at all times

On parallel realities and why all things are possible at all times


We’ve been conditioned to approach life changes in a shockingly ineffective way.

We’ve been taught to obsess over our lives while analyzing how to control what other people do or how they treat us, freaking out over jobs we hate and trying to get your boss (even if your boss is you) to stop being such an ungrateful asshole, wondering why more money won’t come your way, or why things just don’t work as well as they should.

This does not work, as you may have experienced.

True change happens from the inside out.

We shift within. Change our thoughts and beliefs because beliefs dictate how life works for you.

The work to is always the same: heal the deep pains that created false, limiting beliefs in the first place. Create new beliefs and affirm them all day long until they’re embedded deep within our core.

Take action based on these new beliefs.

This shifts our energy, and then, and only then —

Life changes. As if by magic.


On parallel realities and why all things are possible at all times spirituality manifesting dreams healing


Our lives change when we change within.

Not because we’re not good enough as we are, but because most life problems are created by the lie that we are NOT good enough.

Choosing to remember our innate worthiness in all areas creates the possibility for greater ease and flow in all areas.

This happened to me years ago when I felt impossibly stuck and unhappy in life. I leaned in, asked for guidance, and was led to the 40-day yoga practice that helped me remember my own power and strength, find peace, and resulted in discovering my life purpose and starting my beautiful blog and business that I am obsessed with.

And last year I felt stuck in a different way, blocked from having the impact I know I’m meant to have and from receiving more abundance in my business.

I invested a FUCK ton of money with two different coaches and they taught me how to do inner work in a way that I’d never done before, and that has since massively upleveled not only my business but what I believe is possible, how I hold myself, what I think of myself, and how I give my gifts to the world.

Two very different problems and outcomes, but the process was the same:


When everything in you wants to look at what’s happening around you as proof that you’re flawed and don’t deserve good things, look within.

Look within and identify the beliefs, habits and unhealed wounds that are creating this situation. Ask for guidance and take the next step, whether that’s shifting a habit, starting a thing, taking a course, or hiring a mentor.

It’s very important to release, let go, and actually take that next step because the common idea is that if we just keep going as we are, we are bound to have a breakthrough.

This is 100% false.

If what you’re doing isn’t working, why would continuing to operate this way end up with a different result?

That according to Einstein is the definition of insanity, yet it’s how most people spend their entire lives.

Doing the exact same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Or believing things like — after this one thing ends, then things will return to normal or change will come.

Haven’t you noticed? This IS your normal? And after this one thing — this one hectic project, this one stressful situation, this one rough period in a relationship — ends, another soon crops up to take its place.

Because life is not happening to you. You are a powerful creator, creating your reality from within.

Changing your life is a game of inner work.

Without doing the inner work, you will continue to create the same feeling of stuckness that created this situation in the first place.


In the vast infinite universe, all things are possible at all times.

In this present moment, there are different versions of you doing different things.

There’s the rich girl version of you on a private jet. There’s a gluttonous version of you stuffing her face with ice cream and crying into the sofa. (I mean we all have those days, but when those days make a life, then it’s a problem!)

There’s the creatively fulfilled you giving her gifts to the world and feeling appropriately smug about it, and there’s the unfulfilled you letting other people dictate her worth and making her choices from the fear of things not working out.

And there’s the you version of you, that never changes and that’s constant in them all — the woman (or man) with a big heart, a big vision, with lots of gifts to give to the world but who sometimes doubts if she’s good enough. (You most certainly are, always were and always will be.)


What we choose to believe defines the reality we experience. Anything you dream of is possible, if you do the inner work and hold the faith.

Any achievement at all, any reality at all, is only an accumulation of many right choices over many right moments, buoyed by faith even when it looked like it wasn’t working.

Let’s dive deeper —

The realm of energetic possibility is vast, with so many stimuli it’s impossible to take them all in.

What’s more, not only are we taking in a very select number of stimuli, but we are interpreting them based on what we believe about ourselves and life.

For example, if two different people walk into a room, they will have very different experiences not based on who they are, but based on who they believe they are.

If Person A believes she is confident and people like her, she will talk, laugh, share stories and take up space.

If Person B believes she is unworthy and nobody likes her, she is more likely to hide in the corner and look at her cell phone before an early exit, or maybe she will stay home and never walk into the room at all.

Person B could do the inner work to become confident and self-assured if she wanted. The only question is — will she? Will she ever believe in the possibility of transformation enough to override her destructive conditioning to experience another reality?

When you look at it this way, life is not the random game of chance it so easily appears to be, but a vast, beating pulsating field of consciousness that we can choose to direct at will, based on our perception, thoughts, habits and beliefs.


Making lasting shifts in your life requires you to change how you see and respond to the world.

You do this by changing your beliefs about who you are and what’s possible for you.

Even more magical and woo woo, sometimes changing your beliefs literally changes how life works without you actually DOING anything.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve journaled about something I desire to happen differently, and then it happens. Without me changing a thing.

This could be a whole blog on it’s own, but just know —

If you want to change something in your life, do the inner work to shift what you pay attention to, how you respond to it, and how you believe life works for you.

Have faith in the new life you are creating before you can actually see it. Sustain that faith until your reality changes.

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