Who you think you are holds you back from who you actually are - Suzanne Heyn

Who you think you are holds you back from who you actually are

who you think you are is holding you back from who you actually are

I’ll never forget when, in 2015, someone during my personal development journey asked me: “How do you see yourself right now versus how would you like to see yourself?”

In that moment, I realized I considered myself (career-wise) as someone who was putting herself out there online to eventually create online courses, and in that moment, I realized — holy shit.

No wonder I was having so much trouble achieving my dreams. Eventually is never today.

Today is now.

I rewrote that and started to think of myself as someone who now creates online courses, and within 2 months, I launched my most popular offering The Big Shift.

And for all of you with excuses, life did happen. My father-in-law happened to die right before the launch, and I did drop work to support my family, but I still launched on time. You can do anything if it’s important enough to you.


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Who we think we are is the most limiting factor in our expansion.

We hold so many unconscious beliefs about what’s possible for us, the worthiness of our art, our worthiness to spend time creating it.

That’s why so many talented, visionary people are stuffing themselves full of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines, trying to quiet the creative impulse within that is trying to save your life.

Have you noticed these medicines are always anti?? What is your life when you’re always fighting against something? Propel towards. Create. Expand. Humans aren’t meant to spend their entire lives squashing every natural impulse. That’s why so many people hate themselves and their lives.


Give yourself permission to be you. Fully. Unapologetically you. Share on X


It may seem scary to let it out and let it go, to throw away constraints and allow yourself to be who you want to be and not who you think you need to be to receive love.

But it’s the only way.

The way to real, true, lasting happiness isn’t to repeat positive affirmations until you’re blue in the face, but to open up the hood of your soul, peer into the darkness and ask yourself important questions, like: When and where did I give up my power? What would I do in this moment if I was being totally true to myself?


We all want to be loved for who we are, yet how is that possible when we don’t show who we are?

You have to risk the pain of rejection for your true self in order to experience the love — the love for just being you.

For existing.

Because for the creatives here to change the world with their art, the creatives in this community for whom I am here to guide to their destinies, you must allow your art to explode from your soul in all its ugly glory.

As creatives, we feel, so deeply. This depth of feeling will help you create your art. Shutting off that depth of feeling will slowly kill you.

No joke. It happened to me. That’s why I got cancer at 27. Trying to live somebody else’s life. The proper journalist version when all my heart wanted to do was rant on the page.

But I couldn’t sit with my feelings long enough to express them.

I judged my feelings, my sensitivity, and judged myself. (And you know the more I embrace my sensitivity, the more powerful I become.)

It’s all wrapped up in one, don’t you see? Your ability to sit with and forgive your past.

Your ability to find the blessing in the lesson.

Your ability to prioritize yourself and let the house be messy, let dinner be basic and boring, let the mundane things of your life be a little chaotic so that you can create the space for your art.

Making space for your art is the only thing that will give your heart true joy.

But first, you have to believe. In yourself, in your right to create, in the identities that support you instead of tear you down.

Are you ready to believe?

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