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For ambitious free spirits who want to release inner blocks to realize their full potential.

What people are saying...

Suzanne I really can't say enough how grateful I am to have found you. When I first found you I was at a place where my soul needed healing but didn't know where to start or how.

I have taken three courses and looking forward to more because it has helped me evolve as a person.

I am not the same person I was before so much so that others have noticed it.

I have found the courage to start pursuing my dreams and the motivation to keep going.

— Angelica A.

 Learn how to journal. For people wanting to hear the messages of their soul. 

"To all who are contemplating this...Do it! I am on Day 6 and love it. You can work at your own pace and it is nice "me time." You deserve to give yourself this gift!"Susan S.

Online journaling course
  • Uncover profound insights about what's holding you back in life, and where small shifts will make a big difference.
  • Learn how to channel wisdom from the universe and your highest self for guidance whenever you need it.
  • Spend time on you, getting to know you, and what you truly want and need.

Learn how to meditate. For people wanting to hear their intuition and heal their hearts. 

"I did it. I found a way to just listen to myself and find peace with who I am." Shannon T.

online meditation course
  • Experience the bliss of connecting to your soul and hearing your heart's guidance.
  • Learn powerful, yet easy ways to release negative emotions and heal childhood wounds.
  • Understand how to use techniques like visualizations and mantras in a way that works for you.

Learn how to truly, madly deeply love yourself and stop feeling guilty for your deepest desires.

"A gift. I can't believe how much an e-course can change my life...Suzanne has such a gift for asking the right questions to get at the source and help you grow." Christine K.

online self love course
  • Reignite your zest for life by learning my highly effective methods of living a life in alignment with your soul.
  • No more neglecting yourself and putting everyone else first while you're left burnt out, sad, resentful and anxious. 
  • Heal unconscious, intergenerational patterns keeping you stuck in unhealthy self-sabotage.

Experience the same 40-day yoga practice that shifted my energy to transform my life.

"The Big Shift was a mind blowing, deeply moving, life-altering experience for me." Annelise D.

  • Create a blank slate for fresh dreams by processing old emotional wounds and uncovering damaging stories you didn't even know you had. 
  • Be guided through a powerful 40-day yoga practice supplemented by meditation, sacred reading and deep-dive journal prompts. This is the exact same process that changed my life. 
  • Reconnect with yourself, commit to a spiritual practice and do it all with a like-minded community of brand new friends. 

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