How to create your reality from within, shifting from surviving to thriving - Suzanne Heyn

How to create your reality from within, shifting from surviving to thriving

shifting from surviving to thriving

Shifting from surviving to thriving requires more than just shifting gears from reverse to drive.

There’s so much STUFF.

Inner fears, doubts and wounds. The unhealed child. The more surface level patterns of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that we can spin out and spend all our time reacting from.

If you’re not careful, you can spend your entire life blindly reacting from unconscious programming, all while blaming the outside world when the outside world isn’t the problem at all.

To shift from surviving to thriving, you must realize: the problem is never outside of us. It’s always within.

A false perception. Belief. Some inner roadblock. A sacred and hurt inner child that only wants us to make her feel safe so she can come along for the ride.


create your reality and shift from surviving to thriving


I’ve been shifting A LOT.

Since the beginning of the year.

It’s been hard to put into words, which is why I haven’t been writing as much on the blog.

All last year, I was running fueled by fear. (Read about it on Instagram or Facebook.)

Deep fears that I wouldn’t be successful. That I didn’t have what it takes. Piled up, unfelt disappointments and feelings of rejection that are inevitable when you chase your dreams, for anyone.

But like any other feeling, they must be felt and honored to be released. I’d never followed my dreams before. These feelings were new. The situations I created were new. I didn’t know what was going on or how to respond.

All I knew was how I felt inside — tense. Like no matter how much work I did things never changed. (In reality a lot of things have changed, but they didn’t feel different. Which is my own issue.)

While my journey began as one of following my heart, I soon fell into planning and strategizing and living from the head.

Presence and stillness was gone. Even in meditations, my mind would race the entire time. So many plans.

This is what survival mode looks like.

Shifting from surviving to thriving requires an entire paradigm shift.


But I still kept showing up.

I’m super proud of myself for that. Not only did I maintain a steady spiritual practice even though it didn’t feel like it was working, I also kept following my dreams, even when it felt like it wasn’t working.


The feeling of “it’s not working,” isn’t a reality from the external world. It’s a reality that we believe and create from within. Click To Tweet


Everything begins within.

Our lives reflect what we believe is possible.

They reflect what we believe we deserve.

They reflect our subconscious stories about how life works for us.

And they develop as a direct mirror of our own energy.

To acknowledge the power we have to create our lives, this is the essence of manifestation.

I used to be way anti-manifesting. I didn’t fully understand it. I can talk more about that later.

The moment we take responsibility for our lives, which is really response-ability or ability to respond, is the moment we gain the power to change them.

And not only change them, but to fully realize our latent potential.

This is the essence of shifting from surviving into thriving.

This is the shift from looking at the world to validate and respond to your needs and desires to…

getting what you need and require from within and using your profound, magical, miraculous energy to shape-shift the world.

It’s not about controlling life.

It’s about using your immense powers of co-creation to play with the unseen forces of the universe to give form to the deepest longings of your soul, which is after all, energy.

The trouble for people who have experienced a lot of trauma, which let’s be real, we all have some type of trauma. It’s all relative, is that we manifest from our unconscious shit, the emotions we don’t want to deal with, the thing we don’t want to heal.

What’s underneath a life of tension and anxiety is unleashed trauma.

Shifting from surviving into thriving requires us to become aware of this and peel back the surface to feel the things we’ve been running from.

Without doing this, we create exactly what we don’t want instead of creating what we do.

Shifting from surviving into thriving, requires going within, doing the work — and there’s always another layer to unfold — but not getting STUCK there.

We don’t have to stay in healing mode forever.

We stay conscious. Stay aware. And deal with whatever is keeping us stuck in that moment.

Whatever you focus on expands, so if you keep looking for things to heal, you will forever find them.

But if you know, trust and believe that you are good enough, and simply tune into whatever may be keeping you from creating what you desire in that moment, then you can simply and easily shift.

(That, too is a choice, rather than saying destructing things like: “It’s so hard!” It’s not mother fucking hard. That is a story you tell yourself).

When you shift inside, life shifts outside. It’s the law. It’s how things work.

It’s how I changed my life after doing the 40-day yoga practice that became The Big Shift, but then of course there were deeper layers to unravel.

So today, writing in my journal and doing the energetic shifting exercises I do (quantum leap like woah last night!)…

I suddenly noticed my mind spewing thought after thought after thought. My awareness flew to my mind, and just as I was about to start spinning out in fear-fueled action AGAIN, the inner work paid off.

I heard a voice within — just tune in and breathe. See what your soul desires and requires in this moment.

So I tuned in. Soul — what do you desire and require in this moment?

And I put my hands on my heart and began to breathe.

The answer didn’t come immediately.

Instead, my breath deepened, presence took over again. Stillness returned. I realized what was happening — it was just my old friend fear back to try and guide my life.

I gently told fear, it’s okay. We’re not operating from that paradigm anymore.

We are now creating our own reality.

Breathing, breathing into the fear.

And then I felt it.

My inner child.

She was scared. Me talking about creating a crazy, next level life scared her.

What if I fail? What if I make a fool of myself? Is this even possible for me?

And I connected to her. Told her it was okay. She was safe.

That this time, she was coming along for the ride.

I wouldn’t leave her to the side anymore.

I am in charge now. I am now a Queen of my kingdom. I now master my energy. I now shift into my next level with ease and grace.

I am shifting from surviving into thriving and creating a life beyond my wildest dreams.

But it’s not from a place of resistance and fear.

It’s from a place of bringing every part of me along for the ride.

This isn’t one and done — inner work never is.

I will return to my inner child over and over again because my biggest job as a conscious creator is to help her feel safe.

Because she is me, and I NEED her to create my bigger vision and realize my dreams of becoming the most famous spiritual and personal development blogger on the internet, beloved mentor with a large, loving and supportive community of spiritual starlets who DO the work and who are joining me on this journey of shifting from surviving into thriving and creating a new kind of world.

A world where we are the living example of what’s possible.


A world where we are living proof that you can heal any wound, transcend any circumstance, and create any kind of life you want to.

This is my journey, but it’s yours, too because we are the same soul.

This community is made up of the same souls, people on the same journey.

We are in it together. Together we are creating a new kind of world.

And I am here to support you every step of the way.

Did this resonate with you? Comment below and let me know!

All the love,


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  • alexei says:

    ого…. wow, that sure resonated, Guess me landing on your site shows a shift in myself… I can relate to that. I believe now in order to dissipate our old belief system we have to focus really hard on the present moment and come back to it as much as possible, without focus there is no life, after all 3n3rgy goes wh3re @ttention Fl0ws… 😀

    thank you!


  • Lee says:

    Wow! So powerful and brought so much disparate information together for me. Thank you.

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