The secret reason you feel stuck, and how to break free right now - Suzanne Heyn

The secret reason you feel stuck, and how to break free right now

The secret reason you feel stuck, and how to break free right now

This article is for you if you’re feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward.


In order to grow, the turtle must shed its shell.

This can be hard to do.

The turtle likes its shell.

It’s cozy.


But the turtle really needs extra space.

The frustration rises, and finally, she realizes:

It’s time to l e t g o.

And so it is.

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Feeling stuck or frustrated is natural as you rise up and expand out of a space that feels limited.

Frustration means you see bigger potential, but you feel constrained by present circumstances.

Transform frustration into inspiration to do what feels scary.

Without the fuel of frustration, you might never change.

If you approach feeling stuck while telling yourself to choose happiness and repeat affirmations you don’t really believe, you miss the chance for growth.

That said, if you seek to change your external circumstances without first doing the inner work to come to peace with yourself as you are and life as it is, creating the change won’t make you happy.

First comes self-love. Then comes massive freaking epic action.


This is where a lot of people self-sabotage.

With acceptance comes so much peace and serenity, it’s easy to fall into passivity.

Yes, we CAN be happy and find peace in any circumstance, but it’s important to not allow this truth to turn us into passive automatons who may be peaceful, but do not live on purpose or with passion.

You are here to unleash your magic onto the world! You were born for great things.
Embrace the angst. Use that fire to fuel you into living bigger and realizing your full potential.

It’s okay to feel frustrated and in chaos sometimes. Chaos is the foundation of creativity!

Chaos created the entire universe. Repress your frustration and you too will have an internal Big Bang.

Peace isn’t something you force. It’s a natural result of embracing what is.

After you find peace, it’s important to ask: what’s next? This will stop you from feeling stuck.

Take inspired action.

Start the blog or business. Go bigger if you’ve already begun. Set the boundary in your life. Take the course. Hire the mentor. Do something that scares you! Go bigger!

But don’t fuel this action with annoyance and resistance.

Fuel it with joy and excitement, knowing that all parts of your journey have meaning, and that anything is possible.


When you skip any parts of this process, feeling stuck is what results.

The feeling of being stuck is, at the core, an inner conflict between the new and the old. Click To Tweet

It can also be an unwillingness to commit to a new direction.

Do you want to evolve? Or do you want to stay the same? What are you truly afraid of?

Do you want to stay in your current shell or do you want to ditch it and go bigger?
I’ve experienced this a lot on my journey.

I started off as a blogger writing about my own journey of emotional healing.

As I began following my dreams in a bigger way, I kept writing about emotional healing even though it started to feel constricting.

I felt pulled between the two directions, and felt like I owed people, and my old self, continued inspiration for emotional healing.

But it didn’t feel good. I felt stuck and blocked, and wasn’t sure what new direction I wanted to go in. Part of the reason I wasn’t sure about my new direction was because I wasn’t fully allowing myself to release my old one.

It served me well for so long, and I had romanticized ideas about who that girl was — the girl who faced her pain, found peace and power, and was bold enough to put herself out into the world like she never had before.

I loved that girl, and I didn’t want to say good-bye to her even though I no longer was her.

Finally, I grew so tired of being stuck that I released the need to write about emotional healing and began writing about following my dreams.

This shift in direction required a lot of inner frustration, passion and even anger, which I used to inspire me to make this shift.

Some people picked up on that and made negative comments about how I seemed “aggressive.” I was always at peace with my journey because I trusted it.

And truly, people who judged me were only projecting their own repressed anger and unexpressed desire for change onto me.

Anger and frustration are natural parts of the creative process and journey. It’s important to know how to use them instead of stuff them down because women aren’t supposed to be angry.

Anyway in time, writing only about dream chasing felt hollow. It was missing the deeper, more emotional element.

I began to feel stuck and lost again, and dove into my own journey of healing again, this time on a deeper level. (That’s how the journey is, always peeling back more layers.)

This whole process has been messy, circuitous and long, but that’s what the path with heart is.

We’re creating our own unique paths, and that’s not a clear destination. It’s step by step, connecting to what feels expansive, letting go of what feels constrictive, and adjusting the entire way.

Sometimes you might let something go to reclaim it a little while later, but often in a slightly different way. Or maybe not.

Every step has meaning.


We want everything spelled out so we can follow the paint-by-numbers reality we’ve created.

The paint-by-numbers plan is part of what has you feeling stuck! Truly following your path is a moment by moment, heartbeat by heartbeat experience that is never done and dusted!

The second you lose your sense of wonder and uncertainty is the moment you begin to shrink, collapse and die. You’ll never be done.

Like right now, I feel called to step into a larger role and fully own my power as a transformative spiritual mentor and writer here to help ambitious free spirits come home to their hearts so they can realize their full potential.

I’m owning how good I am at guiding people through inner work. How penetrating my insights are and how uncannily accurate my intuition is.

I’m owning my desire to help people do the inner work that goes along with following their dreams and releasing the desire to try and help people who say they want to change, but are too afraid to take any action in that direction, or say they will “hopefully next time.”

I’m releasing the idea that I’m “just a blogger,” because although that feels free, it also doesn’t fully convey the truth of who I am and what I’m here to do.

I’m releasing the idea that I’m “just a writer,” because my own fears of intimacy long prevented me from the joy of connecting with people and doing the deep soul work that happens on 1:1 calls. I treasure my private clients and sharing in their journeys has been one of the (surprising) joys of my life.

I’m also really, really good at it. I help people identify their core wounds really fast.


In order to fully step into the woman I am becoming, I must release ties to those things that got me here, but won’t get me there, to the next level.

I’m not sure what this part of my journey looks like because I’m creating it step by step.

I’m throwing away all the rules, what I should write about and what has worked before, because when we stay tied to what’s worked before, we create the reality from before — the reality that no longer feels good.

To create something new, you have to be willing to let go and walk around naked for a little while until you find the new, more spacious shell.

If you’re looking for assurance from the universe that you won’t be embarrassed and afraid while walking around naked, you’ll be looking forever!


Nobody knows the path forward but you. Certainty is NEVER coming.

Ditch the shell. Walk around naked. Take bold action. And allow yourself to feel excited again!

No, you don’t know what you’re doing or what’s happening or how you’ll get there.

Bu that’s the whole point.

You can’t be both certain and free.

Embrace uncertainty, embrace fear, embrace chaos — and then, you’ll be able to freely express your heart, and you’ll know —

Your exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Did this resonate with you? Share your thoughts below!

All the love,


p.s. I have one or two spaces for private clients who want to commit to a 3-month process of expanding into their next level.

This involves a mix of deeper healing work and outer, practical action to help you release the inner blocks to realizing your full potential.

If this is calling to you, and you’re ready to invest in yourself and receive next-level support to realize your dreams, email me to set up a complimentary call to see if we’re a good fit!

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  • Brianna says:

    “You can’t be both certain and free”
    When I read this it was like something finally clicked in my head that deep down I knew but somehow didn’t fully realize. It is so true, we live in such beautiful chaos and we are here to embrace it not resist it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

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