What nobody tells you about manifesting your desires - Suzanne Heyn

What nobody tells you about manifesting your desires

what nobody tells you about manifesting your desires

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If you’re interested in manifesting your desires, you’re in the right place!

Life is a never-ending process of becoming and unbecoming, letting go and emerging into the person you’ve always known you could be.

If you’re not growing, shifting or evolving, you’re contracting and dying because nothing in life is static and we must keep moving with the flow!

One of the most important things about living a soul-aligned life and manifesting your desires is allowing ourselves the opportunity to change. To shift perspectives on things that no longer serve us, and to open up to new ideas and ways of living.

Personally, I live out loud, throwing my ideas around, seeing how they feel and then adjusting them as necessary.

For so long, I lived in the opposite way, needing everything to feel perfect within before releasing anything out into the world. The only problem — the ONLY problem there ever is, in life — is that nothing was ever perfect and so nothing was ever fully released.

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Last night, to be totally honest, was sleepless.

I tossed and turned into the early morning hours, freaking out and feeling not good enough. This hasn’t happened in a long, long time, but I realized that I was freaking out, not at the thing I thought I was freaking out about, but about the big uplevel I’m about to do.

Whenever we break into the next level of our lives, become the next version of ourselves, there’s always a layer of turbulence to break through. It might come in paralyzing self-doubt or fear, feeling like you’re crazy, or some other form of self-sabotage.

In these moments, you can either lean into the discomfort and break through to the next level and manifest your desires, or allow it to cap your growth, and keep you safe in your comfort zone, which is actually not safe at all but very deadly!

Along the way, we must let go of ideas, people, places, ways of living that no longer align with our souls. It can feel scary to let yourself evolve, to allow yourself to drop philosophies that once served you, but no longer do.

Most people never allow themselves to change, instead favoring a consistent illusion of identity. No idea or way of living defines who we are. We are indefinable.

We choose the ideas and roles that we want to define us, but it’s important to remain aware that these are choices, like an outfit you wear, and not something that’s a fundamental part of you.

I’ve changed my mind on several things recently — one of them being the way my mentoring is being offered next year (big news! Read below on that.) — and in my personal life, my entire approach has shifted and I’m now embracing something I used to swear against — manifesting your desires.

For a long time, I wrote about emotional healing and shared my own journey to releasing lifelong wounds and opening up to a greater sense of ease and joy.

I felt lighter, happier and more at peace, and began gleefully following my dreams of writing a blog, building a huge community and ultimately creating an amazing business around this soul work.

Over time, this need to write about emotional healing began to feel stifling.

It was no longer flow based, and I noticed that not all the people I attracted were like you — smart, creative, passionate and obsessed with realizing your potential, no matter what it takes.

Some people would rather enjoy wallowing in their stuckness, whining and complaining, never taking action or responsibility for their life – shocking, I know!

The difference was not in my content. The difference was in me, the energy behind the content. I was stuck and giving my power away to an identity I had created for myself, and I was attracting people with the same type of energy.

I was not manifesting my desires, but manifesting the exact thing I didn’t want! I’ve always actively opposed this approach, but recently my entire perception has changed. More in a minute.


Earlier this year, I identified a core heart wound that impacted my ability to evolve as the woman I wanted to be.

It was a martyr wound of feeling responsible for others, even if they didn’t choose to be responsible for themselves. That’s not who I am here for.

I am here for the ones who would move mountains to free themselves from the only prison there is — the one within.

I am here for the crazy dreamers who want nothing more than to release the things holding them back so they can make their visions real. I am here for the ones who take charge of their destiny and realize only they can change their lives.

You are the one I’m here for. (And if that doesn’t resonate, kindly unsubscribe!)

Since releasing this core wound, things began to shift. It had been keeping me locked in self-sabotage.


That’s the amazing thing about shifting your insides. The outside has no choice but to follow. 

I am the Queen of Authenticity, and everything I write comes directly from my own life. I love finding the wisdom in the things I go through and sharing it with you in the hopes that it improves your life.

Because I was attached to writing about emotional healing, I subconsciously created situations that I needed to heal from.

Because I had identified myself as a teacher of emotional healing, I had trapped myself in a container that no longer fit my soul.

This upper limit, imposed by a self-created identity, smacked me on my head again and again until I first noticed it, and then said no more! I must evolve.

I had to choose my own happiness over the role I thought I was here to play in the world. I had to choose myself over the desire to feel needed or be of service. I had to feel selfish for abandoning the people I thought I was here to help.

Evolve or die. We always have a choice.


Enter manifesting your desires.

For the sake of common ground, I define manifestation as the art of creating your reality from within. The reasons I was anti-manifesting your desires is this: (Which is actually impossible, by the way. We are always manifesting, either consciously or unconsciously.)


