What’s holding you back from earning abundantly for your purpose work - Suzanne Heyn

What’s holding you back from earning abundantly for your purpose work

earn abundantly for your purpose work


I drive a nice car.

Sometimes this car makes me feel separate from other people, like they dislike or judge me because of it, and other times it makes me feel not good enough, like when other people have nicer cars that I wish I was driving. (Hello white Porsche dream car.)

I know spiritual people aren’t supposed to talk about money, or cars, or lust even, and that’s exactly why I’m doing it.

Because I think those ideas suck.

Ideas of what being a spiritual person means, and also ideas about what money means.

We have a lot of work to do in dismantling these ideas because they keep us stuck and small and not earning as much as we could.

Being a voice for creatives who desire to earn big for their work is something that’s bubbled up in my heart for a long time, but I haven’t talked about yet, possibly because my own money blocks have kept me from fully expressing the truth of who I am today, rather than who I was when I started out on this journey.

(And experiencing the extreme discomfort of writing this is also part of elevating my money mindset.)

We’re in a time when the world needs our gifts, and when people giving those gifts NEED to be financially well compensated because even Mother Teresa flew first-class and was supported by an organization that raked in millions.

The idea of the virtuous, impoverished saint is a false ideal. It doesn’t exist.

It’s not greedy to want more.

You can earn however much you desire.

It’s not virtuous to be broke.

It’s not virtuous to ask for donations when you could just give your gifts to the world and make the money yourself. (Sometimes people fall on hard times and need help sure, but it’s equally as important to earn the things you desire. Being wealthy allows you to be of greater service.)

It’s not virtuous to withhold your gifts from the world because you don’t think they’re valuable enough to receive value in return.

It’s not virtuous to undercharge, because all money is, is energy, and all you are doing is selling yourself short.

You NEED to be supported to do your work at the high level you are meant to. And you CAN be supported, as soon as you allow yourself to.

Not saying entrepreneurship is for everyone because it’s not, but we can ALL find a way to give our gifts to the world and make money for it, even if working for someone else.


earn abundantly for your purpose work

On the other side —

For those who feel like there’s not enough money to invest in your personal development, this is a fear-based belief rooted in scarcity that must release if you are to create meaningful changes in your life.

It’s not a matter of not enough, but priorities. We choose what we afford, especially for those of us here with Internet access and smart phones and other luxuries that those in some parts of the world only dream of.

I’ve invested large sums of money into my personal development, even when it felt scary or didn’t make sense, and I can say with 100% certainty it has moved me forward faster in building my blog that earned close to six figures last year, when the year before I earned just $14,000 while working my ass off.

The difference? Getting the right support to undo the limiting beliefs that kept me in struggle, under-earning and burned out, and with no clue how to change things.

Learning from mentors has transformed my life, making me more confident and helping me become the person I always wanted to be.

The difference wasn’t just ACTION, but massive amounts of inner work to up level my mindset, combined with faith-fueled right action.

When you consider the cost of staying the same and continuing to struggle, you’ll see that qualms about investing in yourself are not about the money at all, but often deeper fears.

Fears like am I good enough?

Is it really possible for me?

Am I worthy of receiving?

Everyone has those fears, but what’s a choice is whether you buy into them.

The main point being: money isn’t really about money. It’s always a reflection of some other thing.

Nevertheless —


Last night leaving an event, I drove my nice car past a group of girls talking, and I noticed how much of an outsider I felt.

Growing up, my dad was a successful entrepreneur (runs in the blood), so we had a very cozy lifestyle.

Many of my friends had less money than me, and this made me feel self-conscious, like money was something that made me different, but the truth is, I felt different because I felt different.

Money had nothing to do with it.

After my dad died, we moved a few towns away to a small townhouse in a pretty posh town where I had less money than most of my friends.

Here, I still felt like an outsider, and again I blamed money.

Money had nothing to do with it.

And that’s the thing — we blame money for so many of our problems, when it’s never about the money. It’s always about something deeper.

Money is neutral. It’s not good OR bad, and in fact can be used for ends that are good or bad.

Money makes people more of who they already are.

It can absolutely make you happier because it can buy incredible experiences. It’s not everything, but it’s important.

And allowing ourselves to honor that money matters is the first step to allowing ourselves to receive more.

I would NOT choose money over passion or purpose, but to think that we can’t live our purpose and make money is a lie that we’ve all bought into. A lie I feel very passionate about dismantling because I used to buy into it, too.

And buying into this lie made me end up in a very toxic work environment where I was slowly dying.

The journey to understand how to make money while also break the rules and do things my way (because I do NOT follow any one else’s system but have instead built a business completely on soul and intuition) has been the most sacred and transformational experience of a lifetime.

I want to see more creatives and free spirits giving their gifts to the world and receiving beautiful compensation. I want to see more people owning their gifts, their true value and worth.

I want to see more wealthy healers, writers and creatives.


We are alive to infuse the world with our unique essence, but we can’t do that unless we allow ourselves to receive appropriate compensation for our gifts.

You need to feel supported and cared for as you give your gifts to the world.

And I’d love to help you in that process.

Monetizing purpose is an obsession of mine. It’s literally all I think about — how to give your gifts to the world in a way that helps other people while also allowing you to earn whatever amount of money is in alignment with your soul.

I definitely plan on writing about this more, but for now I’d love to hear from you —

What is your relationship with money? Share in the comments below!

So come on, let’s go —

It’s time to show the world who you are.


All the love,




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  • Andrew says:

    I am delighted you are talking about this aspect of life. I am very much on this side of things too. After all, we are here on earth in a physical form. So it makes sense to me to experience this aspect of life too. It is just another dimension that offers its own pleasures and sense of being. The spiritual it is the ultimate, but it does not mean we need to ignore all the rest. If we were spirits without a body, then money would not be of any benefit to us. But we are also human beings living in a material world, and this world we need money to survive and to thrive. Just as you say, we can use it for good and you can use it for bad. They can help us become better or they can create misery within us.

    I am glad you are writing about this Suzanne. I hope you find the courage to go deeper on this because people need to see the other perspectives too.

    Wish a fulfilling week,


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