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How to Use Meditation For Deep Inner Work

Learn my powerful system of asking your soul insightful questions in a special way that unlocks instant epiphanies and immediate peace.

This simple method can be used to understand what's holding you in patterns of self-sabotage or keeping you from realizing your dreams so you can break free and create the life you long to live.

This is for you if you want to learn how to use meditation in an active way for inner shifts, if you would love to feel more peace and joy, and if hearing messages from your soul would enrich your experience of life.

This is not for you if you're freaked out about doing inner work and want to stay stuck in fear, or if you don't believe the answers lie inside of you.

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    • 10-page PDF guide describing my cutting-edge, powerful technique to unlock the secrets of your emotions so you can feel more peace and joy.
    • 30-minute audio recording of the PDF.
    • 20-minute guided Feeling Awareness Meditation — my signature, powerful technique for connecting to your heart and releasing emotions.

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Mini Meditation Magic Experience with pre-recorded live masterclass!

Mediation will help you tune into yourself, heal emotional pain that no longer serves you, increase your intuition and connect you to your soul. Not to mention it helps you reduce stress, sleep better, improve your health, and increase your overall enjoyment of life!

But the real benefit of meditation is that when you take time to tune into your soul each day, it allows you to know exactly what you want and need to create a life of happiness and fulfillment.

A lot of people don't know what they want or feel afraid to make changes in their life. Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to solve those problems, help you figure out what you do want, and understand the inner blocks that are keeping you from realizing your dreams.

Meditation changed my life even though I resisted it for four years, and I know it can change yours, too! The way I teach is refreshingly simple and totally different. Find out for yourself!

After purchasing, check your email for access! You'll receive:

  • 45-minute Ignite Your Inner Light Masterclass, which includes a brief talk followed by a powerful guided meditation that will leave your third-eye buzzing. Capped with a Q&A.
  • 19-page Beginner's Guide to Meditation eBook with answers to all the commonly asked questions so you can meditate with confidence and ease.
  • 20-minute version of my legendary Feeling Awareness Meditation to connect to your heart and release painful emotions powerfully and feel peace.
  • $22 coupon code for the 30-day Magic of Meditation online course if you want to continue your journey

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