1. A lot of modern manifesting teachings place unnecessary fear around so-called negative emotions. 

People end up repressing how they feel, which only makes them feel worse. All emotions have important messages. We can feel them and let them go.

And in fact, if you don’t let emotions go and hold onto them, this will create more of what you don’t want. It’s not that you’re being punished, but that you’re resisting the flow of life by resisting your own pain.

Ironically, feeling the pain allows it to release so that you can begin manifesting your desires.


2. When manifesting, it’s easy to get caught up in the outcome, obsess over it, and end up feeling miserable because you don’t have something that you want. 

This is the opposite of living a peaceful, happy life, and results in one where you’re always focused on some outside goal instead of enjoying the abundance already around you.

I’ve found the balance to this is to stay in constant gratitude because truthfully all we want is to access an inner state. We want things so we can be happy.

When we access the inner state without the thing we think we need, we find the happiness that we longed for all along. And we attract more of this into our lives because we are already there.

The larger point is, we’re there as soon as we decide to be and stop giving our power away for peace and happiness to something outside of us, or needing life to look a certain way before we can be happy. We are enough, and our lives are enough exactly as they are.

BUT! After acceptance comes action. That’s very important for manifesting your desires.


3. The shadow of the manifesting world, that I’ve unfortunately seen, is people blaming others for getting sick, or for horrible things happening to them. 

To look at people in poverty or with cancer and say something like, “oh, they manifested it,” is beyond callous, heartless and cruel. I wanted nothing to do with that.

I also think it’s stupid to think that you manifest things like getting your luggage lost. I mean it’s possible, but I also think that sometimes things just happen. We’re all powerful creators, but ultimately, the universe does not revolve around us. We have power, but not control.


4. The universe does not have your back. 

I believe the universe is neutral, with raw creative power that can be used for good or bad. Even with karma, the idea of good karma and bad karma is not true. The law of karma is actually like the Law of Attraction, it simply says that each action causes a reaction.

If you screw people over, you are more likely to get screwed over. If you love and help people, you are more likely to receive love and help.

In the eyes of the universe, nothing is good or bad, it just is. It’s this raw creative potential that we can learn to use in the right way and manifest lives beyond our wildest dreams.

This potential can work for you or against you, and the faster we accept personal responsibility for what happens in our own bodies and minds, the faster we can unlock a much more amazing experience of life.

I have literally seen the difference. Launching, for example, is both terrifying and emotionally draining. Those launches were I put all my energy into staying positive and confident in a great outcome, the outcome has been great.

Those launches where I fall into a negative story and never pull myself out have horrible results. It’s incredibly indulgent to stay in that negative space. I know it’s not easy, but that’s not the point. We can either be focused on the life we want to live or the story about how things are so hard and scary.

We can focus on the life we want or the story about how things are hard and scary. Share on X

The people who get epic results in life are those who build inner strength and mental resilience. That’s what it’s all about. If you can do that, you can do anything, including manifesting your desires.


From an emotional healing perspective, I’ve long known that your insides have to shift before the outsides do.

If you want to find love, you must first be love. If you want to create a peaceful, happy life, you must first feel peaceful and happy. And when you let go or allow shifts to happen within you, it’s insane how fast your outer circumstances change as a result.

When it came to building my online empire, I resisted following this same advice. My logical, Capricornian self wanted rules to follow and processes to guide me. I wanted to be able to succeed without first doing the inner work to learn how to believe in myself.

It’s important to take action anyway, but it’s also important to work to believe. Once I started actively training my mind to believe in myself, my inner world began to shift so much, and now my outer world is changing, too.

For awhile, I felt this raging inner conflict, simultaneously wanting rules to follow but also wanting the freedom to just be me. I didn’t quite trust that I could create the vision in my heart through just being me, through following the flow, through doing what felt good.

I felt so scared that I wouldn’t make it, that I gripped onto rules and processes because deep down, I didn’t feel like enough.

Then, I found teachers who helped me see that the visions in my heart ARE mine to make real. And the best way to realize my dreams is to hold the vision and let go of what I think I need to do to realize it, and instead tune into my soul, moment by moment and take the steps I am guided to take.


It took me a while to realize but OMG — this is manifesting your desires.

This is tuning into the energy of what you desire and realizing you have it before you have it. I always thought it was about faking it, conjuring up feelings that don’t exist in order to feel successful, abundant, happy or free.

But that’s not it at all. It’s realizing that all the feelings we want to have already exist within us, and the more we focus on those parts of our life that make us feel that way, we will attract more of those experiences into our life.

Even more powerful, the more we focus on creating freedom, happiness and abundance right now, the more we will act as the type of person who has those things, thereby creating more of them.

So there is the very mystical part about your external reality (aka the universe) literally changing based on how you see things or talk to yourself — because it does. I’ve seen it happen again and again.

