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The missing link to overwhelming peace, confidence, clarity and joy

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Something surprised me recently. New subscribers have been filling out a survey to influence my content. One of the questions is, “What is your deepest desire for your life right now?”

The overwhelmingly common answer really surprised me.

We’ve come a long way in this world. So many people now know that the modern dream of a six-figure paycheck, marble countertops and Gucci clothes doesn’t automate happiness. There’s nothing wrong with wanting these things, but you likely know that if you’re unhappy now, adding luxury to your life won’t necessarily add happiness.

Spirituality, yoga and meditation helps us go right to the source, bypassing all this external stuff. By connecting to your heart, you connect to that part of you that’s peaceful, overflowing with unconditional self-love and confidence in your life’s direction.

The thing is, craving that external stuff usually signals that your true-self connection is severed. When you’re unclear about your true desires, you adopt society’s default ideal — and method of getting there — without knowing if that’s what you want.


Imagine a heart-felt way…

You wake up overflowing with gratitude for another day alive on this magical planet. Your heart bursts with excitement because it’s another chance to follow the wisdom from within, to make your heart-felt vision real.

It’s scary. And exhilarating. Fueled by trust and a whole lot of mojo.

You rise from bed, enter into a brief but deep and relaxing meditation where you hear important messages from your heart and the universe itself.

These messages shape the rest of your day, which unfolds like a creative ritual. In touch with yourself, you easily make basic decisions like what to wear, what to eat and whether to say yes or no to the litany of requests that used to drain you. But now, you’re secure and clear in yourself. You know what’s best for you.

Because you’re tuned into your heart, you’re no longer plagued by the fear, doubt, anxiety and unstable moods that used to dictate your day.

Instead, you feel at peace. Calm. Joyful.

This is the gift of meditation.

Through spending as few as 10 minutes each day connecting to the universe and your own beating heart, your entire life shifts in dramatic ways. You gain clarity on your life purpose, feel secure and grow roots in peace so that no matter what outside (or inside) chaos swirls around, these roots keep you serene. Balanced. Confident.

And that was the answer from the survey that surprised me. Most people said they want to feel peaceful, connected and fulfilled. Confident in knowing their true selves. Everyone sells happiness, so this answer warmed my heart. (And anyway, peace, connection and fulfillment are the foundation for happiness. Not the other way around.)

People said something else, and this broke my heart a little. You want to have a regular meditation practice, but you’re not sure you’re doing it right. You’re confused, feel lonely about the habit and overwhelmed by your mind’s endless talking.

That’s a bummer because meditation is one of the most powerful tools available to feel fulfilled, connected, satisfied and confident. I wanted to create something that took you by the hand, answered your questions, calmed your fears and helped you start meditating regularly so you can enjoy the peace of the practice.

The result? The Magic of Meditation, my brand new e-course that opens for enrollment today.

This course is ah-mazing. It will dispel your fear and doubt while guiding you through the process of creating an effective practice that feels good. One that’s customized for you and not what you think a meditation practice should look like. An important feature is the exclusive, member-only Facebook group connecting you to a community of like-minded seekers.

So many of us don’t have a tribe of spiritually minded buddies, but thanks to the Internet, that doesn’t have to block us from feeling connected to a community.

Meditation is deeply personal, and this course is not a one-size-fits all formula. It’s designed to give you the confidence you need to create your own practice, which translates into the confidence to living life on your own terms. You deserve to enjoy the peace, connection and fulfillment from the practice.

You deserve to live a life that feels good from the inside out.

Registration for The Magic of Meditation opens today, May 30 and last for five days only, until Friday June 3. Click here to learn more and enroll.

If you register this week, you get a 20% Founding Member discount because it’s the premier offering of this course. The first round of a course is always so special and I hope you choose to partake! This discount will disappear forever on Friday.

The benefits of meditation, however, will last forever.

Join us! It’s going to be awesome.


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