The Big Shift

a magical 40-day journey

of yoga, meditation and massive healing

Do you...

* Want to dissolve emotional baggage and say hello to a new life chapter?

* Desire to feel more peaceful and full of joy?

* Crave structure, support and community to make long-needed changes?

* Want to deepen your spiritual practice through daily yoga, meditation and journaling?

The Big Shift is an amazing course to help you do just that!

Hi, I'm Suzanne, and this 40-day program is modeled on a similar journey I took a few years ago that changed my life.

This soul cleanse is literally the reason that I'm here today, as a spiritual blogger and online course creator inspiring thousands of people every day. 

Before my own version of The Big Shift, I was depressed, stuck in resistance and feared that because my life wasn't how I envisioned, I'd messed it up beyond repair.

The process you'll go through in The Big Shift will give you the fresh start you need. For me, it created a blank slate that launched me into a life of purpose, passion and meaning. It brought me back to myself, and helped me realize that I wasn't in the wrong place in life.

Instead, life had placed me at the exact place I needed to tap my full potential. Sometimes the universe squeezes us to make our juices flow. You just need to learn how to let go.

This program gets phenomenal results. People have healed lifelong wounds, had their minds blown open through transformational epiphanies and reconnected to themselves and the universe.

After the course, people have gone on to change their lives through shifting careers, deepening their education and simply loving themselves and their lives again. 

The Big Shift is a really beautiful course and I'm thrilled to offer it again soon! Sign up below and be the first to know when sign up re-opens.

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