But there’s also the more practical component that if you see yourself as an abundant person with great freedom, you will act in a way that creates more of those opportunities.

When I was scared that I would ever be successful, I made fear-based decisions that created a never-ending cycle of more fear and feeling like I wasn’t enough.

But the more I tap into a deeper knowing that if it’s my destiny, of course it will happen, and all I have to do is drop in fully and enjoy the ride, then it does become inevitable.

I tap into the flow and allow ideas to come to me and take inspired action based on the goals I’m visualizing. And that is manifesting your desires!


Essential things to know about manifesting your desires:

  • The universe is infinite and composed of the source of all things.

This great book I’m reading, The Complete Master Key System, says that the universe’s intelligence is one big mind, and that the universe was born from a thought from this original mind. I’m not sure if I believe that, but it’s a cool idea to think about!

  • Aligning your minds with the universal mind unlocks your true power for manifesting your desires.

I like this idea because it dovetails with yoga ideas of joining our will with divine will. It’s also really beautiful to think that our soul-based desires come from beyond us, and that by honoring them, and believing we can create them, we are aligning ourselves with divine will.

By staying in alignment and taking inspired action, it makes manifesting your desires inevitable.

  • Even more important than the thoughts we think is the energy behind those thoughts. 

This great book, The Master Key System , says that when we fuel our thoughts with love, the universe immediately begins to take action and begin condensing energy into matter around this thought. (That’s an affiliate link and if you purchase, I receive a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you.)

What’s amazing is that the more you train your mind to stay in a place of hopeful possibility about the true nature of your desires and what’s infinitely possible for you, the more inspired ideas you will have to take you into your next level. This is the secret to manifesting your desires.

Your biggest job is then to work through any doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, or yes, inner wounds, that are keeping you from expanding into this next level.

And when that upper layer of turbulence comes, don’t attach to it. Notice it. Understand why it’s coming up, sit with it, work through it, and go beyond it.

Because your life is waiting.

And keep reading below to learn how to work with me on manifesting your desires and unleashing your magic in 2018!

I hope that resonated with you! If it did, share your thoughts in the comments below!

Lots of love,



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(These are affiliate links and I receive a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you.)



I’ve changed my mind about the mentoring program, too! 


Introducing: Unleash Your Magic in 2018

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This is going to be a year-long membership program for helping you unleash you inner magic and make your dreams real.

It’s going to be the best of both worlds, meaning you’ll have 1:1 and group support. I feel like that’s so valuable for people, and everyone can also promote and support each other so you have built-in cheerleaders.

The 1:1 can be scary to invest in, but if you could see yourself on the other side, it’s a no brainer.

The depth of confidence, clarity and sheer motivation you experience when stepping into the next level of you like that is transformational. It’s like your life expands to meet you every time you make a decision that forces you out of your comfort zone.

I waited a long time before investing in 1:1, but more than doubled my investment once I did. I was on fire too!

Created two additional programs and generally felt so much closer to my soul. It cost $9k for six weeks of support, and it was amazing, but I do wish it had been longer.

So that’s what I’m creating, and at a much more accessible price point! (I only work with the best of the best I so can become the best and help you become the best! That’s why it was so expensive.)


Each month includes:

  1. One powerful training (audio, video or PDF) on a specific topic. You’ll learn things like success and money mindset, how to find your unique success blueprint from within, creating a business or life in alignment with your soul, overcoming the fear of failure and disappointment, creating products from the heart, and making selling fun and easy.
  2. One group Q&A call.
  3. Facebook group to mastermind with others in the group.
  4. BONUS: 10% discount on all my other programs.
  5. Opportunity to purchase additional 1:1 sessions at a discounted rate. (My normal rate is $300 for a single session, and you’re already getting a discount on that for this group program.)
  6. So many other random fun goodies throughout the year because I love to create and I am obsessed with helping you reach your goals and become the woman you want to be this year.


This is a program of inner work, creating success from within. 

And of course, there will be tons of support to create a goal each month (I’m thinking each Q&A call will be around the first week of the month) and we’ll gather to set intentions, review the month before, and see how you can improve to crush your goals in the following weeks.

I’m also so happy to help you with tech stuff, how to build a social media following, whatever else you need. So it will absolutely include the strategy and how-to, too, but the focus is on the inner work and creating your own unique pathway to success.

The program will evolve to fit the needs of those in there. I’m always super active in the FB groups so you will for sure receive whatever it is you need to create the success you want.


There are 3 levels of support, ranging from monthly 1:1 calls, to quarterly, to group access only. 

If you’re interested, email me at Suzanne@SuzanneHeyn.com and I’ll give you more details about each level and the investment. Let me know what you want your dreams are for 2018, and I’ll help you figure out if it’s a good fit!

I only want rockstars in this program. The vibe is going to be super high, so message me if you are serious about making 2018 the most magical year of your life.




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