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My magical morning ritual

simple morning rituals for peace and productivity

The morning and I never bonded until recently. I mean, I love coffee and the soft early glow of the sun as much as the next person, but some people are just not meant to rise before 8 a.m. (or 9. ahem.)

However, I recently realized that it wasn’t so much the morning I disliked, it was the feeling of rushing in the morning. I work from home now, making it much easier to wake up slow and sweet, but no matter what the day holds, taking a few moments to start the morning off right makes all the difference.

Morning rituals create magic.

Create a magical morning ritual for a peaceful and productive day. Click through to read the article and download a PDF with nine ideas for your morning ritual.

Today, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into my personal morning rituals.You’ll also discover the essential tips that skyrocket your chances of actually sticking to said ritual and experiencing the benefits.

Download the PDF below with a 9 more ideas for relaxing morning rituals so you can leave the house confident and smiling.

9 Morning Rituals For A Peaceful Day

Explore a selection of carefully curated morning rituals designed to help you leave the house confidently smiling.

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My essential morning rituals

1. Meditation

Meditation is hands-down the most important activity for greater peace and happiness that I’ve incorporated into my life. For me, meditation is about plugging directly into source. It helps me process any feelings I’m experiencing, reduces stress throughout they day and centers me into the truth of what really matters.

If you’ve never tried my Feeling Awareness technique, definitely try it. The process involves breathing into your emotions to heal them. People rave about the meditation and say it’s seriously powerful soul medicine.

Start with even just one minute of meditation and increase as you feel able. You’ll wonder if you’re doing it wrong, but I promise, keep showing up and you’ll eventually experience dramatic benefits.

It’s possible to meditate any time of the day, but I’ve found that sitting first thing sends a powerful message to my subconscious. It says, “Self, I put you first and I will make time for you.” Practices like that are part of the framework of developing unconditional self-love.


2. Healthy breakfast

When I worked in an office, I used to make oatmeal and dash out the door, sometimes eating while driving. I know. Once, I braked the car hard, and my oatmeal flew all over the car. Good times. No wonder my entire day felt chaotic!

At home, I take time to eat a nourishing breakfast. For me, nourishing means taking time to actually enjoy it. It’s tempting to dive straight into work, and I do fall into that bad habit sometimes. But I definitely feel more peaceful and well, nourished, when I give thanks for my food, eat slowly and truly allow myself that time to receive the food.


3. Read a book

I love taking a few minutes to read in the morning, even if only a page or two.

Right now I’m reading The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer. She’s the lead singer of the band The Dresden Dolls and made history by launching a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign to produce one of her albums. She’s got a great TED talk about the same topic, if you’d like to check it out.


How to successfully create a morning ritual

As much as the things on this list nourish me, perhaps most important is what’s not on here. I don’t drink lemon water or oil pull or do any other wonderful, healthy practices that people rave about. (Download the worksheet below to discover nine morning rituals for a serene and productive day.)

9 Morning Rituals For A Peaceful Day

Explore a selection of carefully curated morning rituals designed to help you leave the house confidently smiling.

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These are the simple practices I’ve chosen that add something to my life without being a burden. If your morning ritual is an hour, then it becomes just another thing that you have to do. It feels stressful, like a responsibility and not an act of self-care.

If you’re just getting started with a morning ritual, I recommend picking one thing. Maybe you really want to eat a healthy breakfast. Focus on starting one habit, and once you’ve ingrained that into your schedule, then maybe select another habit.

If you’re short on time, identify ways to free a few minutes. Maybe you shower and iron your clothes at night, creating space for meditation. Or maybe you cut fresh fruit in advance and have it ready for breakfast when you wake up.

Simple shifts that create even an extra minute or two can make all the difference.

And now, I’d love to hear from you. Comment below and tell me, do you have a morning ritual? If so, what is yours? What habit would you like to start?

I love hearing from you. It truly makes my day. Can’t wait to hear about your morning ritual!

All the love,


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  • Jessica says:

    I absolutely love this article. I am such a mess in the morning and always thought I was just not a morning person. However after reading this article I realized it’s because I constantly am rushing in the a.m. and not giving myself anytime. I started getting the kids things together in the evening but I am thinking of adding my things to. Also maybe prepping breakfast the night before would give me a few minutes to begin meditating. THANKS for the tips. I appreciate it!

    • Suzanne Heyn says:

      That’s great Jessica! So glad you liked the article. Highly recommend meditating! Let me know how that goes for you. 🙂

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