Short restorative yoga sequence - Suzanne Heyn

Short restorative yoga sequence

Restorative yoga replenishes our energetic cups. The stress and occasional frenetic pace of life depletes our energy. This practices helps us renew and release on deep levels. You may feel fidgety at first, but stay with it and by the end, you will feel peaceful and rejuvenated.

Here is a short sequence that can be done at home without the wonderfully massive collections of props available at a yoga studio.

Supported backbend

Take two blocks, if you have them, for this amazingly nurturing heart opener. If you don’t have two blocks, use a pillow under your head and a rolled up blanket or towel under your back.

Place one block underneath your shoulder blades, at bra strap level. Place the other block underneath your head. Relax into this gentle backbend for five to ten minutes.

Whichever props you use, at whatever height, just make sure your neck feels supported.


Supported twist

supported twist

This pose is a twist so soft you’ll barely feel it, but it’s extremely nurturing for the soul, gently opening you up, releasing stored tension and restoring a feeling of peace in your heart.

Access this pose by sitting with a straight back, knees bent and pointed toward the sky. Place the blanket against the base of your back, and let the knees fall to one side. Let your torso drape over the blanket. Your eyes can look in the same direction that your knees face or the opposite way for a deeper twist. Stay for five minutes and then twist to the other side.


Supported butterfly

supported butterfly

This posture is an amazingly gentle hip and back opener. Start in a seated position, bending the legs and bringing the souls of the feet to touch. Let the knees fall open, and place a block underneath each to support the legs. If you don’t have blocks, use pillows, towels or small blankets. Just make sure they’re the same height.

Place a blanket at the base of the back and lower down over it. Rest here for five to ten minutes.


Supported child’s pose

supported childs pose

Access this pose through a traditional child’s pose, with the knees slightly wider than hips to allow the torso to drape gently over the blanket. Let yourself fall into the posture, totally relaxing and letting go of all tension. Stay here for five to 10 minutes.




End this practice with savasana, lying flat on your back with your legs straight on the floor and your arms comfortably at your sides. Feel free to use props, maybe covering yourself with a blanket or placing a rolled up blanket under your knees. Relax and rest for ten minutes or however long you’d like.




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