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The meditation technique that changed my life

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During college and high school, I used to get so sad that I sometimes couldn’t get out of bed. I hated myself, felt sad in my soul. If only I had known about this meditation technique back then.

Over time, the pain lessened and I began to create a life — a fledgling career as a newspaper reporter, hopes and dreams for the future. Still, periods of sadness would come and I wondered if there was an end.

I feared I was sad to the core of my being.

Then, at 27, I got cancer, and the rage that consumed me after treatment forced me to face these feelings I’d long shoved in boxes deep in the recesses of my soul.

This intolerable emotional pain led me to two life-changing practices: kundalini yoga and a very special meditation technique.

This meditation technique — I call it the feeling awareness meditation — seemed like the most natural way to manage these emotions that consumed me. I was new to meditation, and it was only later that I realized that although this technique is simple and insanely powerful, it’s not commonly taught.

The technique centers on applying awareness to your inner emotional experience. As I allowed these huge waves of feeling to engulf me, I noticed they soon dissolved.

As long as I didn’t get caught up in the story and allowed my breath to anchor this experience of feeling, the pure light of my awareness dissolved these painful emotions, healing them. Leaving space for peace to shine effortlessly through.

Normally, resistance is the natural response to painful feelings. We fear the emotion will never end. We fear what it says about us or our life. Perhaps we get so caught up in the story surrounding the emotion that it’s hard to separate thought from feeling.

That’s what makes this meditation technique so powerful: it separates thought from feeling and allows you to heal emotions through feeling them in awareness, without the story.

After incorporating this practice as part of my daily routine, I eventually healed the all-consuming anger and sadness from cancer. I also dissolved a lifetime of deep sadness that lay buried in my energetic field.

The truth about emotions
The thing is, emotions are nothing but dense or stagnant areas of energy. Meanwhile, the awareness in our hearts is pure divine energy. By applying this pure awareness to our emotions, we burn through them like the sun does to fog, revealing a bright sun-shiny day.

Emotions are wrought with fear. We fear sadness or anger makes us less worthy than feeling happiness does. We fear painful emotions point to an unbalanced, diseased brain. We fear painful emotions are wrong and bad, believing only happiness is right and good.

But what if our emotions could teach us? When we learn to drop the fear around our internal emotional experience, it helps us to be fearless in so many other areas of life. Because everything outside that triggers painful feelings only reflects things that need to be healed inside.

When we notice our emotions as signals that we need inner healing, it becomes easier to tune into our inner experience, listen, learn and heal.

This truth directly contradicts much of today’s deeply damaging self-help advice and even some spiritual teachings. These well-intentioned beliefs separate you even more from your being when all you want is to connect to your truth.

Sayings like:
+ “You choose how you feel.”
+ “Change your thoughts, change your life.”
+ “Choose to be happy.”

… ultimately turn your feelings and emotions into enemies when they’re just signs that something is awry. Feelings are nudges from your soul, asking for your attention.

Why you’re having trouble changing your thoughts
Consider that thoughts are a by-product of energy. Everything starts as energy, including thoughts. It’s only mankind’s insane worship of the brain that allows us to believe thoughts create energy. If that were true — where do the thoughts come from?

Thoughts begin as energy. Our inner energetic experience is the soil that grows beautiful, big blossoming flowers of thoughts or shriveling thought-flowers that not even sunlight can restore radiance to.

You may have spent years, possibly decades, working to change your thoughts — but changing thoughts is useless unless you purify the soil from which they grow. Purify your energy. With pure energy, positive thoughts and feelings effortlessly arise.

This is because you are at the core divine energy — not the happiness, sadness or anger you may feel at any given moment. By focusing your awareness on your internal energetic experience, you have the ability to dissolve the energy of painful emotions like the sun burns through fog. Then, the pure light of your divine awareness will shine effortlessly through.

The meditation technique that I now teach, the feeling awareness meditation, is the tool that allows that to happen.

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