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Unleash the gifts inside of you

One thing I’ve really been looking at — in a lot of ways my efforts to become the next level of me have energetically felt like I’m stepping on the existing version of me to evolve.

And that’s never how it works. Evolution always takes place from completely enveloping your existing self in so much love and also awareness. This is how change takes place.


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Connecting to a deep sense of self-love within, and from that place of all-encompassing love and devotion, you rise up to becoming all that you can be, experiencing all you desire to experience, and having everything you want to have.

Because having and holding space for can be an intensely spiritual experience and obviously I am still working through that otherwise I wouldn’t need to keep justifying to myself that it’s okay to long for having.

The trick is to be in simultaneous gratitude and desire. It’s not an easy balance and it’s where many people fail.

It’s about living in the flow, which is the superhighway to a soul-aligned life, which in turn leads you to your destiny.


When I am being me and in flow…

I create with ease. My whole body is buzzing and electric with energy, and this feeling, this place of being, is not happiness or sadness or anything, but in fact so beyond.

It’s like an alternate universe where the bounds of my body disappear and all that exists is the feeling of it.

Some people find it through yoga and others through art and still others through writing or running or whatever.

And the whole point of life is to find that which not only makes you feel alive, but that makes you disappear, makes you forget the self.

To know that you have gifts inside of you from tapping into this place, and allowing yourself to tap into this place, to overcoming the doubt, fear and resistance that keeps you from entering this place, that is literally your biggest job on the planet (and what meditation is very effective at helping you do.)

Because meditation is essentially sitting with the outer limit of this place, the boundary where doubt, fear and resistance exist, and sitting and breathing with that boundary until it disappears.

And it will reappear because that’s life and we’re always picking up more stuff, more separation, more ideas of what’s lost instead of what’s gained and always available to us.

Always working through more stories about how we’re not worthy and have nothing to offer and this sad stupid story keeps us from accessing this place or believing what you find there.

The more you find this place, the more you create from it, you don’t care if it’s worthy or not because it feels so damn good to be there that being there is all that matters.


Lately I’ve really been focusing on the feelings I want to feel.

For me right now No. 1 is feeling well rested.

I want to feel well-rested and abundant and refreshed and amazing, like I just got back from a vacation, but every day of my life.

So much fear and doubt of worthiness comes up around that, it’s insane. The biggest job then becomes to work through that, to not take the fear and doubt as fact, but your desire as fact, and do everything you need to do to own your desire and live in a way that makes your desired feeling and result inevitable.

In practical action, this comes from taking amazing care of myself, doing less, but making what I do more powerful and releasing the fear that comes from believing nobody will ever recognize my writing the way I want them to and knowing that true success won’t come from this mindset of fear, but instead from absolute faith.

Absolute faith in myself and dedication and yes, discipline, to dropping into that ephemeral space of boundary-less-ness, and that creating from this space and being me, falling into that flow is what will help me travel the path I’m meant to.

To show all of me without worrying if I’m too weird or not grounded or zen enough or too much or not enough or whatever LIES come up saying I’m not worthy.

This boundary-less creation IS what I’ve been doing, but it’s also what I’ve not been doing.

I’ve been so focused on what do the people need to hear from me so I can help them instead of just honoring that my inner thought processes and thoughts on life and SHOWING people how a highly sensitive, creative, depression-prone person can shift her entire life and become the famous creator she was born to be.

That is what will help other people who are like me or resonate with me do the same.

To become the creator you were born to be instead of succumb to outside expectations or doubts or fears that make you waste your entire precious life and creative energy on things that don’t actually matter.


Dreams are destiny, but destiny is not guaranteed.

You MUST do the work!

It’s not my place to judge my message or shrink up in fear when the people who are no longer aligned fall away, but to let my true self shine to the world ever more brightly every day.

And to trust that my true self is enough. It’s enough.

I don’t have to pretend to be anything, a teacher, a wise person, a sage, a mystic. It’s enough to be what I am, which is an emotional, non-practical big dreamer, who thinks too much, is a kinda soft, kinda hard, divine feminine woman who is learning to honor that divinity.

A girl who’s seen a lot of sadness, and cried more tears than should exist, so much pain and loss, and now it’s her biggest job to believe that life can also be amazing, and shed that pain to allow that light in.

The past made me into who I am but now I get to enter into a new chapter and to allow that chapter to come in, I must allow myself to evolve. Let go of the things I thought protected me from more pain and sadness, like hiding the truth of who I am because let’s face it — it takes a lifetime to learn how to feel like enough.

That’s our only job as humans, to remove all the doubt and fear that says we’re not enough, and spend time connecting to life-affirming things instead of doubt and fear-affirming things, and from that place of love and trust and faith, take the steps we’re called to take.

Find the teachers who make you feel like you’re enough and that you can achieve the things you want to, and spend as much time in their energy as you can!

My teachers are my most sacred guides. They lift me up and I love investing in myself to experience more of them. They’ve helped me evolve into more of who I really am, and I hope to be able to do the same for you.

This is your entire job: To decide to believe you are enough and then devote yourself entirely to absorbing that truth in your bones, in your body, in your heart and soul.

It gets easier. It does. But it all starts with a decision. A decision to decide to believe.


And if you’re ready to learn how to dissolve those bounds keeping you from the flow, from your true self, your heart, your healing and your destiny…

then you must join me for The Magic of Meditation, for which our next live session starts in less than a week!

Over the course of 4 weeks, I’ll teach you exactly how to meditate in a way that will connect you with your deepest heart and soul. Connect to your intuition, heal the wounds, open up for more goodness, more energy, more flow, more love.

This is about you and your heart, and not needing anything outside of you to connect to the love within. No guided meditation on YouTube, no external validation or search for happiness.

You’re going to learn how to find a deep, eternal, all-encompassing connection to you. To you. To you.

This is the most transformational work you will ever embark on. It’s the foundation of everything else.

Your life will not work unless you’re connected to yourself.

It’s time to stop waiting and praying for something to come save you, stop waiting for this current crisis to be over so you can be happy because we all know something else will rise up in its place.

It’s time to shed the limiting story that this won’t work for you, that you’re somehow different or more flawed than other people or even the BS story that I’m slightly evil and selfish for making an offer to you and I should just give it all away for free.

You’ve got to have skin in the game. You’ve got to put something on the line. You’ve got to stand up and say yes, I’m ready. This is an investment to change your life. What could be more worthy than that?

So are you? Ready, I mean?

Good. Let’s go. Head here >> SuzanneHeyn.com/the-magic-of-meditation and join now!

Price goes up after Sept. 28, so jump in today. We start on Sept. 30.

See you on the inside!


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