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The spiritual cause of breast cancer: My story

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Eight years ago, at 27, my entire life changed after intuitively – and randomly – doing a breast self exam for in the shower.

As soon as I felt the lump, I knew. I could eat all the raw broccoli topped with raw garlic topped with lemon juice in the world (I somehow though if I could eat the healthiest, grossest food, God would save me before the official results came back), but it didn’t do a thing.

I didn’t lose it until finding out that I’d have chemo and lose my hair. Everything else I could deal with, but my hair? It seemed like the ultimate loss of control.


The spiritual cause of breast cancer: my story. Healing. Spirituality. Mindfulness. Be true to you. Life purpose.

After cancer, I lost my mind for several years.

At the beginning, I approached it as a spiritual journey, but that went out the window fast as overwhelming fear and uncertainty paralyzed me.

But over the years, cancer has become the biggest gift. It gave me permission to be me. It showed me that not only do I have the power to be unapologetically me – but that’s the only way to not only survive, but thrive.

It taught me lots of things I sometimes forget, too. That the present moment is all that matters. That the joy of existing is the only thing that’s real. That there’s no place to go but right here.

I often say cancer could have killed me and in a way it did. It killed the old me, the fake me. It gave me the immense opportunity to truly live before I die.

I’m so lucky to have endured so much trauma. It gave me the spirit of a warrior. Nothing, absolutely nothing can kill my spirit. Of that I am certain.

And once you’ve touched the depths of darkness within your soul, there’s really nothing else to fear.

I hope this message inspires you to be true to you.

To face your pain because it will bring you home to yourself. To chase your dreams because tomorrow is never guaranteed. And to truly enjoy the now because it’s all we have.

It’s breast cancer awareness month, and instead of focusing on buying shit and running races, let’s focus on what matters.

Living our lives in such a way that when we die people say: Damn. She made her mark.


One of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to overcome in sharing my story is this:

The limiting belief, the voice in my head that says — don’t tell your story. They’ll just think you want attention.

This limiting belief was what caused me to keep my emotions locked inside my heart for so long and what kept me from following my dreams as a writer sharing my story.

These two things combined I believe caused me to get breast cancer in the first place. I have a genetic mutation, yes, but I firmly believe that all disease has a spiritual cause.

I have a super inspiring video for you below that reveals the most profound life lessons of cancer and how it saved me from going down the wrong path of living a life that wasn’t mine.

Each day I become more bold and unapologetic in sharing my story, my truths, the things I’ve learned on my journey of losing my father and sister and surviving cancer all before the age of 30.

I don’t dwell on the things that happened to me, but I want to do justice to my story because I believe it puts the wisdom that I offer into perspective. I’m not repeating things from all the other self-help books on the market.

The things I teach are borne of my own wisdom, gleaned from deep pain.

I’m grateful to have experienced these things, and grateful to pass on the things I’ve learned. It makes me so happy to finally be sharing my truth.

Today I am the Queen of Authenticity, one of the hottest up-and-coming bloggers on the internet, here to help soulful, ambitious people embrace their quirky, creative selves and live lives that feel true to them. It’s not some flighty, woo woo, hippy thing. This matters.

You living a life that’s true to you matters. Your soul came here for a purpose, and the only one holding you back from living it is you. It’s very important you shed all the BS keeping you from following your heart in every day.

I hope the video below inspires you on your way.


This video is for anyone who wants inspiration on living a more authentic life, a reminder of what really matters, how to learn from life’s tough times, the meaning of life, why spending money on frivolous things is good for the soul, and how to truly live before you die.

Please comment and share your thoughts, or even experiences with spiritual causes of illness!



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Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani: I don’t remember if she had breast cancer, but this is a great read for everyone about how we get sick because of fear and not being true to ourselves. Anita died of cancer, experienced heaven, and then chose to come back and fully heal to spread her message of love and truth.

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